Meaning of CONNECTION in English

[] n [L connexion-, connexio, fr. conectere] (14c) 1: the act of connecting: the state of being connected: as a: causal or logical relation or sequence "the ~ between two ideas" b (1): contextual relation or association "in this ~ the word has a different meaning" (2): relationship in fact "wanted in ~ with a robbery" c: a relation of personal intimacy (as of family ties) d: coherence, continuity

2. a: something that connects: link "a loose ~ in the wiring" b: a means of communication or transport

3: a person connected with another esp. by marriage, kinship, or common interest "has powerful ~s"

4: a political, social, professional, or commercial relationship: as a: position, job b: an arrangement to execute orders or advance interests of another "a firm's foreign ~s" c: a source of contraband (as illegal drugs)

5: a set of persons associated together: as a: denomination b: clan -- adj

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