Meaning of WISE in English


adj. 1 sage, sagacious, judicious, reasonable, commonsensical, prudent, sensible, insightful, sapient, understanding, rational, sound, clear-sighted, clear-headed, discerning, perspicacious, perspicuous, percipient, perceptive, intelligent, acute, astute, sharp, shrewd, crafty, clever, bright, quick-witted, smart, brilliant, long-headed, Colloq brainy Among the wisest of men were Solomon, Confucius, Buddha, and, perhaps, Aristotle 2 knowledgeable, learned, enlightened, informed, erudite; (well-)educated, knowing, well-read, well-versed, lettered, scholarly We saw to it that they escaped, and the police were none the wiser Wise heads prevailed at the college on what constituted worthwhile research. 3 well-advised, advisable, judicious, sensible, expedient, reasonable, strategic, tactful, tactical, prudent, politic, discreet, diplomatic, well-thought-out, well-considered, proper, fitting, appropriate, meet Do you think it wise to punish the child so severely? 4 put wise (to) inform or advise or warn (of or about) If you must know how he found out, it was Myrna who put him wise Did she also put him wise to where the money is hidden? 5 wise to. aware or knowledgeable or informed of or about, sensitive to, on to or onto, Colloq in the know about You are wrong if you think she isn't wise to your little tricks Get wise to what's going on, Man.

v. 6 wise up (to). become informed or aware (of or about), wake up (to), Colloq get wise (to) or in the know (about) If Cooley doesn't wise up, he'll be in deep trouble Was it you who wised Meg up to the fact that Tom no longer cares?

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