Meaning of REPAIR in English


vi to return.

2. repair ·noun the act of repairing or resorting to a place.

3. repair ·noun place to which one repairs; a haunt; a resort.

4. repair ·vt to make amends for, as for an injury, by an equivalent; to indemnify for; as, to repair a loss or damage.

5. repair ·noun condition with respect to soundness, perfectness, ·etc.; as, a house in good, or bad, repair; the book is out of repair.

6. repair ·vi to go; to betake one's self; to resort; ass, to repair to sanctuary for safety.

7. repair ·noun restoration to a sound or good state after decay, waste, injury, or partial restruction; supply of loss; reparation; as, materials are collected for the repair of a church or of a city.

8. repair ·vt to restore to a sound or good state after decay, injury, dilapidation, or partial destruction; to renew; to restore; to mend; as, to repair a house, a road, a shoe, or a ship; to repair a shattered fortune.

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