Meaning of UPPER in English


[up.per] adj [ME, compar. of

[2]up] (14c) 1 a: higher in physical position, rank, or order b: farther inland "the ~ Mississippi"

2: constituting the branch of a bicameral legislature that is usu. smaller and more restricted in membership and possesses greater traditional prestige than the lower house 3 a: constituting a stratum relatively near the earth's surface b cap: being a later epoch or series of the period or series named "Upper Cretaceous" "Upper Paleolithic"

4: northern "~ Manhattan"

[2]upper n (1789): one that is upper: as a: the parts of a shoe or boot above the sole b: an upper tooth or denture c: an upper berth -- on one's uppers : in straitened circumstances: destitute [3]upper n [up +

[2]-er] (ca. 1968) 1: a stimulant drug; esp: amphetamine

2: something that induces a state of good feeling or exhilaration

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