Meaning of CONNECTION in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ kəˈnekʃən ]

n. (also Brit. connexion) 1 a the act of connecting; the state of being connected. b an instance of this. 2 the point at which two things are connected (broke at the connection). 3 a a thing or person that connects; a link (a radio formed the only connection with the outside world; cannot see the connection between the two ideas). b a telephone link (got a bad connection). 4 arrangement or opportunity for catching a connecting train etc.; the train etc. itself (missed the connection). 5 Electr. a the linking up of an electric current by contact. b a device for effecting this. 6 (often in pl.) a relative or associate, esp. one with influence (has connections in the Home Office; heard it through a business connection). 7 a relation of ideas; a context (in this connection I have to disagree). 8 sl. a supplier of narcotics. 9 a religious body, esp. Methodist. øin connection with with reference to. in this (or that) connection with reference to this (or that). øøconnectional adj. [L connexio (as connect): spelling -ct- after connect]

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