Meaning of LOW in English


[low] vi [ME loowen, fr. OE hlowan; akin to OHG hluoen to moo, L calare to call, summon, Gk kalein] (bef. 12c): moo

[2]low n (1549): the deep sustained sound characteristic esp. of a cow [3]low adj ; low.est [ME lah, low, fr. ON lagr; akin to MHG laege low, flat; prob. akin to OE licgan to lie] (12c) 1 a: having a small upward extension or elevation "a ~ wall" b: situated or passing little above a reference line, point, or plane "~ bridges" c (1): having a low-cut neckline (2): not extending as high as the ankle "~ oxfords"

2. a: situated or passing below the normal level, surface, or base of measurement, or the mean elevation "~ ground" b: marking a nadir or bottom "the ~ point of his career"

3: dead--used as a predicate adjective

4. a: not loud: soft b: flat 8a c: characterized by being toward the bottom of the range of pitch attainable (as by an instrument)

5. a: being near the equator "~ northern latitudes" b: being near the horizon

6: socially or economically humble in character or status "~ birth"

7. a: lacking strength, health, or vitality: weak, prostrate "very ~ with pneumonia" b: lacking spirit or vivacity: depressed "a ~ frame of mind"

8. a: of lesser degree, size, or amount than average or ordinary "~ energy" b (1): small in number or amount (2): substandard, inadequate "a ~ level of employment" "a ~ income group" (3): cheap "~ prices" (4): short, depleted "oil is in ~ supply" c: of lesser position, rank, or order 9: falling short of some standard: as a: lacking dignity or elevation "a ~ style of writing" b: morally reprehensible: base "a ~ trick" c: coarse, vulgar "~ language"

10. a: not advanced in complexity, development, or elaboration "~ organisms" b often cap: low church 11: unfavorable, disparaging "had a ~ opinion of him" 12: designed for slow and usu. the slowest speed "~ gear" 13: articulated with a wide opening between the relatively flat tongue and the palate: open 14: intended to attract little attention "kept a ~ profile" syn see base -- low adv -- low.ness n [4]low n (12c) 1: something that is low: as a: depth b: a region of low barometric pressure

2: the transmission gear of an automotive vehicle giving the lowest ratio of driveshaft to crankshaft speed [5]low or lowe n [ME, fr. ON logi, log; akin to OE leoht light--more at light] (13c) chiefly Scot: flame, blaze [6]low or lowe vb lowed ; (14c) Scot: flame, blaze

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