Meaning of MESSAGE in English



a message of hate

White nationalists are using the media to preach a message of hate.

a message/letter of sympathy

We are grateful for all the messages of sympathy we have received.

an email message

I can send email messages on my phone.

an underlying message

The underlying message of his speech was that the economic good times are over.

an urgent message

I have an urgent message for Sam – where is he?

coded message

He sent a coded message to CIA headquarters.

contradictory messages/statements/demands etc

The public is being fed contradictory messages about the economy.

convey a message (= express an important idea – used about books, films, art etc )

Do you think the poem conveys a message about society?

instant messaging

instant messaging services

message board

message drummed into

‘Don’t talk to strangers’ is a message drummed into children.

multimedia messaging

picture messaging

subliminal message

a subliminal message

text message

text message

She’s always text messaging her friends.




Sue's boss was angry; he says it sends a clear message to criminals.

His clear message: Trade is good.

They believe that it would benefit both children and parents if a clear message were given.

Stuck in two new polls behind frontrunner Bob Dole and two insurgent candidates with clear ideological messages , Texas Sen.

One of the clearest messages from our Cellulite Roadshow was lack of motivation scuppered most peoples plans.

Capital punishment does send out one reasonably clear social message .

The clear and simple message contained in the Samuel case has, however, been diluted.

That is certainly a clear message about the power of tradition, even when it is biased and oppressive.


This extract contains important messages for teachers.

Finally, the most important message we give is that the client try it.

At times the real story, the important message , was being completely lost.

It means that you have an important message .

These are the seven most important sound messages made by domestic cats.

They were unable to convey the single most important message: &038;.

The most important message is that we should rely much more on men to parent than we presently do.


But whereas calypso now only rarely contains a political message reggae almost always does.

Some also fear that political or ideological messages benefiting business could find their way into the curriculum.

To be effective, a political message should be very simple.

To say that long-term success depends on more structural reform and more austerity is not a comfortable political message .

However, there are situations where face-to-face communication is not the preferred medium for a political message .

Thus the political message of local elections provides another motive for ministers to deny their importance.

Radio and television have enabled political messages to reach mass populations.


He wasn't all that sorry to find an urgent message from Headquarters that meant leaving the glutinous pasta.

This is an urgent message for Celestine Price.

There is no pattern to the way they bring their urgent message .

The amazonian flow of colors, signals, urgent messages that had been besieging their brains since birth evaporated.

He - er - received an urgent message to return to his yacht.

I've a very urgent message for you from Mr Norris.

Example 3 An urgent message is received for a guest, Mrs Jones.

I was present when he left the hotel last evening after an urgent message recalling him to Osborne House.



If you return to this field, an error message is displayed at the foot of the screen.

Many who signed on later in the day were turned away with blank screens or error messages .

CorelDRAW can still bring up those strange Waldo error messages when you're using the Blend option.

Write down any error messages you see, no matter how cryptic.

Because a single stack is used, the following error messages do not exist.

We got an error message , indicating there was no dial tone.

It doesn't come up with irrational error messages and it's nice and simple to use.

If the information entered into any field is invalid, an error message will be displayed at the foot of the page.


The submitter also receives an additional mail message if the package has been denied, giving the reason for approval being denied.

Please read the specified mail message for more information on the error.

If the entry is blank, the mail message has not been inspected.

If all the above conditions are met, the new user will be notified by way of a mail message .

Once you have requested the package be prepared for approval, wait for the mail message telling you that it is ready.

You will receive a mail message confirming the outcome of the approval.

The lower field displays the current page number of this mail message .

You may print either a subset or all of your oldest 16 mail messages .


They remain friends, though she is quick to be petulant over telephone messages left unanswered and favours left undone.

Attorneys for Sheik Sultan did not return telephone messages left at their offices on Wednesday.

Army bomb disposal experts scoured the city for 5 hours, after receiving a coded telephone message .

An estimated 1, 000 to 2, 000 households were alerted by a computerized telephone message .

There is the added machismo of breaking the law. Telephone messages that have to be carried out in code.

Peter Gass, an attorney for Lundwall, did not return telephone messages seeking comment.

Desks were littered with yards of wire stories, celebrity bulletins, picture handouts, telephone messages , and empty coffee cups.

The telephone messages had already prepared him for some of the problems.


He shows her a text message sent by Emily asking how the field trip is going.

If the software detects unusual activity on an account, it will send a text message to the mobile phone.

However, the spokesman said it will contact the body before any text messages are sent out.

Amnesty International is also harnessing text messages to apply speedy pressure on governments to release political prisoners.

Almost all users sent and received text messages .


Such reservations include a warning message , flagging of the citing field or a setting of the citing field to null.

A warning message will be displayed if the Package version has not been approved however this will not prevent registration.

If entitlements are exceeded, the system will issue the relevant warning message and stop pay.

Mrs Thatcher's public speeches contained thinly veiled warning messages to colleagues who doubted the strategy.

An appropriate warning message will be displayed if you attempt to update a despatched Issue.

Disapproval would at first enrage and then devastate him, and these warning messages apparently arrived visually.



When Gabriel brought your message to Mary; she could have said ` No'.

Looking into the future brings a message of uncertainty.

There is no pattern to the way they bring their urgent message .

We see then that the idea introduces us to a radical gospel which brings an uncomfortable message to our hearts.

Some people like the feel of writing; the movement of their hands against the paper somehow brings the message closer.

Except when Liddy brought her food or messages , she kept the bedroom door locked so that her husband could not come in.

It was because I thought I should be unable to bring this message to this group of employees of mine.


The knot of squires at Hotspur's back hung close and eager, ready to carry his messages .

I made several secret trips up to New York, carrying messages back and forth between them.

There were numerous illustrated broadsides and woodcuts which carried their message in visual form.

Across that implacable distance a train carrying a message would crawl with the slowness of a beetle.

From wherever they lodged, the couriers raced in and out, carrying orders and relaying messages .

Gandhi carried this message to the people.

Computer tags carry a coded message which the computer at the cash desk can read.

The parties no longer carry the candidates' message to the people.


They used miniature cameras to photograph secret documents and shortwave radios to receive coded messages from their spy masters, prosecutors said.

Yardley copied the coded message as the five hundred words began flashing across the wire.


Paul Manville had to be given his due - he could not have chosen a more apt record to convey his message .

A speaker can use the very same sentence to convey quite different messages depending on the context.

The whole body may be conveying a message .

Migliore was clearly eager to convey the message that all would now be well, according to Orr.

Gestures must convey the message for those friends who can not appreciate words.

He spoke with many pauses so that the translator at his right could convey the message in the vernacular.

Some elements lay the foundation on which other elements may convey a message .

One television ad featured a live chicken to convey the message: Stop being one; start investing.


Its marketers are fabled for delivering feel-good messages .

The Republican candidate must aggressively deliver his message directly to black organizations, church groups, colleges and schools.

Why did she deliver the message then?

Another group of medications neutralizes the enzymes that normally break down dopamine after it delivers its chemical message .

The Ego was designed as a mere postal service which delivers messages to our conscious mind.

Purim, a festival that delivers the transcendent message that good will always conquer evil.

This must make it hard for the agencies who undertake to deliver telephone sales messages .

We deliver our messages with the way we play the game.


He got one message to me.

The screen remains blank and the audience gradually gets the message .

Do you ever wish you could get a message to somebody quickly when they are out and about?

It might take hours before he gets the message .

To get the message across, the National Wildlife Federation sends out 60 million pieces of mail.

Hoffman said the company needed to do a better job getting its marketing messages to customers.

The Forum is taking a number of strategic directions to get its message across.

I get fax messages printed out through my phone line in the hospital.


What is the process and what happens when people give and exchange messages ?

In addition, it gives credibility to your message while underscoring your point.

I've found out more about it now, so if you wouldn't mind giving him a message , Ruth?

Getting his attention comes first; engaging him comes second; inter-acting with him, then giving him your message comes third.

Even worse, we had the Chairmen of the Whitley Councils publicly giving the same message .

Clarke assumed it was a prank but promised to give Alvin the message .

With the hood down my summer sun bleached hair might give the wrong message ?

Very often in our work we give contradictory messages .


The people didn't want to hear the message , and took out their frustration on Jeremiah.

The training program heard that message each year from John Gutfreund.

She should come with him to the United Reform Church in Florence and hear messages not of vengeance but of forgiveness.

The United States is not ready to hear these messages .

This year there's a willingness to hear the nationalist message as never before.

And they heard the message of nonviolence.

It's the cry for us all to hear , See the message writ afar.

As for missions, how could slaves really hear the message of freedom from masters?


They contained transmit and receipt logs indicating to whom messages and documents were sent and indicating date and time.


If they are unavailable, leave the message on their chair.

She sent me memos, left Eugenia phone messages .

And a guy left a message , a guy... em, McCluskey.

Within a few days, people who call the number hear taped invitations to leave messages , which are never answered.

She left a message on his answering machine: Nick, I wanted to thank you for last night.

She leaves another message and another.

They would still be driving home, so she could leave a message on the answering machine.

For Stillman had not left his message anywhere.


I was in the middle of them both and passing on horrible messages from one to the other.

Nor did Bo ever meet his superior, who passed him messages through an intermediary.

The way horses pass messages between themselves will be the way that they will try and impart a message to us.

And because of this luxury, the women used me to pass messages .

I should have told her it was important to pass the message on immediately.

The book trade should have an interest in passing on that message .

He might try you again, but I said I'd pass the message along.

We can always pass the message on to other runners.


He tried to read some deeper personal message into it.

Some people remember being able to read all new messages posted to Usenet newsgroups every day.

Please read the specified mail message for more information on the error.

One, the act of reading electronic messages will not infect a computer.

Wordlessly, he waved Tahad in closer to the screen, inviting him to read the message .

Users now wanted to connect to the Internet, browse the World Wide Web, send e-mail and read newsgroup messages .

KNode is an online newsreader and when you choose to read a message , it is fetched directly from the server.


He received the same message as Sir Ralph.

As he expected, Manion received an e-mail message from Philippe Fontaine requesting a meeting on the following Tuesday.

Army bomb disposal experts scoured the city for 5 hours, after receiving a coded telephone message .

Move to Autonomy: Setting Limits Children who receive affection and messages of acceptance are likely to feel secure.

I promised her again that I would go to the prison to receive the message , whatever that might be.

I own a Macintosh and have had no problems sending and receiving e-mail messages with IBM-compatible users.

The submitter also receives an additional mail message if the package has been denied, giving the reason for approval being denied.


There are no layers of middle managers relaying messages - the environment is perfect for communication and intuition.

He was more likely to call Rob and relay a message .

The priest, standing in front of them, was relaying Siward's message , which contained words he thought he had forgotten.

By 1914, they had set up a system of relaying messages from coast to coast.

The Chair of the plenary session, Inez McCormack opened the afternoon session by relaying some messages to the conference.

Freedman said he would relay the message .

Some one who relays messages and passes on little notes.

They will verbally relay the daily messages from home and transmit back her responses.


If not Ill have to SEND and import the message I want to quote.

And sometimes they send e-mail messages to Walsh and Pulver, updating the information on the size of their share-holdings.

When some one wants to send you a private message , they scramble it using your public key.

He sent a message saying that the Phoenix King did not answer demands but granted pleas.

Or I could send a message back to myself, that I knew I had not received.

By and large, the retina only sends messages to the brain when the image on it changes.

Quick, somebody send the kid a message to come to his senses.


They were continually spreading the message that the library is an integral part of the school's operation.

Forbes is traveling the country at an impressive clip, spreading his flat-tax message and pocketing IOUs from Republican pols.

The managers of such funds are on the stump, spreading the message that their day has come at last.

And with an estimated $ 5, 000 in contributions, he has tried to spread his message through community group meetings.

His intention was to contact people and spread his message to the world.

She speaks to the media from her home and travels a week out of every month to spread her message of awareness.

Production was severely disrupted in all departments during the afternoon as the shop stewards spread the message .

But once they get back home they continue to spread the Falun Gong message .


He tells them that Claudia has written them a last message .

I write messages to people I never see.

That is the only reason I agreed to write this message to you.

Wilson wrote in a veto message .

On a single sheet of paper write down the main message of the report.

To take his mind off his worries, I suggested that he wrote out a message for his family.

But other customers prefer to write the messages themselves, for more of a personal touch.

Application Have the students write secret messages .


send (sb) a message/signal

A cellular phone is really a mobile radio system that sends a signal out over public airwaves.

And sometimes they send e-mail messages to Walsh and Pulver, updating the information on the size of their share-holdings.

And they coincided with the bulges in the geoid, which sent a clear message to geophysicists.

But finding a way to send a message faster than light struck me as more straight forward.

For the 11 countries inside the euro, it sends a positive signal to the financial markets.

Provided you both have Net access, it's as quick, easy and cheap as sending a message across the street.

Turned out she wanted to know if Uncle Adam had been sending any radio messages.

Would I care to send in a message?


"What is it?" "A message from the hospital. Harry's worse."

Did you get my message ?

He says he has received many messages of support from the public.

I'm sorry, Mr Banks isn't here right now. Would you like to leave a message ?

I hope Frank got my message that I was going to be late.

When I got home, there were two messages on my answering machine.

Where's Dick? I've got a message for him.


But the programs featured a variety of themes and methods and were not consistent in advocating abstinence as the central message .

Fon somehow understood that the ancient rhythms of the words soothed Katherine as much as the message behind them.

Joseph was alarmed by Monteith's message , and bewildered that he could have been so misunderstood at the previous council.

One was that their writers eliminate industry jargon that transformed an everyday message into a threat.

The message was delivered in eight days, starting in Houston before arriving at its final destination of Los Angeles.

The latest management fashion brings a different message .

The person offering the communication is, of course, just as much part of the message as the words that are uttered.

Users just have to click an on-screen button to encrypt an outgoing message .

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