Meaning of GUIDE in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ɡaɪd ]

n. & v. --n. 1 a person who leads or shows the way, or directs the movements of a person or group. 2 a person who conducts travellers on tours etc. 3 a professional mountain-climber in charge of a group. 4 an adviser. 5 a directing principle or standard (one's feelings are a bad guide). 6 a book with essential information on a subject, esp. = GUIDEBOOK. 7 a thing marking a position or guiding the eye. 8 a soldier, vehicle, or ship whose position determines the movements of others. 9 Mech. a a bar, rod, etc., directing the motion of something. b a gauge etc. controlling a tool. 10 (Guide) Brit. a member of a girls' organization similar to the Scouts. 1 a act as guide to; lead or direct. b arrange the course of (events). 2 be the principle, motive, or ground of (an action, judgement, etc.). 3 direct the affairs of (a State etc.). øguided missile a missile directed to its target by remote control or by equipment within itself. guide-dog a dog trained to guide a blind person. guide-rope a rope guiding the movement of a crane, airship, etc. Queen's (or King's) Guide a Guide (sense 10) who has reached the highest rank of proficiency. øøguidable adj. guider n. [ME f. OF guide (n.), guider (v.), earlier guier ult. f. Gmc, rel. to WIT(2)]

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