Meaning of AGGREGATE in English

I. noun


From the combined results Thomas's group estimated an average particle size of 100 for the copper metal aggregates.

From this point of view society is an aggregate of such activities; social order is negotiated order.

In quite dreadful weather conditions Cook put together rounds of 75-80-71-69 for an aggregate of 295.

It imposed fines totalling £328,500 on 105 solicitors, compared with 76 solicitors fined an aggregate of £216,000 the year before.

The above studies have attempted to assess the presence of circulating platelet aggregates.

The business population Businesses constitute the second major aggregate of the private sector.

They lost one-nil at Swansea last night, but qualify three-one on aggregate .

Water-based Stronghold smooth, and Stronghold textured masonry paint, reinforced with rock aggregate for extra durability.

II. adjective




The aggregate amount paid out under these schemes may be limited to an amount specified in the regulations.


The model on which this claim is based has been extensively tested in the United States using aggregate data .

Previous research into the response of domestic energy expenditure to changing prices has concentrated almost entirely on the use of aggregate data .

The extension of the method to aggregate data on nation states will certainly follow, but will involve more complicated techniques.


What are the determinants of aggregate demand ?

Condition 1 Equilibrium in the goods market requires that aggregate demand should equal national income.

What is the relationship between money supply and aggregate demand ?

How responsive is it to changes in aggregate demand ?

And he measures the unpredictability of aggregate demand in the ith country by the variance of.

Changes in money supply affect aggregate demand in three stages: 1.

With a steep L curve and a shallow I curve, the effect on aggregate demand will be much greater.

Thus if it is aggregate demand that requires controlling, monetary policy is a poor weapon to do this.


In contrast the epidemiologist views the surgeon's patients at the aggregate level as clusters of variables.

The effect of these changes on port performance is difficult to determine - at least at the aggregate level .

In this chapter, we have outlined the main theories which seek to explain the aggregate levels of consumption and investment.

This means that average and aggregate levels of measured consumption must equal permanent consumption.


Inpart it is directed at particular features of the standard treatment - notably the assumption of an aggregate production function.

The lower left-hand graph is the short-run aggregate production function and the lower right-hand graph illustrates the economy's labour market.


In the extreme case where the aggregate supply curve is vertical, the increased money supply will simply lead to higher prices.

The aggregate supply curve slope can be explained along rational expectations lines due to misperceptions of prices.

Nevertheless there is one area in which the Keynesian model leaves much to be desired in its treatment of aggregate supply .

Conventional econometric models typically treat aggregate supply only scantily.

The other part of the debate focuses on aggregate supply .

What is the shape of the aggregate supply curve?

What are the determinants of aggregate supply ?

Can the government influence aggregate supply , and how?


aggregate income and investment


And at that level of implementation, the aggregate benefits to the enterprise start to become very apparent.

But the important thing is the aggregate evidence, which is very conclusive.

But what happens to the real wage rate following a fall in aggregate demand?

Electronics accounted for 21 percent of aggregate manufacturing employment in 1991, against only 7 percent in 1981.

It thus tackles head on the problem of excess or deficient aggregate demand.

Nevertheless there is one area in which the Keynesian model leaves much to be desired in its treatment of aggregate supply.

What are the determinants of aggregate supply?

When they go on sick leave, their aggregate take-home pay is actually higher than when they are on the job.

III. verb


Sheila's earnings from all sources aggregated $100,000.

We made estimates using the aggregated data.


Additionally, for the last five years a history is kept aggregating the number of days absence by type of absence.

Both power and wealth aggregate within the affluent class.

Figures such as these are not particularly meaningful because the information is highly aggregated.

Individual scores were then aggregated to derive shift, department, division, and plant totals.

The data were then aggregated for the calendar year 1991. 2.

They aggregate the demands of citizens and communicate these to government officials.

This hierarchy provides the framework upon which textual units are dynamically aggregated to satisfy varying user requirements.

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