Meaning of EQUIPMENT in English


1. things you use for doing something


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1. things you use for doing something

▷ equipment /ɪˈkwɪpmənt/ [uncountable noun]

the machines, tools, or objects that you use for doing something :

▪ You should check all your electrical equipment regularly.

equipment for

▪ high technology equipment for policing and traffic control

office/video/sports etc equipment

▪ Thieves stole all the video equipment from the college.

▪ We were told to keep all our sports equipment in the lockers downstairs.

a piece of equipment

▪ It’s much easier if you have the right piece of equipment for the job.

▷ tools /tuːlz/ [plural noun]

equipment, especially simple things, that you use to make something or do something useful :

▪ The plumber went back out to the van to get his tools.

▪ As a writer, I don’t need any tools, apart from my computer and the internet.

tools of the trade

equipment necessary for a particular job

▪ For a salesman, a cheap suit and a Ford Escort are the traditional tools of the trade.

▷ apparatus /ˌæpəˈreɪtəsǁ-ˈræ-/ [countable/uncountable noun]

tools and machines used especially for scientific, medical, and technical purposes :

▪ This experiment can be performed using the apparatus shown in the diagram.

breathing/gym/surgical etc apparatus

▪ Astronauts have special breathing apparatus.

▪ There’s a shop in town which sells all the latest photographic apparatus.

▷ things /θɪŋz/ [plural noun] especially British, spoken

the pieces of equipment or clothes that you need for a particular activity :

▪ Now, have you got all your things ready?

swimming/painting/sewing etc things

▪ Don’t forget to bring your swimming things with you.

▷ gear /gɪəʳ/ [uncountable noun] informal

the equipment and special clothes that you need to do something, especially an activity that you do in your free time :

▪ At 8.30 we loaded all our gear into the boat, and cruised out to a spot a few miles offshore.

camping/skiing/fishing etc gear

▪ Have you got all your football gear?

▪ The soldiers were wearing heavy combat gear and travelling in convoys.

▷ kit /kɪt/ [countable noun]

shaving/sewing/repair etc kit

a set of small things that you use to do something :

▪ Always take a first-aid kit with you when you go camping.

▪ You should never go cycling without a basic repair kit.

▷ stuff /stʌf/ [uncountable noun] spoken informal

the equipment that you use to do something :

▪ The builders have left all their stuff round the back of the house.

camping/painting etc stuff

▪ Our camping stuff alone took up most of the space in the back of the car.

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