Meaning of GUIDE in English


Function: verb

Inflected Form: guid · ed ; guid · ing

Date: 14th century

transitive verb

1 : to act as a guide to : direct in a way or course

2 a : to direct, supervise, or influence usually to a particular end b : to superintend the training or instruction of

intransitive verb : to act or work as a guide

– guid · er noun

synonyms GUIDE , LEAD , STEER , PILOT , ENGINEER mean to direct in a course or show the way to be followed. GUIDE implies intimate knowledge of the way and of all its difficulties and dangers < guided the scouts through the cave>. LEAD implies showing the way and often keeping those that follow under control and in order < led his team to victory>. STEER implies an ability to keep to a course and stresses the capacity of maneuvering correctly < steered the ship through a narrow channel>. PILOT suggests guidance over a dangerous or complicated course < piloted the bill through the Senate>. ENGINEER implies finding ways to avoid or overcome difficulties in achieving an end or carrying out a plan < engineered his son's election to the governorship>.

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