Meaning of CLOTH in English




BAD : I bought some cheap cloth to make some curtains.

GOOD : I bought some cheap material to make some curtains.


Cloth (uncountable) usually refers to material made of cotton, wool etc that is used for making clothes: 'The tailor took my measurements and then showed me several rolls of cloth.'

Material (and fabric) have a more general meaning and may be used in connection with clothes, curtains, sheets, etc: 'The cushion covers and the curtains were made from the same material.' 'They specialize in the manufacture of elasticated fabric.'


BAD : He likes fast cars and expensive cloths.

GOOD : He likes fast cars and expensive clothes.

BAD : None of the cloth shops had any pink socks.

GOOD : None of the clothes shops had any pink socks.


A cloth is a piece of material made of cotton, wool, etc, usually used for cleaning or drying something: 'I'm afraid I've spilled some milk. Have you got a cloth?' 'I need a new face cloth.'

Clothes are the things people wear, such as trousers, sweaters, etc: 'I spend half my salary on clothes.'

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