Meaning of BUILDING in English



1. to build something

2. the process of building houses, roads etc

3. the design of buildings

4. a building or group of buildings


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1. to build something

▷ build /bɪld/ [intransitive/transitive verb]

to make a house, road, wall, bridge etc using bricks, stone, wood or other materials :

▪ Are they going to build on this land?

▪ His ambition is to build his own house.

▪ The cost of building the new football stadium was over $40 million.

▪ The road was originally built by the Romans.

be built of concrete/stone/wood etc

▪ Only about 3% of houses in the US are built of concrete.

builder []

someone whose job is to build and repair buildings: :

▪ Builders say that new home construction is slowing down.

▷ put up /ˌpʊt ˈʌp/ [transitive phrasal verb]

to build a wall, fence, or a tall building :

put up something

▪ They’re planning to tear down these apartments and put up an office building.

put something up

▪ Isobel and Peter have put a stone wall up along the side of the garden.

▷ construct /kənˈstrʌkt/ [transitive verb]

to build a large public building, a bridge, road etc :

▪ The city council has plans for constructing two new schools and a hospital.

▪ This elegant two-storey stone building was constructed in 1889.

▪ New freeway ramps are being constructed in San Bruno.

▷ go up /ˌgəʊ ˈʌp/ [intransitive phrasal verb] especially spoken

if buildings are going up in a place, they are being built :

▪ It seems like new beachfront hotels are going up every week.

▪ Whenever a new mall goes up, I ask myself how many of these things we need.

▷ erect /ɪˈrekt/ [transitive verb] formal

to build a public building or structure :

▪ The first lighthouse was erected on the island in 1912.

▪ The group hopes to erect a statue of Fleming next year.

2. the process of building houses, roads etc

▷ construction /kənˈstrʌkʃ ə n/ [uncountable noun]

the process or method of building large public buildings, bridges, roads etc :

▪ The firm deals mainly in road construction.

construction on

▪ Construction on the tunnel will begin in April.

construction of

▪ Construction of the dam is nearly complete.

under construction

▪ About 3,000 housing units are under construction in the city.

construction industry

▪ The construction industry has been severely affected by the recession.

▷ building /ˈbɪldɪŋ/ [uncountable noun]

the process or business of building houses :

▪ There has been an increase in new-home building in recent months.

▪ It was the invention of pre-stressed concrete that really transformed building techniques.

building industry

▪ Thousands of workers in the building industry will lose their jobs as a result of cutbacks.

3. the design of buildings

▷ architecture /ˈɑːʳkɪtektʃəʳ, ˈɑːʳkətektʃəʳ/ [uncountable noun]

the way in which buildings are designed, or the work of designing buildings :

▪ We spent most of our time in Barcelona just looking at the architecture.

▪ City Hall is a fine example of Gothic architecture.

▪ She’s studying architecture at college.

architectural /ˌɑːʳkɪˈtektʃ ə rəl◂, ˌɑːʳkəˈtektʃ ə rəl◂/ [adjective only before noun]

▪ The building has won several awards for its architectural design.

▷ architect /ˈɑːʳkɪtekt, ˈɑːʳkətekt/ [countable noun]

someone whose job is to design buildings :

▪ St Paul’s Cathedral was designed by the famous architect, Sir Christopher Wren.

4. a building or group of buildings

▷ building /ˈbɪldɪŋ/ [countable noun]

▪ Brewer Hall is a red-brick building with white trim.

▪ The whole building shook when a train went past.

▪ There’s a plan to convert the farm buildings into private apartments.

▷ block /blɒkǁblɑːk/ [countable noun]

a large building divided into smaller parts :

block of

▪ The house at Number 14 was replaced by a block of flats.

office/apartment block

▪ There’s another new office block going up behind the station.

▪ His studios are on the tenth floor of an office block overlooking the river.

high-rise/tower block

very tall block British

▪ To the east is a landscape of concrete tower blocks.

▷ development /dɪˈveləpmənt/ [countable noun]

a group of new buildings that have all been planned and built together on the same piece of land :

▪ The new development at the edge of town is aimed at first-time buyers.

▪ The former cropland has been turned into housing developments and shopping malls.

▷ structure /ˈstrʌktʃəʳ/ [countable noun]

a large building or a part of a building - used especially to say what it is made of or how strong it is :

▪ The station building was a high wooden structure with a curved roof.

▪ The stone arch is one of the town’s oldest existing structures.

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