Meaning of FOLLOW in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈfɔləu ]

v. 1 tr. or (foll. by after) intr. go or come after (a person or thing proceeding ahead). 2 tr. go along (a route, path, etc.). 3 tr. & intr. come after in order or time (Nero followed Claudius; dessert followed; my reasons are as follows). 4 tr. take as a guide or leader. 5 tr. conform to (follow your example). 6 tr. practise (a trade or profession). 7 tr. undertake (a course of study etc.). 8 tr. understand the meaning or tendency of (a speaker or argument). 9 tr. maintain awareness of the current state or progress of (events etc. in a particular sphere). 10 tr. (foll. by with) provide with a sequel or successor. 11 intr. happen after something else; ensue. 12 intr. a be necessarily true as a result of something else. b (foll. by from) be a result of. 13 tr. strive after; aim at; pursue (followed fame and fortune). øfollow-my-leader a game in which players must do as the leader does. follow one's nose trust to instinct. follow on 1 continue. 2 (of a cricket team) have to bat again immediately after the first innings. follow-on n. an instance of this. follow out carry out; adhere precisely to (instructions etc.). follow suit 1 Cards play a card of the suit led. 2 conform to another person's actions. follow through 1 continue (an action etc.) to its conclusion. 2 Sport continue the movement of a stroke after the ball has been struck. follow-through n. the action of following through. follow up (foll. by with) 1 pursue, develop, supplement. 2 make further investigation of. follow-up n. a subsequent or continued action, measure, experience, etc. [OE folgian f. Gmc]

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