Meaning of LOW in English



1. not high or not far off the ground

2. a low sound/voice etc

3. a low temperature/level/rate/cost




low position or rank : ↑ POSITION/RANK

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1. not high or not far off the ground

▷ low /ləʊ/ [adjective]

▪ The garden was surrounded by a low wall.

▪ Some of the lowest branches were touching the ground.

▪ In the middle of the room was a low table.

low [adverb]

in a low position :

▪ The plane flew low over the fields.

▪ We had to bend down low to get through the opening.

▷ low-lying /ˌləʊ ˈlaɪ-ɪŋ◂/ [adjective]

low-lying land/region/area etc

not very high above the level of the sea :

▪ Low-lying land in river valleys is often subject to flooding.

▪ Experts are predicting that the sea level will rise, flooding many low-lying areas.

▷ low-rise /ˌləʊ ˈraɪz◂/ [adjective usually before noun]

low-rise buildings are only one or two floors levels high :

▪ There are many advantages to low-rise buildings.

▪ traditional, low-rise housing

2. a low sound/voice etc

▷ low /ləʊ/ [adjective]

a low voice or musical note is not high on the scale of musical sound :

▪ I can’t sing the low notes.

▪ He’s got quite a low singing voice.

▷ deep /diːp/ [adjective]

a deep voice is low, strong, and pleasant :

▪ David’s familiar deep voice called out to her as she walked past.

▷ husky /ˈhʌski/ [adjective]

a husky voice is deep, quiet, and rough-sounding, especially in a way that is attractive :

▪ She heard a husky voice call her name.

▪ His voice dropped to a husky whisper.

▷ bass /beɪs/ [adjective usually before noun]

in the lowest part of the musical scale - used especially in music and singing :

▪ Jim was asked to sing the bass solos.

▪ You need to play the bass notes slightly louder.

▪ He sang popular songs for us in his deep bass voice.

▷ rich /rɪtʃ/ [adjective]

a rich voice is low, strong, and pleasant to listen to :

▪ He spoke in a strong, rich voice.

▪ She had a wonderful deep, rich singing voice.

3. a low temperature/level/rate/cost

▷ low /ləʊ/ [adjective/adverb]

smaller than usual in level or number :

▪ the lowest temperature ever recorded

▪ Japan has a much lower crime rate than other countries.

▪ the recent low level of unemployment

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