Meaning of ACCIDENT in English




a car crash/accident ( also a car wreck American English )

He was involved in a car crash.

a road accident

Her husband was killed in a road accident.

a serious accident

He is recovering from a serious accident.

a traffic accident

He’s been involved in a traffic accident.

accident and emergency

accident blackspot (= where there are a lot of road accidents )

an accident blackspot

accident insurance

You also get free travel accident insurance if you pay for your tickets with a credit card.

accident prone

an accident inquiry

The accident inquiry revealed that the accident had been caused by human error.

an accident/crash victim

The crash victims were rushed to hospital.

cause an accident

75% of accidents are caused by speeding.

crime/accident/fire etc prevention

Effective crime prevention must be our main goal.

a fire prevention officer

fatal accident/illness/injury etc

a fatal climbing accident

If it is not treated correctly, the condition can prove fatal be fatal .

freak accident

He was crushed to death in a freak accident .

horrific crash/accident/attack etc

a horrific plane crash

industrial accident/injury (= happening at work )

involved in an accident (= he is one of the people in an accident )

I’m afraid your son’s been involved in an accident .

nasty accident

He had a nasty accident while riding in the forest.

prevention of accidents

Educating new drivers is important for the prevention of accidents.

unfortunate accident

an unfortunate accident




Many more tragic and fatal accidents have occurred there.

In these early days a flying career was not particularly attractive in view of the frequency of fatal accidents .

Damages in fatal accident cases are likely to be substantial and should not be underestimated.

An exhaust leak from an O-ring seal in a right booster motor was blamed for the fatal 1986 Challenger accident .

The Highlands has one of the highest suicide rates in the country and is plagued by huge numbers of fatal accidents .

None of the eight other fatal accidents claimed by the villagers has been recognised by the government.

Forty-five percent of fatal road accidents involving young people are alcohol-linked, and so are drowning and deaths from accidental overdose.

Blaming terracing alone for the tragedy is rather like banning cars after a fatal accident .


It had been a freak accident .

Call it a freak accident and, hopefully, be done with it and race on.

In the same year, as the result of a freak accident in the Alps, Steve's friend Georges Bettembourg perished.

My parents had died when I was five, in a freak car accident .

Six years ago Stephen Dent was paralysed in a freak accident .

I spent all afternoon full of animosity towards him - and then he died in that freak accident .

Apparently nobody was injured in this freak accident .

Betty beheaded by hotpot ladle in freak accident . 2.


William Bird's wife Jean had been killed five years before in an horrific road accident involving a drunken driver.

She shot down stairs faster than she had moved for thirty years, her head full of horrific accidents .


Is the company improving its industrial accident record?

You had an industrial accident but it was never treated as one.

This scheme was replaced in 1946 by a state scheme for victims of industrial accidents and prescribed industrial diseases.

I wondered if he was gingerly admitting that his plant had a problem with industrial accidents .

The rate of industrial accidents was horrific.

They are the victims of auto accidents , industrial accidents, falls from cliffs, fires, fights, stabbings, shootings.

The waste is the most toxic remains of the industrial accident at Seveso in 1976.

The only place where official statistics have been released for industrial accidents is Shenzhen.


By contrast, the chances of a major nuclear accident resulting in 100 fatal cancers was set at one in a million.

No major accidents occurred in Tempe or Mesa during the outage, police said.

Earlier this month the MoD repeated its claim that transporters are designed to withstand major accidents .

If it is a major accident to a wide bodied jet he could send them all.

Spencer waved vigorously to avert a second major accident and was eventually spotted and taken on board.

The commercial incentive to reduce minor incidents therefore goes hand in hand with incentives to reduce major accidents .

This reflects an aversion which is attached by society to major accidents or dread consequences, e.g. cancer.


There's been a nuclear accident , savvy?

On April 26, 1986, a nuclear accident occurred at Chernobyl in the Soviet Union.

By contrast, the chances of a major nuclear accident resulting in 100 fatal cancers was set at one in a million.

Likewise, the scare associated with the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island was blown out of proportion.

As had happened in previous nuclear accidents , the operators misread the situation.

Life goes on, despite nuclear accidents and the collapse of the Soviet empire.

First and most significant is the possibility of some kind of nuclear war or accident that would destroy the human race.


But it could mean the difference between financial security and financial disaster for you and your family should a serious accident strike.

The reason is that serious accidents are so infrequent, safety experts said.

According to a report commissioned by Greenpeace, a serious accident could occur.

He invented a serious accident for his wife as an excuse not to see Eleanor for a while.

Subsequently, a serious accident at the company's water-theme park in Surrey had a detrimental effect on its public profile.

But a serious accident can cause far more than purely physical damage.

But serious accidents can and do happen every day of the year.


Many more tragic and fatal accidents have occurred there.

The jury saw this case exactly as it is: It was a tragic accident , not a murder.

Was this the moment to ask about Emily's brother, Tom, and the tragic accident ?

I have no reason to believe at this time that this was anything more than a terribly tragic accident .

Coroner David Gibbons said he was satisfied that Mr Pollards death was was a tragic accident .

If that is acceptable, why not create a clone of a child who was lost in a tragic accident ?

It's a very tragic accident .

The biggest incident in which he has been involved was tragic double fatal accident in which two young girls died.


He was called in at short notice due to the unfortunate motor accident involving Design Director, Bill Naysmith.

Since the unfortunate accident to your father, I have had the strangest presentiments concerning you, at times.

Although thousands of children are killed or injured each year in unfortunate accidents , something made this case special.

Last Friday's unfortunate accident left the club with no alternative.

It was a very unfortunate accident .



Look, no one wants to be involved in an auto accident .

In 1996, 345 people were killed in auto accidents in Nevada, up from 310 in 1995.

The auto accident is the most absurd of all adversary proceedings.

For this reason a number of states have adopted no-fault systems for settling personal injury claims arising from auto accidents .

Something like 40,000 people are killed in auto accidents every year.

This time it was Alderman Wagner, in an auto accident .

The auto accident occurred in 1986 and left her in a coma for three days with a ruptured aorta and damaged liver.


Killed last year in an automobile accident .

After an automobile accident , Sayegh, had the red truck repainted.

Case No. 8: 40 year-old woman sustained crushing compound fracture of two fingers in an automobile accident .

Her neck was broken in an automobile accident 13 years ago.

This young guy has an automobile accident - they take him to hospital - his wife breaks down and cries.

Von Halem is recovering from an automobile accident .


Louise Davies, 23, from Bootle, lost her son Peter in 1990 in a car accident .

She had no more car accidents .

Luke told me that she died in a car accident some time ago.

Their concert also honors late bassist and composer Sean Kelly Ball, who was killed in a car accident on February 28.

In that case the plaintiff had been involved in a car accident .

Others noted that his mental condition had deteriorated two years ago, when he was in a serious car accident .

An obvious example would be a painting called Bald Eagle, made in 1955, one year before the car accident .

There had been two car accidents .


The Department of Transport's marine accident investigation branch has started an inquiry.

I expect shortly to receive reports from the marine accident investigation branch of a number of recent fishing vessel accidents.

There remain the specialists who look after the flight recorder side of aircraft accident investigation .

Air accident investigations will take months.

There are 30 courses dedicated to specific safety issues, such as handling portable gas cylinders, food hygiene and accident investigation procedures.

The truth is that aircraft accident investigation should be carried out in a completely impartial and objective manner.

The wreckage was then taken to the air accident investigation unit at Farnborough.


After all our lectures, they still don't think accident prevention applies to them.

A lax attitude to accident prevention can not be justified by the perennial excuses of financial hardships and pressure from high work-loads.


In recent years, the pedestrian accident rate for children has improved relative to that for adults.

There are so few accidents that comparing accident rates is not statistically valid.

Contractor recordable and lost time accident rates were also a fraction of the industry average.

But all of this may do little to dent the accident rate .

Mr Riley, for Bioplan, said the accident rate on Hollyhurst Road was lower than the national average.

But what we found was that that was the point when the accident rate began to go up.

So what are greater congestion, higher accident rates , and worse air pollution compared to the freedom to drive?

Blot said the upgrade has sliced Harrier accident rates in half.


The accident reports had been kept secret.

Photographs, a sketch plan and any police accident report book are receivable in evidence at trial.

Study the airline accident reports and you will realise the truth of this.

But from now on, whenever I read an accident report , I shall be slightly less blasé.

Health and safety Executive's five year fatal accident report gives rise for concern.


Death crash: A man died last night following a road accident between Brompton and Darlington.

One in seven road accidents is caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

It is estimated that there are 6.5 to 8.5 million pavement accidents perannum, many more than road accidents.

Normally you see these kinds of injuries with victims of road accidents .

Rose lost the use of her legs in a road accident 15 years ago.

In 1990, 13 people were killed and 922 injured in 739 road accidents .

A total of nine hundred and thirty eight road accidents happened between January and June.


Of those calls, 16 were to road traffic accidents and of that 16 the longest response time was 18 minutes.

Their young son had been injured seriously in a terrible traffic accident .

S., for example, there are 1, 844, 000 alcohol-related traffic accidents a year.

Fifty two people died in traffic accidents in the first eight months of this year on the roads of Merseyside.

And the second story that night was all about a one-car traffic accident , with sketchy details about injuries.

Consider the problems of traffic accidents more closely.

Emergency admissions as a result of road traffic accidents or falls on icy pavements can not be arranged.


He had seen similar symptoms before on road accident victims .

At Advanced Tissue, research has focused on replacement parts for accident victims or other patients.

It's a message echoed by doctors and accident victims alike, as Kim Barnes reports.

The Cosbys are getting a dose of what families of homicide and fatal accident victims get routinely.

Psychological counselling may help accident victims like Richard Eaton cope better with the flashbacks.

Outside, a small but determined lobby of supporters, including the first accident victim to be saved by the air ambulance.

It features actress Denise Douglas, 18, as a hideously injured road accident victim .

The previous transplants had come from accident victims and were rejected within days.



They're warning that overloaded vehicles are dangerous and can cause serious accidents .

However, its only motion is to rotate, so it can hardly have caused the accident .

Daytime drowsiness and associated sleep disorders can affect the quality of your life and can cause accidents , especially among drivers.

They caused lethal accidents , made noises at the wrong time, and froze when action was required.

In fact I cause a car accident by obstructing some one's driveway.

Human deaths from snake bites are caused mainly by accident .

Scooter Hire Most holiday injuries we see are caused by scooter accidents .

Loss or damage caused by accidents is not generally included, though you may be able to claim under some other section.


A 47-year-old man died after an accident involving a 17-ton loading shovel at the Redland Aggregates site at Barham.

On February 11, 1988, their eldest child, Nicky, died in a motorcycle accident .

Perhaps, in an exceptional year, several might, or a few may replace brothers or sisters who die by accident .

His father died in a hunting accident during the war.

And many more died from accidents .

A son had died in a highway accident and the other daughter lived in Califor-nia.

New Jersey passed a law requiring helmets for scooter riders after a 6-year-old died following an accident .


The end of the Mille Miglia came in 1957, following an accident which resulted in the loss of 13 lives.

Death crash: A man died last night following a road accident between Brompton and Darlington.

Repairs Please contact us following any accident damage to your caravan.

A much smaller increase in premium where you loose your no claims bonus following an accident than with most other insurers.

We will also insure you in the same way following an accident involving any trailer while attached to your motor cycle.

She has needed four brain operations following the accident on the town's Berwick Hills estate.

It was Friday morning, following the accident .


That this should happen is no accident according to Modigliani and Miller.

Such communities do not happen by accident .

In most cases, what happened was an accident .

It does not happen by accident .

If it had happened in a car accident and had been some one else's fault, perhaps I would've been bitter.

Herbert 92X refused to accept a plea bargain, since he regarded what had happened as an accident .


No one was injured in the accident on the A684 at Scruton crossroads.

More children are killed or seriously injured by vehicle accidents and being unrestrained than any other childhood accident that can be prevented.

Time allowed 00:22 Read in studio Four people have been injured in an accident in thick fog.

Schumacher was not injured in the accident and climbed out of the cockpit unassisted.

In 1990, 13 people were killed and 922 injured in 739 road accidents .

The plaintiff's husband was injured in an accident at work.

The aunt, possibly, of a girl who had been injured in the accident .

The two-year-old tabby was horrifically injured in a road accident .


Women hurt: Two women were taken to hospital after their car was involved in an accident in Easington Road, Hartlepool.

Mark John Haugo was involved in a near-fatal accident in 1990 that has left him handicapped.

He could have been involved in an accident .

Look, no one wants to be involved in an auto accident .

A van driver involved in the accident has been charged with causing death by careless driving.

Michelle Howard has spent her legal career helping clients involved in medical accidents .

Bicycle riders are exposed and vulnerable, and when they are involved in accidents their machines give them virtually no protection.

The vehicle was involved in an accident in which the plaintiff's van was damaged.


There is a one-in-328 chance of an employee being killed in accident while working on the nation's farms.

Their concert also honors late bassist and composer Sean Kelly Ball, who was killed in a car accident on February 28.

For he was not killed in a car accident .

Brad Joss, civil engineer, killed in a vehicle accident in Sonoma County on Jan. 4, 1994.

Her 32-year-old partner, Nas, was killed in a motorcycle accident on 10 July, 1998.

They were two of three snowboarders killed in accidents in the Lake Tahoe area in just one week.

I mean, a whopping 82 per cent of people who were killed in car accidents had not been smoking cannabis.


This will mentioned a child that would be born later; this was Oliver, the child you met later by accident .

Ian Barnes, Jessie's cousin, had also gone to Social Services that day and they met by accident .

And the girl comes to see me - has been comin' ever since I met with the accident last year.

You're going to meet with an accident , Mr Chan, and so is your son.

Occasionally we would meet by accident in the corridor or at a bend in the stairs or out in the street.

But I met one girl by accident when I walked into the hostel one night and she was visiting another girl there.

Was it in there that she met with her accident ?


Many more tragic and fatal accidents have occurred there.

She had been sitting in the first row near center ice Wednesday night when the accident occurred .

These refer to victims of road accidents occurring throughout Lothian and not necessarily in the eligible areas themselves.

When an accident occurs , the county comes along the next day and grades the road.

According to a report commissioned by Greenpeace, a serious accident could occur .

On April 26, 1986, a nuclear accident occurred at Chernobyl in the Soviet Union.

With the end of the season in sight it is always worthwhile looking at the trends in diving accidents that have occurred .

The accident occurred Saturday on a little-used mountain road full of dangerous curves.


Now safety experts are targetting hundreds of companies to prevent accidents and deaths in the workplace.

Air bags are 100 % effective in preventing injuries due to accidents .

Obviously knowledge as well as self-discipline is necessary to prevent accidents and maintain a safe environment.

Caltrans officials say the project will help prevent passing-related accidents on the two-lane mountain road.

Planning does not prevent useful accidents .

To prevent any such accident , the king ordered that no flax or hemp should ever come into his castle.

But this small orange box produced by a Thame company could help prevent such accidents in the future.


It was expected that identifying and resurfacing slippery roads would reduce skidding accidents by 1800 a year.

But the farm did make some changes in picking practices to reduce accidents .

He said the buses would cut air pollution and reduce sheep deaths from accidents with cars.

And the question of efficiency, whether imposing such liability would reduce accidents or contribute to a more efficient use of resources.

One of the aims of this proposal would be to reduce the number of accidents at work involving young people.

We believe we can reduce accidents by using this equipment.

The commercial incentive to reduce minor incidents therefore goes hand in hand with incentives to reduce major accidents .


a chapter of accidents

Such a chapter of accidents, however ridiculous in modern eyes, epitomised a genuinely important aspect of international relations.

The problem with Darwin's theory was that it reduced evolution to a chapter of accidents.

meet with an accident

You're going to meet with an accident, Mr Chan, and so is your son.


As usual, the fog and icy roads had led to several very nasty accidents.

Both her parents had been killed in a car accident .

Brussels airport was closed today after an accident on the runway.

His best friend was killed in a skiing accident .

I'm really sorry about breaking your camera - it was an accident .

I only met her again through a fortunate accident .

It is no accident that most of the country's outstanding public schools are in wealthy communities.

Men have twice as many fatal accidents as women do for every mile they drive.

Most serious accidents in the home involve electrical equipment or hot liquids.

Robert had an accident in the lab. He was opening a bottle of acid and he spilt some on his hands.

She has been in almost constant pain since her accident .

She was in an automobile accident , but she's not seriously hurt.

Teenage boys tend to drive wildly and often have accidents.

The accident happened on Interstate 84, during the evening rush hour.

The number of fatal accidents in the construction industry has dropped dramatically in recent years.


A 47-year-old man died after an accident involving a 17-ton loading shovel at the Redland Aggregates site at Barham.

Homicide is 28 times greater and car accidents are 45 ti mes greater.

Improvements in technology do not come by accident .

My parents had died when I was five, in a freak car accident .

Sometimes when he was playing in the house, he would bump into his father by accident .

The data for risk ratings and accident estimates were considered separately and are plotted in Figures 4.1 and 4.2 respectively.

Voters rejected measures to ban most lawsuits resulting from car accidents, limit shareholder lawsuits and slash lawyers' contingency fees.

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