Meaning of UPPER in English


I. adjective


an upper/lower limit (= the highest/lowest amount allowed )

There is no upper limit on the amount you can borrow.

Ensure the temperature in the aquarium does not fall below the lower limit.

keep a stiff upper lip

Men were taught to keep a stiff upper lip .

lower/upper etc deck

I managed to find a seat on the upper deck.

Eddie returned to the flight deck the part of an aircraft where the pilot sits .

lower/upper jaw

an animal with two rows of teeth in its lower jaw

outer/upper garment

the lower/upper slopes of sth

It was misty and only the lower slopes of Vesuvius could be seen.

the upper class

Members of the upper class didn’t have to work.

the upper/lower body

Slowly raise your upper body into a sitting position.

the upper/lower etc reaches of a river (= the upper, lower etc parts )

We sailed down the lower reaches of the river.

the upper/lower half

The upper half of the door contained a stained glass window.

the upper/middle/lower register

the upper register of the cello

the upper/top surface

The upper surface of the leaf is dull green.

upper age limit

The upper age limit for entrants was set at 25.

upper case

upper class

upper-class families

upper crust

Upper House

upper reaches of

the upper reaches of the Nile

upper school

upper storey

a staircase leads to the upper storey

upper/higher/lower echelons

the upper echelons of government

Their clients are drawn from the highest echelons of society.

upper/lower/top/bottom lip

His bottom lip was swollen.




Even the upper age limit for recruitment and retirement has been made more flexible.

The campaign wants legislation to stop the use of upper age limits in recruitment advertising.

The upper age limit is your thirty-third birthday. entry is open to male and female applicants.

The upper age limit for entrants was set at 25, the lower limit we didn't set.


Her blouse was scooped so low at the front that it left her shoulders and upper arms bare.

The usual treatment involves application of two patches at bedtime to the upper arms , thighs, or abdomen.

Lean on your elbow and use the upper arm to support you in front.

Secure at the wrists and upper arms with the rubber bands.

When she tossed her head her hair fell around her shoulders and upper arms in a lovely auburn cascade.

Dennis Cormier said that when police arrived at the scene, they found Toch had been shot in the upper arm .

It is characterised by unsightly lumps and bumps which collect in the thighs, buttocks, hips and upper arms .

The muscles of their calves and upper arms were like cannonballs.


However, emissions of NOx gases in the upper atmosphere have a greenhouse effect 100 times more powerful than C02.

The other method is to dissipate the extra 3. 2 kilometers per second by passing through the upper atmosphere .

During magnetic storms the intense electrical currents that f ow in the upper atmosphere heat the air, causing it to expand.

But in the cold upper atmospheres of all four planets the heavy elements are almost perfectly condensed and precipitated out.

This occurs in the upper atmosphere when neutrons produced by cosmic rays interact with nitrogen atoms.

Temperatures ranged from 227 degrees below zero Fahrenheit in the upper atmosphere to 305 degrees shortly before the probe stopped relaying data.

However, the net energy transfer between the magnetosphere and the upper atmosphere is downwards.

With energy supplied by sunlight, some water vapor in the upper atmosphere may have broken down to hydrogen and oxygen.


He moved like a ghost, his large upper body rigid, his short legs exact metronomes: evolutionary perfection.

But the addition of resistance training does the job measurably better and adds benefits to the upper body , it said.

However it is easily identified by the large black blotch that covers a large proportion of its upper body and dorsal fin.

Her upper body shot toward the desk, hands gripping the edges to steady her.

Each subject's upper body was tilted slightly to provide comfortable drinking.

Roosevelt, at first paralyzed, eventually regained use of his arms and upper body .

When discovered, her face and upper body were protected by a large woven winnowing basket.

My legs were well in advance of my upper body .


Should I scrap upper case and dash ahead with lower-case panache to show myself a proper mistress of the form?

BWright had created 19 letters, all upper case , to use in the project drawings.

In some systems the input script is restricted to upper case unconnected letters, or lower case unconnected characters.

Since variables named in lower case will never be confused with keywords, many programmers use upper case only for keywords.

Memory jogger Caps Lock will only type letters in upper case .

Keywords are not included in square brackets and must be upper case .


Putin proposed stripping the regional leaders of their seats in the upper chamber of parliament.

Readers will recognize the Ktesibios floating valve as the predecessor to the floating ball in the upper chamber of the porcelain throne.

In the upper chamber were two individuals who, the excavator argues, certainly did not appear to have gone gently.

Her one concern was to reach the upper chamber without being seen.

Tabitha had died and her body laid out in an upper chamber .

Where else, she asked herself, than in the upper chamber which houses the princes!


They could both accept that the upper class should be defined, first and foremost, by its possession of productive capital.

San Isidro slipped from upper class to upper-middle class.

Although development is taking place it is mainly benefitting the middle and upper class communities.

The upper classes are more likely to leave bequests.

Ramsey was abnormally shy about meeting the upper class and Eden's voice was the caricature of an upper class voice.

The syllabuses are heavily overloaded particularly in upper classes .


In Harehills I belonged to the upper crust of the lower middle classes who were getting out as fast as they could.

Only society's upper crust would have traveled in the car, known as the limousine of its day.

Precision dating of mineral deposits Many mineral deposits are the result of large-scale circulation of hydrothermal fluid in the upper crust .

Those disgraceful students were males from the upper crust .

In fact there were complaints from upper crust visitors about the din, so the cells fell into disuse.

The homes, table settings and spreads, flowers and food are definitely upper crust .

Been different if he was one of your upper crust .

The upper crust does not ride public transportation.


The upper decks were wide with two and two seating, except for a single seat by the trolley which was slightly offset.

Or at least into the upper deck .

It had a plain glazed back to illuminate the upper deck at night and the lamps were removed from the hoops.

The ships are always packed to capacity, with passengers clinging to the upper decks .

A few of the gentlemen passengers stood on the upper deck and watched them impassively.

The drawback is that the high-rise upper deck means very little can be stored there during travel.


At the age of 35, he left the upper echelon of the advertising world to enter the political world.

The nobility of Savoy was also closely linked to the upper echelons of the clergy.

Not until ten o'clock for the upper echelons .

The days of the upper echelon are over.

There were also wide-ranging personnel changes in the upper echelons of the armed forces and the police.

Not the upper upper echelons , but Digby level echelons.

This insoluble predicament was the source of the decay, corruption and mounting tension evident within the upper echelons of the regime.

But the greater the prestige and reputation of an institution, the more it will recruit from the upper echelons of society.


Gods on the upper end of the divine hierarchy mostly granted favours, and punished humans only with good cause.

Median income growth among educated women, especially those contributing to a two-income household, raised incomes along the upper end .

As many were at the Very Severe upper end of difficulty, he developed quite a reputation for fearlessness.

What happens when the ants reach the upper end of the skyhook?

In Nucella, this has only been observed at the upper end of the scale.

Even at the upper end of the market the newly rich tended to choose the conventional settings for expensive stones.

Trim thick roots into sections, cutting the upper end horizontally and the lower end at an angle for identification.

At the upper end they are closer to those of the elderly, at the lower end to those of young people.


The upper floor of the Monitor Building, with its distinctive windows looking towards Central Park, will be reserved for sculpture.

Heat will build up in the upper floors .

They could hear the wild rush of the wind and the pattering of rain against floorboards from the deserted upper floor .

The distant Tower showed no mark of the flames that had consumed its upper floors .

The upper floors will be for two 50 bed adult acute wards and accommodation.

She says it was an old building and some one could have been stuck on an upper floor .

The upper floors were private flats.

The upper floor , reached by a vertical ladder, was piled with hay.


At 590p or more, lead sponsor Merrill Lynch will have achieved a price in the upper half of that range.

Across its upper half , two lines Of human figures snake toward an abstract river.

His lower body is lime green with a rich shading of deep red across the upper half .

At the brink of the chasm the upper half of his body rose for an instant with the arms uplifted.

Six to eight diagonal transverse bands lie on the upper half of the body.

A small television screen covered its upper half .

I looked at several texts directed at the upper half of secondary schools and roughly the same categories emerged as for social studies.

Both of these features should be apparent in the upper half of Figure 7.5, which shows a smooth plain.


Now White gains the upper hand .

The joy of having the upper hand swept over me.

Tenacious tackling and a great display from Peter Canavan at full forward, ensured the Ranch always held the upper hand .

Daniele might be running the team for 1976, but Niki and Clay Regazzoni had very much the upper hand .

By 1980 the continent was pretty much divided ideologically, with the United States gaining an upper hand over the Soviet adventurists.

The world can only pray that they do not gain the upper hand .

Both sides had a lot invested in making the deal work, but Cravath had the upper hand .


Elections to the National Council, the upper house , were held in June 1991.

They successfully tied up the upper house in endless debate.

Although the upper house may reject it again, the Government can now invoke the Parliament Act to force the measure through.

Pinochet and who hold the swing vote in the upper house .

In the semi-free election last June, all but one of 100 seats in the upper house went to Solidarity-backed candidates.

An upper house representing regional leaders was to be created two years after independence.

And throughout they dominated the State Council, the upper house endowed with effective veto powers over Duma proposals.

It was expected that the budget would be passed by the upper house .


Their upper jaws become hooked and their teeth grow into long fangs.

His four front teeth are through and two more in the upper jaw are pressing.

There are up to twenty-nine teeth in the upper jaw and twenty-five or twenty-six in the lower.

As for the upper jaws , percentage incisor loss appears to be a more sensitive indicator of breakage than molar loss.

You place your index finger against your chin and rest the upper jaw on the top of it.

You can see this tooth and its position in the upper jaw of the horse in photo six.

Most of his upper jaw was removed and a prosthesis was fitted.


The upper layer of a plate is composed of either oceanic or continental crust or both.

Among them are the upper layers of cerebral cortex that manage all that interoffice stuff.

Olivine and plagioclase continue to crystallize in the upper layer until critical concentrations are again reached and another pulse of sedimentation occurs.

Dead cells are shed constantly from the upper layer and replaced by cells from the lower layers.

When one is a child the rest of the family form a kind of sheltering tree, an upper layer .

Total recovery of the aqueous phase is difficult to achieve, since some interphase proteins may be collected with the upper layer .

The perceptron's upper layer contains just one node, with an input from each node in the lower layer.

Another important result was that the lower portion of the upper layer was not producing.


Developing your film To get your film developed you need to go to the extreme left of the upper level .

Willis said the district had proposed salary increases for teachers at the midand upper level of the wage scale.

Rebuilding of the upper levels is also a possibility.

On the upper levels of the church lichen deposits have reached unacceptable levels.

Those who work exclusively at upper levels of the pedagogic world rarely look at the terrain of early childhood.

Let me illustrate with another example that involves the entire organisational culture at the upper levels .

They feed location and usage information directly to the upper levels .


There is no upper limit to the size of a unit.

As cognitive development reaches an upper limit with full attainment of formal operations, so too does affective development.

There must be at least one entry, but there is no upper limit to the number of entries.

Successful schools, on the other hand, were allowed to grow until they hit an upper limit of about 300.

Clause 74 places an upper limit on the amount of tax that any person can be liable to pay.

The upper limit of the floating exchange rate trading band for today was 1, 024. 79.

There is no upper limit on the number of cattle attracting HLCAs but sheep are limited to 6 per hectare.

The reason for the low upper limit on the internal magnetic dipole moment is not properly understood.


With hands in sleeves, the old man looked extremely Oriental, long moustaches curving down from the upper lip .

She had a ferocious hedge of hair on her upper lip , practically a mustache.

Sweat filmed his forehead and beaded his upper lip .

He pressed a large white mustache on to his upper lip .

The stiff upper lip is a barrier against the trembling which could lead to tears.

This time the thumb was in the mouth while the index finger was placed between the gums and the upper lip .

He took a long swig, put the glass down and wiped his mis-shaven upper lip contentedly.

Election losers, for instance, are traditionally expected to keep a stiff upper lip and not let their disappointment show.


Sweat about the upper part of the body or head; offensive.

The upper part of the village of Whittington lies on the south-east slope of a steep hillside.

Upper: the upper part of the boot which encases the foot and which is sewn or glued to the sole unit.

In the nave, the upper part above the ground arcade is a little later and has a decorative triforium and arcaded clerestory.

The upper part of his tomb had been made part of the perimeter by a grill of fine arches behind.

Round the bare upper part of her right arm was a black band.

Particularly where the horizontal flow of parts must be good, upper parts can be written first, using serialism.

Damp in the upper parts of these rooms will almost certainly be from roof defects and/or gutters.


Grayling in upper reaches , some pike around Darlington.

Clearly therefore the clouds do not consist of water, at least not in their upper reaches .

For a sixty-year-old man in the upper reaches of the legal profession, that was pathetic.

And even the long dried out upper reaches of the Pang are flowing ... just ... but more is required.

Joe quickly gained access to the upper reaches of both Washingtons.

He started with the upper reaches of government and the bureaucracy.

Certainly, he had abundant connections to the upper reaches of the company hierarchy.


There is a trumpet-like incisiveness in the middle and upper registers and a positively ringing sound at the top.

The oboe tends to lose power and body in its upper register , but with the clarinet the opposite is the case.


Pupils will be taught in the upper school , across the valley, until governors get the council's full report.

The upper school were remaining but it would be at least another week before he'd have to return.


In some families species have been included from the upper slope in the event of overlapping bathymetric ranges.

Subsoil Principally Belemnite chalk on the upper slopes , with Micraster chalk on the lower slopes.

Thorn scrub is widespread on the lower slopes , although the upper slopes still support secondary pine-oak woodlands.


There is a complex layout of these basement halls which were built to support the upper storey state apartments.

The removal of Franca from the upper storey was perhaps the sign that her arrival was imminent.

The pathologist: Injuries consistent with a fall from an upper storey .

The upper storey is in the form of a gallery for women which extends into the church.

The stair-well in this wing indicates an upper storey which presumably would have been much on the same plan.

The nave is barrel vaulted and on its north side a staircase leads to the upper storey which has a round gallery.

The long window of the upper storey was designed to throw the maximum light on the loom.

The upper storey of 180 feet provided accommodation for the library, committee room and living quarters for the gardener.


Most of them are in a ruinous state with their upper storeys missing shattered by earthquake, war, neglect.

A three-storeyed neo-classical frontage of immense length, the ground level is in grey stone, the upper storeys in pale ochre.

Each house had two rooms and scullery on the ground floor and two bedrooms on each of the upper storeys .

Wooden balconies jutted out from the upper storeys , giving the plaza not only a feeling of space but of intimacy.

The upper storeys had not yet been floored and through the concrete joists and beams above the sky was visible.

Concentrations also differ between lower and upper storeys of a house.

There are four projecting bays on the exterior with arcades in the ground storey and staircases in the upper storeys .

Four separate domestic establishments for the housekeepers and office-keepers were housed in the basements and upper storeys .


The upper surface of the blades is brown-green or olive, sometimes with horizontal or vertical red-brown stripes.

When the sheet is examined in the electron microscope filaments are seen to be localized at the upper surface .

Each upper surface is further highlighted in a dusting of grimy soot.

Eventually the weight of the salt crystals peels them off the upper surface and they settle into the bottom of the liquid.

As the plate descends frictional heat is generated between its upper surface and the surrounding mantle.

The lower surface of the leaf is usually ovate and the upper surface is awl-shaped.


Look especially for the frieze of statues on the upper tier .

Tastes for variety are assumed to be of the S-D-S form, and the upper tier utility function is Cobb-Douglas.

The solution is to drape the upper tiers of stadiums with colorful banners and herd spectators close to the pitch.

Let the upper tier utility function be Cobb-Douglas.

In the 1983 to 1987 Parliament, we removed the metropolitan upper tier .

What happens when upper tier preferences can not be represented by a Cobb-Douglas utility function?


Further theatre has been introduced by a bugler playing from an upper window of the castle on every hour.

The upper windows in the McAlister and Beauchamp houses were full.

Then flames burst from an upper window of the abandoned tenement a mile away across the river, reddening the low clouds.

An upper window of the house had been opened and a haversack was dropped to the ground.

She could see the lights of it from the upper windows but never got any nearer.

Alexei was leaning out of one of the upper windows .

If any walls appear to lean, check by going back to the nearest upper window and drop a plumb line down.

Pails were emptied from upper windows , making their way hazardous.


the upper class


upper -income consumers

An investment firm occupies the upper floors of the building.

Gunmen were firing machine guns from the upper floor of the hospital.

He already had a light growth of hair on his upper lip.

His upper arms were like tree trunks.

Most meteorites do not make it through Earth's upper atmosphere.

People had climbed into the upper branches of the tree to escape the rising waters.

Several of her upper teeth were missing.


A child was wailing on one of the upper stories.

Competition is keen and candidates must offer a minimum of an upper second class honours degree together with evidence of satisfactory financial arrangements.

He pulled out his upper right-hand desk drawer and felt for the packet of bills.

I am wearing my bear claws and flying into the upper regions with the thunderbirds.

Only two small colonic polyps were found in patients who had an upper gastrointestinal lesion.

Strings of paraffin lamps gleam along the upper decks and dance in the inky water.

The upper classes were synonymous to him with the greatness of his country.

They had the wedding in the big upper room that occupied the whole of the second floor of their Auntie's pub.

II. noun


stiff upper lip

All he could produce was a stiff upper lip, while young Lady C cast meaningful looks at sturdy gamekeeper Mellors.

Election losers, for instance, are traditionally expected to keep a stiff upper lip and not let their disappointment show.

Paul didn't keep a stiff upper lip because that was the way that he thought that Christians should behave.

So please, leave the stiff upper lip to one side, at home at least.

The stiff upper lip is a barrier against the trembling which could lead to tears.

The Ulster Unionist security spokesman maintained a stiff upper lip as he had his moustache shaved off - for charity.

the upper class


Board lasting glues the uppers to an insole board before being attached to the midsole, again designed for stability.

Padded ankle collar and rand to protect base of uppers.

Slip lasting has uppers sewn together under the insole.

Three uppers for $ 225, $ 75 bucks apiece.

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