Meaning of TOOL in English



1. a tool


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1. a tool

▷ tool /tuːl/ [countable noun]

a thing that you hold in your hand and use to repair, cut, or make something :

▪ He couldn’t finish repairing the engine because he didn’t have the right tools.

tool for

▪ a tool for cutting metal

gardening/kitchen/mining tools

▪ All my gardening tools had been stolen from the shed.

tool box

a strong box that tools are kept in

▪ He took a spanner from his tool box and tightened up the bolts on the gate.

tool kit

a set of tools that are kept together

▪ A good tool kit should contain pliers, screwdrivers, and wire-cutters.

▷ instrument /ˈɪnstrɑmənt/ [countable noun]

a small tool or device used especially by doctors and scientists, for doing careful or delicate work :

▪ I sat in the dentist’s chair and looked at the row of instruments beside me.

▪ The microscope is perhaps the most widely used scientific instrument.

▪ The company specializes in the manufacture of high quality writing instruments.

▷ gadget /ˈgædʒɪt, ˈgædʒət/ [countable noun]

a small tool that has been cleverly designed to help you do something more easily :

▪ He showed her several electronic gadgets, such as a watch that you can use as a phone.

▪ It’s a clever little gadget which you can use to cut vegetables into attractive shapes.

▪ A sales assistant was demonstrating several kitchen gadgets to a crowd of shoppers.

▷ device /dɪˈvaɪs/ [countable noun]

a piece of equipment that has been cleverly designed to do a particular job, for example one that makes measurements, records sounds, or controls the operation of a machine :

▪ An EEG is a device that records electrical activity in the brain.

device for doing something

▪ a thermostatic device for controlling temperature

▪ The farmers there still use the ‘Archimedes Screw’, an ancient device for raising water from a lake or well.

▷ implement /ˈɪmplɪmənt, ˈɪmpləmənt/ [countable noun] formal

a tool or simple machine used for a particular job, especially when working in the garden or on a farm :

▪ The native women grind the wheat with heavy stone implements.

▪ It is best to cut weeds off at the roots with an implement such as a hoe.

farming/cooking/writing etc implements

▪ Some children find it difficult to hold their writing implements.

▷ utensil /juːˈtens ə l/ [countable noun]

a piece of equipment, especially one used in the kitchen to prepare food :

▪ Peter found the potato peeler in a drawer full of utensils.

▪ We packed a few essential cooking utensils such as pots and a can opener for our camping trip.

▪ You will find a wide range of kitchen utensils in our cookshop on the second floor.

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