Meaning of HIP in English


n. 1 a projection of the pelvis and upper thigh-bone on each side of the body in human beings and quadrupeds. 2 (often in pl.) the circumference of the body at the buttocks. 3 Archit. the sharp edge of a roof from ridge to eaves where two sides meet. øhip-bath a portable bath in which a person sits. hip-bone a bone forming the hip, esp. the ilium. hip-flask a flask for spirits etc., carried in a hip-pocket. hip-joint the articulation of the head of the thigh-bone with the ilium. hip-length (of a garment) reaching down to the hips. hip-pocket a trouser-pocket just behind the hip. hip- (or hipped-) roof a roof with the sides and the ends inclined. on the hip archaic at a disadvantage. øøhipless adj. hipped adj. (also in comb.). [OE hype f. Gmc, rel. to HOP(1)]

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