Meaning of CLOTH in English


cloth S3 /klɒθ $ klɒːθ/ BrE AmE noun

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: clath 'cloth, piece of clothing' ]

1 . [uncountable] material used for making things such as clothes

cotton/woollen/silk etc cloth

a dress of the finest silk cloth

2 . [countable] a piece of cloth used for a particular purpose:

She mopped her face with a wet cloth.

Is there a clean cloth for the table?

⇨ ↑ dishcloth , ↑ facecloth , ↑ tablecloth

3 . man of the cloth formal a Christian priest

• • •


■ for making clothes etc

▪ material noun [uncountable and countable] cloth used for making clothes, curtains etc:

She bought some pretty dress material.

▪ fabric noun [uncountable] cloth used for making clothes, curtains etc:

Man-made fabrics such as polyester are easy to wash and iron.


furnishing fabrics

▪ cloth noun [uncountable] woven material, especially material made from natural substances such as cotton and wool, which has not yet been made into any other products:

The main trade was the production of woollen cloth.

▪ textiles noun [plural] formal a general word for all types of cloth – used especially when talking about the business of producing and selling them:

Textiles are one of Mexico’s main exports.


the textile industry

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