Meaning of POLE in English

n. 1 (in full north pole, south pole) a each of the two points in the celestial sphere about which the stars appear to revolve. b each of the extremities of the axis of rotation of the earth or another body. c see magnetic pole. °The spelling is North Pole and South Pole when used as geographical designations. 2 each of the two opposite points on the surface of a magnet at which magnetic forces are strongest. 3 each of two terminals (positive and negative) of an electric cell or battery etc. 4 each of two opposed principles or ideas. 5 Geom. each of two points in which the axis of a circle cuts the surface of a sphere. 6 a fixed point to which others are referred. 7 Biol. an extremity of the main axis of any spherical or oval organ. øbe poles apart differ greatly, esp. in nature or opinion. øøpoleward adj. polewards adj. & adv. [ME f. L polus f. Gk polos pivot, axis, sky]

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