Meaning of UPPER in English


adj. & n. --adj. 1 higher in place; situated above another part (the upper atmosphere; the upper lip). 2 higher in rank or dignity etc. (the upper class). 3 situated on higher ground (Upper Egypt). --n. the part of a boot or shoe above the sole. øon one's uppers colloq. extremely short of money. upper case see CASE(2). upper class the highest class of society, esp. the aristocracy. upper-class adj. of the upper class. the upper crust colloq. the aristocracy. upper-cut n. an upwards blow delivered with the arm bent. hit with an upper-cut. the upper hand dominance or control. Upper House the higher house in a legislature, esp. the House of Lords. the upper regions 1 the sky. 2 heaven. upper works the part of a ship that is above the water when fully laden. [ME f. UP + -ER(2)]

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