Meaning of MESSAGE in English


1. a message

2. someone who takes a message to someone


send a message : ↑ SEND

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1. a message

▷ message /ˈmesɪdʒ/ [countable noun]

a spoken or written piece of information, request etc that you send to someone, especially by giving it to another person or leaving it somewhere :

▪ When I got home, there were two messages on my answering machine.

message from

▪ ‘What is it?’ ‘A message from the hospital. Harry’s worse.’

message for

▪ Where’s Dick? I’ve got a message for him.

message of

▪ He says he has received many messages of support from the public.

message that

▪ I hope Frank got my message that I was going to be late.

leave a message

▪ I’m sorry, Mr Banks isn’t here right now. Would you like to leave a message?

▷ note /nəʊt/ [countable noun]

a short written message :

leave a note

▪ He left a note on his desk saying he would be back in 5 minutes.

note from

▪ He was devastated when he arrived home to find a note from his wife, telling him their marriage was over.

note to

▪ She wrote a polite little note to Miss Henry, thanking her for her kindness.

▷ memo /ˈmeməʊ/ [countable noun]

a short official message to other people in a company or organization :

▪ The meeting’s been cancelled. Didn’t you get my memo?

memo to

▪ I have sent out a memo to all staff, reminding them of the procedure for taking sick leave.

memo from

▪ He noticed a memo from the chairman on Wilson’s desk.

▷ dispatch/despatch /dɪˈspætʃ/ [countable noun]

a message sent between government or military officials, especially one containing important information :

▪ This office has seen every State Department dispatch issued over the past 35 years.

▪ As a courier for the Canadian Government, bearing important dispatches, Hayes was anxious to travel immediately.

▷ email/email message /ˈiː meɪl, ˈiː meɪl ˌmesɪdʒ/ [countable noun]

a message or document sent from one computer to another :

▪ I sent him an email yesterday, but I haven’t got a reply yet.

▪ Some companies automatically delete all email messages more than three months old.

email/email message from

▪ I got an email from her a couple of weeks ago - she sounded OK.

2. someone who takes a message to someone

▷ messenger /ˈmesɪndʒəʳ, -s ə n-/ [countable noun]

someone who takes a message or whose job it is to take messages :

▪ In the late afternoon a messenger arrived to inform me that the chief was on his way.

▪ Captain Anderson did not come himself, but sent a messenger instead.

▪ The king’s messenger stayed in Rome for further talks.

messenger boy

▪ When he was sixteen Alan got a job as a messenger boy in an advertising agency.

▷ courier /ˈkʊriəʳ/ [countable noun]

someone whose job it is to carry urgent messages, letters, parcels etc, especially for a company :

▪ A courier arrived with the documents just before the meeting.

send something by courier

▪ He said he’d be sending the report over by courier.

▷ go-between /ˈgəʊ bɪˌtwiːn/ [countable noun]

someone who takes messages between two people or groups because they are not able to meet or do not want to meet :

▪ Barnes isn’t involved in the deal - he’s just the go-between.

act as (a) go-between

▪ Simon was not a member of either group so he seemed a good candidate to act as a go-between.

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