Meaning of REPAIR in English



1. to repair something that is broken or damaged

2. to repair something old to make it look or work like a new one

3. work done to repair something

4. too badly damaged to be repaired


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1. to repair something that is broken or damaged

▷ repair /rɪˈpeəʳ/ [transitive verb]

if you repair something that is broken or not working properly, you work on it so that it is in good condition again :

▪ Builders spent several weeks repairing the roof.

▪ The plane was too badly damaged to be repaired.

get/have something repaired

pay someone else to repair it

▪ How much will it cost to have the TV repaired?

▷ fix /fɪks/ [transitive verb]

to repair a machine or piece of equipment that is broken or not working properly :

▪ I’ll need to fix the boat before we can go out in it.

get/have something fixed

pay someone else to fix it

▪ I must get my camera fixed before we go to France.

▷ mend /mend/ [transitive verb]

to repair something that is broken or not working, or something that has a hole in it. In American English mend is usually used about clothing :

▪ The children are taught to mend their own clothes.

▪ I called a service engineer in to mend the lift.

▷ patch up /ˌpætʃ ˈʌp/ [transitive phrasal verb]

to repair something that has a hole in quickly and not very thoroughly so that it is good enough to be used again for a short period of time :

patch up something

▪ We managed to patch up the roof enough to stop it leaking.

patch something up

▪ The boat’s got a hole in the side, but I’m just going to try and patch it up for now.

▷ overhaul /ˌəʊvəʳˈhɔːl/ [transitive verb]

to thoroughly examine a machine, vehicle, or piece of equipment and repair it if necessary :

▪ The engine has been overhauled and runs much more smoothly now.

completely overhaul

▪ All the electrical wiring in the house was being completely overhauled because of the risk of fire.

▷ service /ˈsɜːʳvɪs, ˈsɜːʳvəs/ [transitive verb]

to examine a vehicle or machine, especially at fixed regular times, and repair it if necessary :

▪ All our machinery is serviced regularly.

▪ When was the plane last serviced?

have something serviced

pay someone else to service it

▪ You should have your car serviced every six months.

2. to repair something old to make it look or work like a new one

▷ renovate /ˈrenəveɪt/ [transitive verb]

to thoroughly repair something, especially an old building, so that it looks as it did when it was first made :

▪ The old theatre has been completely renovated and re-fitted.

▪ We decided to buy an old house and renovate it ourselves.

▪ He bought six old bicycles and renovated them.

renovation /ˌrenəˈveɪʃ ə n/ [uncountable noun]

▪ a charming old property, suitable for renovation

▷ restore /rɪˈstɔːʳ/ [transitive verb]

to repair and clean an old and valuable building, vehicle, or work of art :

▪ The building has been carefully restored after the fire.

▪ Experts are still working to restore the painting.

▪ He spent almost three years restoring a 1922 Rolls Royce.

restoration /ˌrestəˈreɪʃ ə n/ [uncountable noun]

▪ The church was closed for restoration so that it could be restored .

▷ do up British informal /fix up American informal /ˌduː ˈʌp, ˌfɪks ˈʌp/ [transitive phrasal verb]

to repair an old vehicle or building so that it looks like a new one, especially as a way of making money :

do/fix up something

▪ He does up old cars and sells them.

do/fix something up

▪ A builder bought the house and fixed it up.

▷ reconditioned /ˌriːkənˈdɪʃ ə nd◂/ [adjective]

a reconditioned engine, motor, washing machine etc is an old machine that has been thoroughly repaired so that it works like a new one :

▪ I managed to buy a reconditioned engine quite cheaply.

▪ a shop selling new and reconditioned washing machines

3. work done to repair something

▷ repairs /rɪˈpeəʳz/ [plural noun]

▪ Who will pay for the repairs?

repairs to

▪ The insurance will cover the cost of all repairs to the vehicle.

make/do/carry out repairs

▪ Builders are carrying out repairs to the roof and walls.

▷ maintenance /ˈmeɪnt ə nəns/ [uncountable noun]

regular work done to check, clean, and repair something so that it keeps working properly or remains in good condition :

▪ The Highways Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of bridges and roads.

car/motorcycle etc maintenance

▪ I knew nothing about car maintenance when I first bought my car.

routine maintenance

simple and regular maintenance

▪ The fault was discovered during routine maintenance work.

▷ service /ˈsɜːʳvɪs, ˈsɜːʳvəs/ [countable/uncountable noun]

an examination of a vehicle or machine that is done regularly to check that it is working properly and see if any repairs are necessary :

▪ We recommend an annual service for all central heating boilers.

▪ My car’s due for service - I’ll book it into a garage next week.

▪ Any major problems with the car should be picked up at the 5,000 mile service.

▷ overhaul /ˈəʊvəʳhɔːl/ [countable noun]

a thorough examination of a machine, vehicle, or piece of equipment, making repairs if necessary :

▪ The electrical system needs a complete overhaul.

▪ Work on the overhaul of the boiler has just started.

▷ tune-up /ˈtjuːn ʌpǁˈtuːn-/ [countable noun]

a process of making small changes and repairs to an engine so that it works as well as possible :

▪ It’s about time to take the car in for a tune-up again.

▪ If you give the engine regular tune-ups, it will last much longer.

4. too badly damaged to be repaired

▷ be beyond repair /biː bɪˌjɒnd rɪˈpeəʳǁ-ˌjɑːnd-/ [verb phrase]

too badly damaged to be repaired - use this about objects, buildings, and vehicles :

▪ Unfortunately, the engine is beyond repair.

be damaged beyond repair

▪ A lot of the furniture had been damaged beyond repair.

▷ irreparable /ɪˈrep ə rəb ə l/ [adjective]

irreparable damage or harm to objects, buildings, or vehicles cannot be repaired :

▪ The explosion caused irreparable damage to several buildings.

▪ The forest suffered irreparable damage as a result of last year’s fire.

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