Meaning of TRAVEL in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈtrævl ]

v. & n. --v.intr. & tr. (travelled, travelling; US traveled, traveling) 1 intr. go from one place to another; make a journey esp. of some length or abroad. 2 tr. a journey along or through (a country). b cover (a distance) in travelling. 3 intr. colloq. withstand a long journey (wines that do not travel). 4 intr. go from place to place as a salesman. 5 intr. move or proceed in a specified manner or at a specified rate (light travels faster than sound). 6 intr. colloq. move quickly. 7 intr. pass esp. in a deliberate or systematic manner from point to point (the photographer's eye travelled over the scene). 8 intr. (of a machine or part) move or operate in a specified way. 9 intr. (of deer etc.) move onwards in feeding. --n. 1 a the act of travelling, esp. in foreign countries. b (often in pl.) a spell of this (have returned from their travels). 2 the range, rate, or mode of motion of a part in machinery. øtravel agency (or bureau) an agency that makes the necessary arrangements for travellers. travel agent a person or firm acting as a travel agency. travelling crane a crane able to move on rails, esp. along an overhead support. travelling-rug a rug used for warmth on a journey. travelling wave Physics a wave in which the medium moves in the direction of propagation. travel-sick suffering from nausea caused by motion in travelling. travel-sickness the condition of being travel-sick. [ME, orig. = TRAVAIL]

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