Meaning of CONNECTION in English

kəˈnekshən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Latin connexion-, connexio, from connexus (past participle of connectere to connect) + -ion-, -io -ion — more at connect


a. : the act of connecting : a coming into or being put in contact

connection with the island was made by a causeway

b. : sexual relation or intercourse

had had no connection with any other woman — John Abernethy

2. : the state of being connected or linked : alliance , union

Canada's political connection with England

connection between church and state


a. : relationship or association in thought (as of cause and effect, logical sequence, mutual dependence or involvement)

the connection of intelligence and success

b. : context , reference , occasion

in this connection the word has a different meaning

c. : coherence , continuity

a confused multitude without order or connection — John Locke

4. : connective b, d


a. : something that connects : coupling , link

plumbing connections

b. : a means of communication

telephone connection

or transport

the train makes connection with the steamer

to miss a connection

6. : a person connected with others by marriage, remote blood relationship, or such a tie as a common interest

he has powerful connections in high places

7. : a social, professional, or commercial relationship in a practical or active way: as

a. : position , job

b. : a permanent or continuing arrangement to execute orders or advance interests especially at a distance

a firm's foreign connections

c. slang : a source of contraband (as a narcotic drug)

8. : a set or group of persons connected or associated together in a common interest:

a. : denomination , sect

b. : a political faction

c. Britain : the owner of a racehorse and his associates

d. : a large family : clan

e. : a clientele especially of a doctor or lawyer

9. : a religious association practicing connexionalism

• con·nec·tion·al -kshən ə l, -kshnəl adjective

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