Meaning of EYE in English

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n. & v. --n. 1 a the organ of sight in man and other animals. b the light-detecting organ in some invertebrates. 2 the eye characterized by the colour of the iris (has blue eyes). 3 the region round the eye (eyes red from weeping). 4 a glass or plastic ball serving as an artificial eye (his eye fell out). 5 (in sing. or pl.) sight; the faculty of sight (demonstrate to the eye; need perfect eyes to be a pilot). 6 a particular visual faculty or talent; visual appreciation (a straight eye; cast an expert eye over). 7 (in sing. or pl.) a look, gaze, or glance, esp. as indicating the disposition of the viewer (a friendly eye). 8 mental awareness; consciousness. 9 a person or animal etc. that sees on behalf of another. 10 a = electric eye. b = private eye. 11 a thing like an eye, esp.: a a spot on a peacock's tail (cf. EYELET n. 3). b the leaf bud of a potato. 12 the centre of something circular, e.g. a flower or target. 13 the relatively calm region at the centre of a storm or hurricane. 14 an aperture in an implement, esp. a needle, for the insertion of something, e.g. thread. 15 a ring or loop for a bolt or hook etc. to pass through. --v.tr. (eyes, eyed, eyeing or eying) watch or observe closely, esp. admiringly or with curiosity or suspicion. øall eyes 1 watching intently. 2 general attention (all eyes were on us). before one's (or one's very) eyes right in front of one. do a person in the eye colloq. defraud or thwart a person. eye-bolt a bolt or bar with an eye at the end for a hook etc. eye-catching colloq. striking, attractive. eye contact looking directly into another person's eyes. an eye for an eye retaliation in kind (Exodus 21:24). eye language the process of communication by the expression of the eyes. eye-level the level seen by the eyes looking horizontally (eye-level grill). eye-liner a cosmetic applied as a line round the eye. eye mask 1 a covering of soft material saturated with a lotion for refreshing the eyes. 2 a covering for the eyes. eye-opener colloq. 1 an enlightening experience; an unexpected revelation. 2 US an alcoholic drink taken on waking up. eye-rhyme a correspondence of words in spelling but not in pronunciation (e.g. love and move). eyes front (or left or right) Mil. a command to turn the head in the direction stated. eye-shade a device to protect the eyes, esp. from strong light. eye-shadow a coloured cosmetic applied to the skin round the eyes. eye-spot 1 a a light-sensitive area on the bodies of some invertebrate animals, e.g. flatworms, starfish, etc.; an ocellus. b Bot. an area of light-sensitive pigment found in some algae etc. 2 any of several fungus diseases of plants characterized by yellowish oval spots on the leaves and stems. eye-stalk Zool. a movable stalk carrying the eye, esp. in crabs, shrimps, etc. eye strain fatigue of the (internal or external) muscles of the eye. eye-tooth a canine tooth just under or next to the eye, esp. in the upper jaw. eye-worm a nematode worm, Loa loa, parasitic on man and other primates in Central and West Africa. get (or keep) one's eye in Sport accustom oneself (or keep oneself accustomed) to the conditions of play so as to judge speed, distance, etc. have an eye for be capable of perceiving or appreciating. have one's eye on wish or plan to procure. have eyes for be interested in; wish to acquire. have an eye to have as one's objective; prudently consider. hit a person in the eye (or between the eyes) colloq. be very obvious or impressive. keep an eye on 1 pay attention to. 2 look after; take care of. keep an eye open (or out) (often foll. by for) watch carefully. keep one's eyes open (or peeled or skinned) watch out; be on the alert. lower one's eyes look modestly or sheepishly down or away. make eyes (or sheep's eyes) (foll. by at) look amorously or flirtatiously at. my (or all my) eye sl. nonsense. one in the eye (foll. by for) a disappointment or setback. open a person's eyes be enlightening or revealing to a person. raise one's eyes look upwards. see eye to eye (often foll. by with) be in full agreement. set eyes on catch sight of. take one's eyes off (usu. in neg.) stop watching; stop paying attention to. under the eye of under the supervision or observation of. up to the (or one's) eyes in 1 deeply engaged or involved in; inundated with (up to the eyes in work). 2 to the utmost limit (mortgaged up to the eyes). with one's eyes open deliberately; with full awareness. with one's eyes shut (or closed) 1 easily; with little effort. 2 without awareness; unobservant (goes around with his eyes shut). with an eye to with a view to; prudently considering. with a friendly (or jealous etc.) eye with a feeling of friendship, jealousy, etc. with one eye on directing one's attention partly to. with one eye shut colloq. easily; with little effort (could do this with one eye shut). øøeyed adj. (also in comb.). eyeless adj. [OE eage f. Gmc]

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