Meaning of EQUIPMENT in English

ə̇ˈkwipmənt, ēˈ- noun

( -s )


a. : the equipping of a person or thing

the development and equipment of a library extension program

b. : the state of being equipped

the institution did not spring in full maturity and equipment — J.H.Burton


a. : the physical resources serving to equip a person or thing

funds for buildings and equipment

the vocal equipment of a singer

a new jail became part of the municipal equipment — American Guide Series: Virginia


(1) : the implements (as machinery or tools) used in an operation or activity : apparatus

where a tractor is standard equipment

sports equipment

(2) : all the fixed assets other than land and buildings of a business enterprise

the plant, equipment , and supplies of the factory

(3) : the rolling stock of a railway

b. : a collection of such equipment

having its own uniform, flag, and … a standardized equipment — S.B.Fay

c. : a piece of such equipment

manufactured … an air-conditioning equipment for beds — Current Biography

in what a desperate condition the Virginia troops were as regarded clothing and equipments — H.E.Scudder


a. : mental or emotional traits or resources

prejudice, intolerance, and bigotry … soon become a part of a child's equipment — Episcopal Churchnews

: preparation

some knowledge of the facts of biology should be an essential part of the equipment of every educated man — Nineteenth Century & After

b. : an aspect of one's mental or emotional makeup : endowment

a ready repartee is also a valuable equipment for anyone seeking high office — V.L.Albjerg


equipment , apparatus , machinery , paraphernalia , outfit , tackle , gear , mat é riel can signify, in common, all the things used in a given work or useful in effecting a given end. equipment usually covers everything, except personnel, needed for efficient operation or service, often applying also to human qualities and skills useful in this way

the marines took with them full combat equipment, including tanks, artillery, jeeps, trucks, and flamethrowers — Time

other equipment in the park includes tables, benches, and playground apparatus — American Guide Series: Minnesota

the only essential equipment for softball is a bat and a ball — J.H.Shaw

innate equipment of the child (sensory, neural and glandular) — Psychological Abstracts

the heroine, typically named Virginia, has no equipment for life but loveliness and innocence — Carl Van Doren

apparatus , a very general term, usually in this connection covers instruments, tools, machines, and appliances used in a craft or profession, or the equipment used in a sport or recreation, or, more generally, any contrivance or device or set of them commonly used in any activity

a collection of safecracking apparatus

drill, X-ray machine, and other dental apparatus

punitive apparatus — bilboes, stocks, pillories, and ducking stools — American Guide Series: Massachusetts

she had insisted on leaving in his room the materials and apparatus for a light meal — Arnold Bennett

machinery covers all devices, means, or agencies which permit a thing to function or accomplish an end

the machinery of criminal identification

the treaty must be given the kind of machinery which will permit it to operate efficiently — New Republic

the machinery of advertising and propaganda — Jerome Stone

the machinery of recruitment — written examinations, interviews, internal promotions or transfers — Times Literary Supplement

paraphernalia , sometimes contemptuous in implication, usually suggests a collection of miscellaneous articles or belongings constituting the usual, often necessary, appurtenances of a particular activity or person engaged in it

a golden chalice, vestments and cruets, all the paraphernalia for celebrating Mass — Willa Cather

family allowances, maternity grants, and all the paraphernalia of social security — Roy Lewis & Angus Maude

little piles of wheels, strips of unworked iron and steel, blocks of wood, the paraphernalia of the inventor's trade — Sherwood Anderson

the chivalric romances … are of course replete with adventure of every kind: warlike knight-errantry, magic forests and fountains, enchanted castles, magicians, and all the other paraphernalia — R.A.Hall b. 1911

outfit is more colloquially interchangeable with equipment but generally is confined to the personal effects necessary for a given occupation, recreation, function, or type of life

a fireman's outfit

a camper's outfit consisting of high boots, poncho, sleeping bag, and cooking utensils

a college girl's outfit

a bride's outfit

a soldier's outfit

tackle is colloquially interchangeable with apparatus

toothbrush and shaving tackle in the bedroom — Graham Greene

or equipment

fishing tackle

gear may be interchangeable with equipment , often transportable equipment or luggage

housekeeping gear — Dorothy C. Fisher

we had a collapsible stage that broke down into boxes and battens and about a ton of gear which travelled with us in a large ancient but very game delivery van — Barry Carman

we gathered together our gear and prepared to make our way back to the railroad station — Thomas Barbour

or with outfit , often in specific reference to wearing apparel

when cowboy gear became so popular — D.C.Morrill

or may signify one's belongings collectively

the student immediately stowed all his gear in his new room

mat é riel , confined usually to military or industrial use, is a comprehensive term to designate everything but the personnel

a heavy drain on both the manpower and matériel resources — New York Times

the latest developments in artillery matériel — Combat Forces Journal

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