Meaning of GUIDE in English

vt a grooved director for a probe or knife.

2. guide ·vt a blade or channel for directing the flow of water to the wheel buckets.

3. guide ·vt a strip or device to direct the compositor's eye to the line of copy he is setting.

4. guide ·vt one who, or that which, directs another in his conduct or course of lifo; a director; a regulator.

5. guide ·noun the leather strap by which the shield of a knight was slung across the shoulder, or across the neck and shoulder.

6. guide ·vt to lead or direct in a way; to conduct in a course or path; to pilot; as, to guide a traveler.

7. guide ·vt a person who leads or directs another in his way or course, as in a strange land; one who exhibits points of interest to strangers; a conductor; also, that which guides; a guidebook.

8. guide ·vt a noncommissioned officer or soldier placed on the directiug flank of each subdivision of a column of troops, or at the end of a line, to mark the pivots, formations, marches, and alignments in tactics.

9. guide ·vt to regulate and manage; to direct; to order; to superintend the training or education of; to instruct and influence intellectually or morally; to train.

10. guide ·vt any contrivance, especially one having a directing edge, surface, or channel, for giving direction to the motion of anything, as water, an instrument, or part of a machine, or for directing the hand or eye, as of an operator.

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