Meaning of BUILDING in English


ˈbildiŋ, -dēŋ noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English bilding, from gerund of bilden to build

1. : a thing built:

a. : a constructed edifice designed to stand more or less permanently, covering a space of land, usually covered by a roof and more or less completely enclosed by walls, and serving as a dwelling, storehouse, factory, shelter for animals, or other useful structure — distinguished from structures not designed for occupancy (as fences or monuments) and from structures not intended for use in one place (as boats or trailers) even though subject to occupancy

b. : a portion of a house occupied as a separate dwelling : apartment , tenement — used only in some legal statutes

2. : the act or practice of making, erecting, or establishing ; specifically : the art or business of assembling materials into a structure — sometimes distinguished from architecture and construction as involving relatively simple artistic and engineering problems

3. archaic : a flock of rooks : rookery

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