Meaning of ACCIDENT in English


/ ˈæksɪdənt; NAmE / noun


[ C ] an unpleasant event, especially in a vehicle, that happens unexpectedly and causes injury or damage :

a car / road / traffic accident

He was killed in an accident .

One in seven accidents is caused by sleepy drivers.

The accident happened at 3 p.m.

to have an accident

a serious / minor accident

a fatal accident (= in which sb is killed)

accidents in the home

a climbing / riding accident

Take out accident insurance before you go on your trip.

I didn't mean to break it— it was an accident .


[ C , U ] something that happens unexpectedly and is not planned in advance :

Their early arrival was just an accident.

It is no accident that men fill most of the top jobs in nursing.

an accident of birth / fate / history (= describing facts and events that are due to chance or circumstances)

➡ note at luck


- accidents will happen

- by accident

—more at chapter , wait verb



late Middle English (in the general sense an event ): via Old French from Latin accident- happening, from the verb accidere , from ad- towards, to + cadere to fall.

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