Meaning of EQUIPMENT in English



bomb-making equipment

Police found guns and bomb-making equipment in the house.

camera equipment

Camera equipment worth £3000 was stolen in the robbery.

camping gear/equipment

camping gear such as a sleeping bag, tent, and backpack

computer hardware/equipment (= machines and equipment, not programs )

a shop that sells computer equipment

cooking pot/utensils/equipment etc

electrical equipment/goods/appliances etc

fitness equipment

We sell a range of exercise and fitness equipment for the home.

gardening gloves/tools/equipment etc

labour-saving device/gadget/equipment etc

office staff/workers/equipment etc

Office staff need well-designed desks and chairs.

the increased demand for office space

recording studio/equipment etc (= a studio etc used for recording music )

safety equipment

Your employer should provide the necessary safety equipment.

sports equipment

a new online store selling all kinds of sports equipment

sterile equipment/water/bandages etc

Rinse the eye with sterile water.

surgical equipment/instruments/treatment

scalpels and other surgical instruments

the latest in ... technology/equipment (= the most modern equipment )

using the latest in medical technology

up-to-date equipment/facilities/technology etc

up-to-date kitchen equipment




She soon found that hospitals and clinics were short of the most basic equipment - like sterilisers, vaccines and training books.

The largest obstacle facing reservation crime-fighters is a lack of funding for more officers, basic equipment and detention facilities.

They stated that basic equipment and medicines were in short supply and that antibiotics and analgesics were particularly scarce.

That is to say that these are the absolute minimum basic pieces of equipment needed to start out.

Three basic pieces of equipment will enable you to perform an enormous variety of exercises to improve your physique or figure.

He says our basic equipment is a notebook to document evidence.

And children walk through it to schools which now lack even the most basic equipment .

But many schools are still struggling to pay for basic equipment , while teachers often lack the time for training.


TranSys will fund the £200m borrowing requirement and spend £150m on capital equipment over the next five years.

In the process, buildings and capital equipment and departments like finance and payroll vanish from the books.

By this means capital equipment employed in manufacturing is owned by the services sector.

Money put into pay packages of top executives is not money spent on new capital equipment .

Expenditure on marketing, research and development and capital equipment , saw a £378,000 interest charge replace a £733,000 credit.

The proprietor owns or obtains the materials and capital equipment used in the operation of the business and personally supervises its operation.

Industrial Hire Purchase - the same as hire-purchase for personal customers but for items of capital equipment . 4.

Its return on capital has more than doubled since 1980, and investment in capital equipment in this country has revived somewhat.


Like any mechanical or electrical equipment , lifts are not eternal.

He has been in the business for about 14 years and follows aerospace and electrical equipment makers.

Although they are no longer manufactured, they are still present, for example in electrical equipment .

Money center banks, telephone and drug issues gained, while communications equipment , beverage and electrical equipment shares sank.

In March new electrical equipment was ordered from B.T-H. for these cars and new trucks were considered, but turned down.

The raiders escaped with cash, jewellery and electrical equipment .

For added safety, we will fit miniature circuit breakers to provide reliable and easily operated protection when using any electrical equipment .


He has some electronic equipment originally intended for the language laboratory, which enhances the sound quality.

Eventually, parents with special electronic equipment could block out programs they find objectionable.

Following an agreement with the St Lucian government, electronic equipment and chandlery have been granted duty-free status.

Ball maintains the prerequisite glum visage, but he's clearly happy standing behind his bank of electronic equipment .

Industrial machinery, computer and other electronic equipment , chemicals, scientific instruments and transportation equipment lead the export list.

He only hoped the electronic equipment was safely stored away.

As with most valuable electronic equipment , surge protection is recommended against possible lightning strikes and power surges.


Once, the computer network was viewed as a means of sharing expensive equipment .

In many cases, expensive equipment is being discarded.

A major advantage of both MID-TEL and MID-CRED is that neither system requires customers to install expensive computer equipment .

But while more sophisticated procedures may save time, they often rely on more expensive equipment .

Obtaining the necessary, sometimes expensive , special equipment such as closed circuit television takes time and persistence.

Those with older or less expensive equipment might find it useful.

Every month brings more expensive guitars and equipment that the already meek and inferior-feeling strummer can't afford.

Forget surgery, drugs, liposuction or expensive exercise equipment .


If you have heavy equipment to transport, don't just sling it over one shoulder; try to equalize the load.

It could even come from heavy equipment working next door.

And much heavy equipment to carry.

The goods range from natural oils to refrigerated trucks and heavy equipment such as graders and mechanical shovels.

Initial rescue efforts were hampered by a lack of heavy equipment and by landslides triggered by the initial earthquake.

Walker Equipment is a very successful company specializing in the sale and leasing of heavy construction equipment .

Examples might include the need for strengthened floors for heavy equipment or high ceilings to house special machinery.

Even damaging it at all seriously would require patience, cutting torches, and heavy equipment .


They heard at first that these were industrial spare parts, then medical equipment , then mining equipment, then oil-drilling gear.

Hologic makes medical equipment that measures bone density, used to diagnose osteoporosis.

Shops and companies have also boosted the collections for lorryloads of clothes, blankets, medical equipment , toiletries and toys.

San Diego-based Medical Imaging provides outpatient services and medical equipment to doctors and hospitals.

The cash has bought medical equipment which will be presented tomorrow in Mr Horne's name to the town's health centre.

We found medical equipment , surgical instruments, weap-ons, clothing, documents.

And it will provide medical equipment to care for the 120 children there.

He said those details include determining where and how firefighting and emergency medical equipment will be dispersed throughout the city.


The missiles were military equipment and confirmed that the army had descended into chaos.

In the army, specific amounts of military equipment were allocated to the company supply sections.

This process was further stimulated by the massive increase in state purchase of military and industrial equipment during the Second World War.

Senator Robert Taft found the idea of loaning military equipment absurd.

The recent improvement in East-West relations must also make the market for military equipment less favourable.

It includes 200 supersonic air-to-air missiles and military communications equipment .

These safety necessities are cleverly hidden behind panels which were made to look like original military equipment .

The committee will investigate the raising of sunken military equipment , ammunition and nuclear waste containers.


All metals are monitored during alloying and before despatch, using the most modern analytical equipment in their own laboratory.

Daley promising Wilson as much money as he needed for higher salaries and modern equipment .

The large fishing vessels we saw were all well maintained with modern equipment .

Modifying 30-year-old Comet fuselages to take modern wings and equipment was challenging.

When I looked after Father I had all the modern equipment I needed.

Bad weather has hampered the bombers that lack modern night-attack equipment .

As construction progresses and old buildings are refurbished, the most modern equipment and facilities are being installed.

This has left the armed forces short of modern equipment .


In telecommunications, optical fibres made of glass will gradually replace the traditional copper cables in new equipment .

The problems in getting online are expected to decrease as the new equipment is installed.

And many specialist machines are to be replaced by new equipment making full use of the latest technology.

Finally the salvage value of the new equipment at the end of its expected useful life is reflected.

In March new electrical equipment was ordered from B.T-H. for these cars and new trucks were considered, but turned down.

Electrical systems had to be updated to install all the new equipment , which also includes a couple of freezers.

Fund-holders can spend any budget savings on things such as new equipment , extra rooms and extra staff.

Already, Harrington has ordered a halt to spending for new equipment .


The electric light was burning and mixers and other equipment were making a steady hum.

Of the other equipment available to the Computer Group normally five display terminals will be used for support and operations functions.

One rule they both rigidly adhere to is: never use the other one's equipment !

Horse rustling, along with theft of tack, horse boxes, trailers and other equipment , is a growing problem.

Wash chopping boards, knives, other equipment and your hands after they've been used in the preparation of raw food.

But staff still need a fridge and would welcome any offers of help with that and other furniture or equipment .

No other equipment in the running wardrobe warrants the same kind of loyalty or devotion.


Walking requires no special skills or equipment .

Covert sensitization requires no special equipment , involves minimal risk to patients, and can easily be conducted on an outpatient basis.

No special equipment is needed and to begin.

Eventually, parents with special electronic equipment could block out programs they find objectionable.

He mentioned that a special piece of equipment was a split-charge alternator of 133/65 amp output.

The service will allow subscribers with special display equipment to see many callers' numbers.

Obtaining the necessary, sometimes expensive, special equipment such as closed circuit television takes time and persistence.

Physical therapists make available special exercise equipment to help increase strength and endurance; they also design exercise programs for home use.


This limit does not apply to standard equipment that is fitted by the manufacturer.

This five-passenger wagon, with lots of standard luxury equipment and few options, listed for $ 33, 600.

They provide information for the receptionist when dealing with enquiries for the guests as to what standard equipment is in the room.

The exam measures knowledge and competence to operate standard ophthalmic equipment and fit, adjust and dispense eyeglasses.

The ventilator, improved and updated, is now standard equipment in most operating theatres around the world.

Government engineers bought sub-\#standard equipment , inflated the price, and pocketed the difference.

Apple computers have long been standard equipment in the graphics and photographic industry.



A major advantage of both MID-TEL and MID-CRED is that neither system requires customers to install expensive computer equipment .

Shares of computer equipment companies nationwide surged after several members of the industry reported earnings that exceeded expectations.

The coding instructions are necessary if the data are to be punched into cards and processed by computer equipment .

They also left thousands of pounds worth of computer equipment which they had stolen in the raid on the Coulby Newham surgery.

The case started late last week after a routine upgrade of Naval Academy computer equipment in the security office.

And the parents did, making donations for $ 5, 000 for computer equipment at the school.


Cisco Systems, the world's largest computer network equipment maker , reported better than expected fourth-quarter profits.

The telecommunications equipment maker also said it was named in a shareholder suit over the loss filed in a California court.

It has also been appointed by cleaning equipment maker Karcher.

He has been in the business for about 14 years and follows aerospace and electrical equipment makers .

New York-based Loral is an aerospace and defense equipment maker .

What will it do to the hotel and restaurant business, and to the construction industry and equipment makers that serve it?

Take electrical equipment maker Shinmei Electric, which makes switches for use in pagers and floppy disk drives.

While cellular subscription rates have been growing, the market for equipment makers has been dwindling.


The company said it expected income from royalties to grow as more printing equipment manufacturers take out licences for its technology.

An analyst at Smith Barney Inc. upgraded the equipment manufacturer to buy from outperform.

But, overall, Rescalc V2 will prove invaluable for analogue designers and equipment manufacturers .

It is in the interests of sports equipment manufacturers to encourage such relative depreciation when their products have long depreciation periods.

The other partners include Qualcomm, a digital wireless communication developer, and Cartell, a Michigan-based wireless equipment manufacturer .


Police said the raiders caused over £1000 worth of damage and stole office equipment .

The distributor of office equipment said it plans to sell four million ADRs.

The price of office equipment such as fax machines, photo copiers, answering services and computer networks could climb.

Add up the prices on office equipment , computer hardware and soft-ware.

Bought office equipment at a cost of £400.

I had to take the typewriter in to Mr Bonzonio, who runs an office equipment and repair store downtown.

The winning team will receive prizes of office equipment worth thousands of pounds to be used by its respective company.

Already some automated office equipment is able automatically to phone the contract maintenance firm when it develops a fault.


Cameras and sound recording equipment were discreetly sited in the shop soas to record all that occurred over the counter.

He set about using the time to run a complete check on his detection and recording equipment .

The sound recording equipment was also of the best.

He'd almost decided to quit because the recording equipment couldn't handle the volume that Eric was playing at.

When binaural recording last found favour, 10 years ago, there was no low-cost digital recording equipment available.

He and Tam Henderson spent two days setting up the recording equipment before the orchestra arrived.


The statute may impose a duty on an employer to provide safety equipment and ensure that it is used.

Please would we list our safety equipment , the radio, the distress beacon, and so forth?

The Edinburgh based Institution of Fire Engineers specialises in developing fire engines and safety equipment .

The veteran car and safety equipment manufacturers' ideas of melted nylon webbing in the belt are logical, according to Melvin.

The duties under the Regulations include assessment of suitable equipment , maintenance information, instruction training and ensuring use of safety equipment.

Basic instruction and safety equipment are provided.

This is apparent in the cases on industrial safety equipment .

Pictured right: Wood Group Fire Protection products cover a wide range of fire protection and safety equipment .



We started to organise some fund raising events to buy some extra equipment for the hospital.

Porri, of the Windsor Astronomy Club, believes that the Internet also provides an excellent way to buy astronomy equipment .

Net proceeds will be used to buy computer equipment , repay debt and for working capital; underwriter is Biltmore Securities Inc.

Computer firms are expected to offer matches and other incentives to buy their equipment .

To buy the equipment you need, open a band bank account and put in whatever you can afford every week.

The money goes to operate the buildings, buy sports equipment and learning supplies, and pay the salaries of the staff.

Logistics do: getting dinner, keeping house, overseeing child care, buying equipment .


The advantage lay in their using less oxygen, being less tired and being able to carry more samples and equipment about.

Isaac limped and carried his radio equipment , stiff wires dangling from its housing like chicken feet.

Anglers always seem to carry large amounts of equipment .

But a craft that size would carry alternative life-saving equipment .

In 1916, it was rebuilt as a welding car to carry equipment for track welding at night.

The yachts will carry no custom equipment .

Their main advantage is for carrying bulky pieces of equipment for expeditions.

The convoy carrying equipment from the docks stretched for 46 miles.


Price includes everything - equipment , food, hotel or tent and, on longer trips, an escort vehicle.

The added responsibilities can include extra equipment and more subordinates-items that increase the cost of doing business.

Employers' duties under the Regulations include assessment of suitable equipment , maintenance information, instruction and training.

Its catalog now also includes brand-name equipment for stereo and home theater.

These include investment in new equipment , new work procedures, additional training and new safety management systems.


Several petrol stations and a building society in the town have already installed the equipment .

His company has a great racket -- installing security equipment in homes to guard against all burglars, except for themselves.

A major advantage of both MID-TEL and MID-CRED is that neither system requires customers to install expensive computer equipment .

Private investigators charge as much as $ 500 to install the equipment and $ 200 a day to run it.

The factories had previously been ordered to install pollution control equipment but had failed to respond.

These are people who actually install telephones, service equipment , work on the network, and are in customer contact positions.

One of the problems Steve has encountered is finding the exact locations of where some of the equipment was installed .

Electrical systems had to be updated to install all the new equipment , which also includes a couple of freezers.


Doctors need hospitals and equipment in order to be effective.

Faith was done with old-fashioned equipment; we needed more equipment to do the water-crossings ahead.

The customer service group must be able to help in the purchase of needed equipment .

Education also needs equipment - buildings, books, scientific apparatus, even paper, pencils and slates are woefully inadequate.

But imagine the delights of selling to a group of people who need serious equipment .

Anyone who wants to follow in his exact footsteps will need climbing equipment .


Local education authorities will contribute through staffing and clerical costs they may also provide office space and equipment , etc.

In Florida, Siemens Stromberg Carlson specializes in providing networking equipment to the telecommunications industry.

All Frankish freemen were required to serve in campaigns when summoned, unpaid and providing their own equipment .

All its scientific equipment is leased from a venture company that specializes in providing such equipment.

Regenerative working ceased and the equipment was gradually removed from Nos. 44-51 and they were provided with ordinary equipment.

Emphasis is on self-help, and the organisations that can give support or provide equipment are listed.

There she's been provided with Braille equipment and a talking computer.

Charlie's case raises the question of the employer's personal duty of care and the duty to provide adequate equipment .


Horticultural research will require better computer equipment , software, and staff training.

Covert sensitization requires no special equipment , involves minimal risk to patients, and can easily be conducted on an outpatient basis.

Teacher training colleges which are to train teachers in these subjects will also require funds for equipment .

While on the floor, they must follow established health and safety practices and wear the required protective clothing and equipment .

Pupils working in pairs or groups are required to operate the equipment , and to record a commentary on to audio tape.

Another basis for selection is that they are easy to do and require no special equipment or space.

This time consuming analytical procedure has the advantage of simplicity and requires little specialist equipment .

Aseptic techniques require sterile equipment . 8.


Thomson has managed to hold its own on some soil, but it has done lamentably in selling domestic video equipment .

Ascend recently struck a deal to sell equipment to Pac Bell.

Westcon, which is Datatec's biggest operation, sells communications and networking equipment products and related services.

I would have sold stereo equipment to go back there.

He had sold no farm equipment to the O'Gorman family, but he had increased their number by one.

Over the years, they built a network of local dealerships and warehouses to sell equipment and provide service and repairs.

But it's all we do we don't even sell cake decorations or equipment .

He lives in Massachusetts and sells medical equipment .


B asks C to supply equipment which is essential to the process.

Companies such as Cisco Systems already supply some equipment for the network.

In 1986, the employer signed the main contract to supply redesigned equipment based on the patented invention.

Approval will also be given to supply bomb disposal equipment and goods for civilian end-users.


Experts again analysed materials using equipment not available then.

Make a low bridge or just use some playground equipment .

By using automatic equipment that can serve several installations with a different programme for each if necessary.

Operations can even be done using this kind of equipment .

The purpose of the circuit board fault diagnostic aid is to assist the diagnosis performed using automatic test equipment .

Trains between Kaiserslautern and Lauterecken are to start using the equipment at the beginning of 1999.

For example, few schemes incorporated practical work using equipment .

Students are encouraged to use this equipment to produce their essays and dissertations.


camping gear/equipment


camera equipment

high technology equipment for policing and traffic control

It's much easier if you have the right piece of equipment for the job.

Thieves stole all the video equipment from the college.

We were told to keep all our sports equipment in the lockers downstairs.

You should check all your electrical equipment regularly.


Electronic equipment is also built to varying degrees of power.

Gardena free-lance photographer Jim Ober suggests keeping equipment simple and knowing how to use it properly.

In one case, a law passed last year required telephone companies to design their equipment to allow for wiretaps.

Lintvalve Electronic System, an acoustic leak detection equipment company, was bought in December 1991.

The advantage lay in their using less oxygen, being less tired and being able to carry more samples and equipment about.

The workers also participate in such matters as production scheduling, solving quality problems, evaluating performance and recommending new equipment .

There's noticeably less equipment hanging from a scrambler, but pound for pound there will be more fleecy material visible.

With production falling, factories stop ordering new equipment .

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