Meaning of LOW in English


adj. 1 short, squat, little, small, stubby, stumpy, stunted; low-lying The terrain has many low shrubs, not more than two feet tall 2 inadequate, insufficient, deficient, down, short, sparse, scanty, scant, limited The air in the tyres is a bit low Our water supply ran low. 3 coarse, unrefined, indelicate, improper, naughty, risqué, indecent, unseemly, vulgar, crude, common, rude, offensive, gross, ill-bred, lewd, obscene, ribald, bawdy, scurrilous, smutty, pornographic, dirty The old burlesque acts were characterized by their low humour 4 weak, frail, feeble, debilitated, enervated, sickly, unhealthy, infirm, shaky, decrepit, ill, sick He's very low and sinking fast 5 ineffectual, ineffective, weak Her resistance to disease is low I have a low pain threshold. 6 miserable, dismal, wretched, abysmal, sorry, abject, destitute I seem to have reached a low point in my career 7 humble, poor, low-born, lowly, base, inferior, base-born, plebeian, proletariat, ignoble He rose from those low beginnings to a peerage 8 unhappy, depressed, dejected, sad, gloomy, melancholy, miserable, despondent, disconsolate, blue, downcast, down, glum, wretched, morose, crestfallen, broken-hearted, heart-broken, tearful, lachrymose, sorrowful, mournful, heavy-hearted I felt low for weeks after the death of my kitten 9 inferior, second-rate, poor, bad, not up to par, worthless, shoddy, shabby, mediocre, substandard Their products are of low quality 10 inferior, lower, lesser, small, smaller Play a low card 11 low-cut, décolleté, revealing, Colloq US low and behold in the front and vie de Bohème in the back Gilda wore a low, strapless black satin evening gown 12 base, vile, abject, contemptible, despicable, mean, menial, servile, ignoble, degraded, vulgar, foul, dastardly, depraved, nasty, sordid That was a low trick he played telling on his friends I didn't know that anyone could sink to such a low level. 13 quiet, hushed, soft, subdued, gentle, muted, muffled, stifled, indistinct, whispered, murmured, murmurous Her low voice was sweet 14 unfavourable, critical, adverse She has a rather low opinion of his singing

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