Meaning of WISE in English


adj. & v. --adj. 1 a having experience and knowledge and judiciously applying them. b (of an action, behaviour, etc.) determined by or showing or in harmony with such experience and knowledge. 2 sagacious, prudent, sensible, discreet. 3 having knowledge. 4 suggestive of wisdom (with a wise nod of the head). 5 US colloq. a alert, crafty. b (often foll. by to) having (usu. confidential) information (about). & intr. (foll. by up) esp. US colloq. put or get wise. øbe (or get) wise to colloq. become aware of. no (or none the or not much) wiser knowing no more than before. put a person wise (often foll. by to) colloq. inform a person (about). wise after the event able to understand and assess an event or circumstance after its implications have become obvious. wise guy colloq. a know-all. wise man a wizard, esp. one of the Magi. wise saw a proverbial saying. without anyone's being the wiser undetected. øøwisely adv. [OE wis f. Gmc: see WIT(2)]

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