Meaning of BUILDING in English



a building programme

We will continue with our hospital building programme.

a building/construction boom (= a sudden increase in building work )

There’s been a recent construction boom in the Gulf.

a building/construction site

He has worked on various building sites.

a farm building

The farmhouse is separated by hedges from other farm buildings.

a recording/building etc contract

The band was soon offered a recording contract with Columbia Records.

an apartment building ( also an apartment block British English apartment house American English )

a five-storey apartment block

Our apartment building is the last block on the right, opposite the bank.

an engineering/building/electronics etc firm

Fred worked for an electronics firm.

body building

building block

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

building contractor

building materials

a supply of building materials

building regulations (= relating to the structure of buildings )

The Building Regulations no longer specify minimum ceiling heights.

building site

building society

building up...stock

The country has been building up its stock of weapons.

confidence building (= making it develop )

Training for a big match is all about confidence building.

housing/building land British English (= land where houses can be built )

The shortage of housing land is a problem in the south-east.

in the building/retail etc line

She’s keen to do something in the fashion line.

office building

sick building syndrome

A common household fungus can contribute to sick building syndrome.

tenement building/house/block

Tudor house/buildings/architecture etc (= built in the style used in the Tudor period )




In particular, it brought the demolition of most historic buildings in conservation areas under control.

Holliday said he rushed outdoors to check out downtown's fragile, historic buildings after he caught his breath.

But other hostels were successfully established in areas of outstanding beauty or interest, often in historic , unusual buildings .

Several historic buildings around this area at the top of the High Street have been restored in recent years as student residences.

One of these was for the creation of a new statutory historic buildings committee.

And the setting - historic farm buildings amongst breathtaking countryside.

Its only scourge - heavy lorries - rumbling through its streets, polluting the environment and damaging historic buildings .


Today there is a large new building on the other side of the farm house and clipping and storage is conducted there.

One mile to the south of the village lies Sand Hall, a large brick building erected in 1774.

The excavation of a village may reveal a number of small buildings clustered around one much larger building.

There was a good bookshop, and a large ruined building , gaunt and flaking, the Hibernian Hall.

The interpretation of the large buildings as temples makes the system more complex.

In large buildings , communication with other staff if often not easy but discretion is preferred to valour!

At the end, in sunlight, was a large building with high windows and a big main door.

The King had decided I would stay in the largest available building , just outside the city gates.


For example, in planning redevelopment, local authorities will take into account listed buildings in the area.

The tower is now a listed building .

Any work which materially affects the character of a listed building , inside or out, requires listed building consent.

Shortly after buying it, Denega was refused listed building consent to demolish the chapel and develop 21 sheltered accommodation units.

After an inquiry, the Minister granted planning permission and listed building consent for the demolition of the building.

Repairs to the grade two listed building are expected to cost more than £1,000.

It is an offence to demolish or to alter a listed building unless listed building consent has been obtained.


The effect was heightened by the pavilions which straddled the track behind the main building .

Some Enterprise rooms are in the annexe directly opposite the main building .

Has the building been changed from the original by additions and alterations, and are these cracking away from the main building?

But because of the height they looked right over the roof of the main building of Anpetuwi Lodge.

The present thick Ethernet cabling outside the main building has too many tight-radius bends, which cause packet collision errors.

The main building had a high pointed roof with a cupola on top.

Part of the main building has recently been restored, but the bulk of the station is in a very poor state.


Today there is a large new building on the other side of the farm house and clipping and storage is conducted there.

The schools had not improved, although new school buildings were planned.

In 1932, the school was promised a new building and never got it.

Compared to our newer buildings , it is lacking in some of the more modern facilities.

This cycle causes considerable market uncertainty affecting the occupiers, developers, investors and planners involved in new building .

To give body to the reforms new building was needed on a massive scale.

The machine, thirty feet long on the first floor of the new building had overheated.

Alifabs Ambassador extruded aluminium fascia gutter and rainwater system is the design ideal for both new and existing buildings .


Any architect knows that, as a rule, old buildings are more soundly built than new ones.

Pier 70: Its small older buildings would make a historic district, Wong believes.

He took a torch with him, left the car and entered the old building .

Rimswell was mentioned in the Domesday Book, but there are no really old buildings left, although some are of interest.

Beneath the palace were the ruins of at least three older buildings , he said.

At Dovey Junction a new stand-up only passenger shelter has been erected following the demolition of the old buildings .

The once bustling riverside is now a quiet street, with many of the old buildings well preserved.

The old building , seen from the Thames on summer days, is quietly and broodingly majestic.


No expense was spared to produce a station worthy to stand beside the other civic buildings .

Not far away, silhouetting the pleasant pastures, is an ornate dovecote with other attractive buildings .

There are other ways of building strength besides lifting weights.

The height may be reduced and the other buildings will be lowered and not much else will show in profile Voice over.

A pub, like any other old building , is far more than just its principle facade, or its four walls.

Jessica stared about in every direction, but she could see no other buildings , or sign of human life.

Many other important buildings were also razed to the ground.

It must have been entered via a passage between other buildings .


Detailing all listed buildings to help the public and building owners.

The photographer also assembles an assortment of major public buildings whose poor designs have done their own damage to the city.

The pub is the only public building serving the Trendlewood estate and its 3,000 residents.

One of the most important changes we will see with many public buildings is their networking.

Many jurisdictions have required nonsmoking areas in restaurants or banned smoking in public buildings .

The building looks like a library or similar public building with its classical portico and columns with Ionic capitals.

As for public buildings , I still like visiting the Getty Museum.


At least some of the seven small buildings just outside the military compounds at Corbridge may also belong in this category.

For 10 days, many small apartment buildings and old wooden houses had no heat.

They left behind them a mouldering group of small loft buildings whose interior columns might once have been ships' masts.

The port also has plans for Pier 70 where 40 to 50 small buildings could comprise a historical district.

The summit of Kilgrimol was almost level, bearing only a small round building of stone with a high peak of thatch.

Parallel to this row of huts was another row of small cubical buildings that sat off the ground on four posts.

The excavation of a village may reveal a number of small buildings clustered around one much larger building.

Surrounding the town square were numerous small buildings , including the courthouse.


Ever. 22 October Tall buildings loom before me.

It gusted into every overhang of concrete, whistled down the brick funnels on the tall building where she lived.

Before the steel skeleton, tall buildings were made of stone.

A few minutes later the spaceship was falling towards a planet covered with tall buildings .

He did one of New York tall buildings , a sunny day.

Britain's tallest building , the Post Office Tower in London, opened, 1965.

Urban environments imply low air quality very high levels of light pollution, and serious obscuration of the sky by tall buildings .



The city is subsidizing private property managers to renovate and buy 200 city-owned apartment buildings .

For 10 days, many small apartment buildings and old wooden houses had no heat.

I waited for him for an hour, outside his half-built apartment building .

It provides hot water units for apartment buildings and swimming pools.

The horizontality of her fallen body is juxtaposed to the vertical thrust of the apartment building .

Many of the apartment buildings fell into disrepair from the 1950s on, some so badly that the city demolished them.

In Lezhe we found a contractor who had just completed a couple of impressive apartment buildings .

Check those apartment buildings next door-who owns them?


Words, pictures, initiatives, and personal actions provide the buildings blocks for vision.

Analogue design remains important because it accommodates and defines the basic building blocks of electronics.

They formed gases and ultimately amino acids, the so-called building blocks of life.

All vertebrates have basically the same building blocks but they are put together in different ways.

So the question is: What are the truly elementary particles, the basic building blocks from which everything is made?

She sat on the floor with building blocks and toys you could push about.


It benefits from a lovely site, opposite the parish church and close to farm buildings , away from the village centre.

For economy in building costs, these three types of farm buildings were sometimes combined into a single building.

The farm buildings so often found below the galleries are situated further away in this case.

The gallery on this house on Church Hill was probably part of larger farm buildings facing the meadows.

The aircraft was stored de-rigged in farm buildings .

A well and cheese press are below in the yard with the farm buildings situated below and behind the gallery.


Consequently, the fall in demand for building materials and construction workers will generate downward multiplier effects on other types of investment.

Many building materials such as lime mortars and plasters, Portland cement and asbestos cement develop alkalis.

But one inventor thinks he has the answer - a building material made of straw that can withstand very high temperatures.

Traditionally Byzantine in the building materials and plan, it is more eastern in the decoration and treatment.

Yet no one teaches these birds how to find their building materials , how to prepare them, how to weave them.

Loess is a clay that is easily cut and holds its shape; it can be incredibly accommodating as a building material .

So acids, it would seem, are associated with the paints, alkalis with the building materials .


But with office buildings there is no allowance at all.

Even in federal jobs and office buildings in Washington where black employees had once worked freely with whites, segregation was reestablished.

Higher up the hill the streets were full of office buildings , so that the parishioners were caretakers.

They smoke between classes and after lunch, much like their adult counterparts who huddle outside office buildings for smoke breaks.

She gazed down at the London horizon, its tranquillity pierced by hulks of office buildings .

He had just heard the full story from Nigel Cramer in his office atop the Home Office building .

In addition, office buildings abandoned in the real-estate crash of the late-1980s are being reborn as apartments and condominiums.


Now his lifesize copies of himself can be seen clambering over the school buildings .

Just as the Empire State Building contains hundreds of companies, so could all our big school buildings contain many schools.

Now they've been given a derelict school building , gutted by fire, for their new community association.

The schools had not improved, although new school buildings were planned.

The schools building programme ceased in 1985, and at that time too teachers' real salaries began to decline rapidly.

And they praised the use of metal detectors to prevent students from carrying guns into school buildings .

The government began by taking on much of the financial responsibility for education, with the exception of some school building .

We are, unfortunately, stuck with the huge, unpleasant, and often downright ugly school buildings that we have.


This seems to them more like a building site than a City office.

All over the city are huge building sites where the sun pours into vast craters.

He had, meantime, managed to get himself a job on a building site .

As part of his job he is required to visit building sites .

A near miracle to those of us who have been contemplating what seemed an eternal building site .

It would have been with some one butch, a Guardsman or a man on a building site .

These provisions vary depending on the nature of your work - a building site is obviously different from an office.


Several petrol stations and a building society in the town have already installed the equipment.

When the houses are up, the co-operative takes out a real loan with a building society .

She agreed to accompany me to the building society the next day so that we could withdraw Charlie's share of the money.

In practice, it is only the largest of building societies which can offer a real competitive challenge.

Until 1983 building societies were prevented from so doing.

Another feature of building society expansion in recent years has been the increasing concentration of the industry through merger activity.

This time it was the Leeds building society , again in Oxford, again it was an armed raid.

M4 is M3 plus building society deposits.


Before any building work began County Durham archaeologists from the Bowes Museum wanted to make a thorough check of what was buried.

As problems emerged, building work was switched from one industrial consortium to another.

For example, consider a computer system designed to be used to estimate the cost of building work .

And last night the council gave its approval, building work could start within the next few months.

However, that will take man power away from essential building work and the development of the railway will be delayed.

The nature of building work normally necessitates the use of a gang.

The site will be completely cleared and made safe until building work can start on the new development.


Elvis/sb/sth has left the building

building blocks

turn a room/building etc inside out


an apartment building

Brewer Hall is a red-brick building with white trim.

It was the invention of pre-stressed concrete that really transformed building techniques.

The new law will increase building costs.

The Sears Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world.

The whole building shook when a train went past.

There's a plan to convert the farm buildings into private apartments.

There has been an increase in new-home building in recent months.

They made a documentary on the building of the State Capitol.

Thousands of workers in the building industry will lose their jobs as a result of cutbacks.


Chemicals may be released from materials in buildings or furnishings.

Her goal proved to be a tall, thin building , leaning like an amiable drunk, supported by its neighbours.

More than 600 people were injured and 300 surrounding buildings were damaged by the force of the explosion.

Under the clear astrodome she walked to the admin building , the sensors at Kandinskaya's door showing red.

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