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Osaka has fought back with a splurge of infrastructure projects, most notably a new international airport perched upon a man-made island.

During his campaign, La Madrid has called for construction of an international airport somewhere in East County.

Rocket fire closed the international airport on two occasions at the end of the month.

B.A.A. The world's leading international airport group.

The aircraft have been held for a week because Paramount owes Bristol and Birmingham International airports £1.7million.

By late that night, two of those staffers were at Baghdad International airport .


Reducing congestion around major airports would also cut emissions.

They will be asking themselves whether a major airport near them is a good thing or not.

An additional factor was Bangalore airport's lack of the instrument landing system in operation at most major airports to facilitate landings.

It is not worth driving yourself to the major airports in the United Kingdom.

The three major airports in the Washington region were shut down until it was clear which one the plane was heading for.

Otherwise adopt the standard procedure given in Air Pilot, and any special procedure that may be required at certain major airports .


A new airport may still threaten many bird species.

A 1990 federal law bars local governments from prohibiting late-night and early-morning departures at a new airport without Federal Aviation Administration approval.

She handles it like a sophisticated traveller unthreatened by a new airport .

The best example is the four new airports that have been, or are being, built in the Hong Kong area.

The new airport was to be built at Chek Lap Kok, a largely uninhabited island north of Lantau island.

Two national magazines, Forbes and Newsweek, have all but predicted its new airport will flop.

In Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, private money is also being used to help build new airports .

Well, I daresay you thought I'd come unstuck, when the new airport wasn't built.



A boat is a boat not an airport hotel .

When they got back the airport hotel seemed like home but his money was running out.


Every time I went through an airport security system it was me they took apart.

And the federal government already has taken steps to increase airport security nationwide in the months ahead.

One had failed to penetrate airport security at Budapest, got himself arrested and deported.



They arrived at the airport in the morning.

Of course, you might have to arrive at the airport six hours before flight time.

We arrived at Corfu airport later in the afternoon.

She arrives at the airport without any documents.

They arrived at the airport , and were rushed on to the 747 to Hong Kong.

As the bus arrived at the airport a shooting brake drew up and a party of nuns got out of it.

An hour later they arrived at the airport .

It was clear when we arrived at Heathrow airport that security was very tight.


Even when permission is granted, building airports is expensive and can be risky, whoever is paying.

If San Diego builds a new regional airport , Lindbergh Field will be history.

Mainland interests had a 50 percent stake in building the new airport .

Until recently they included plans to build a second airport .

In September 1927 he returned here a hero and urged San Diego to build the airport , already named for him.

In Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, private money is also being used to help build new airports .

One complication is that permission to build or expand an airport is almost always politically sensitive.


Between 6,000 and 12,000 tons of ash were sent into the atmosphere, closing airports and causing respiratory disease.

Apart from residents close to airports , no one much.

The smoke this produced was so dense that it closed airports and smothered half the country.


I fill the bus and I drive it to the airport .

During most years, more people are killed driving to or from airports .

My mum and dad drove us to the airport in the torrential rain and wind.

For information on alternatives to driving to the airport , call 1-800-736-2008.

She might just as well have been driven to the airport by taxi, Jenna mourned.

I will drive you to the airport .

The cabbie, who drove us from the airport to our hotel, had spent some time in Oxford and London.

I left our house at 5.30am on Wednesday, the day of the game, and drove to Leeds airport .


He merely flew into the airport , where the military rescue operation was being organized.

Only 167 people flew out of the airport .

She shivered as the helicopter flew them towards the airport , once more totally oblivious of her surroundings.

Felipe flew Mitch to the airport in the afternoon and there was thunder in the air in more ways than one.

After flying into a military airport in a private jet, he went to ground.

Most of the royals will leave tonight, flying home from Aberdeen airport .


We have to land at another airport before we finish our journey.

Not only did Bushika become lost, he flew completely off the official map to land at Budapest international airport .


He called on me at the apartment a few hours before I left for the airport .

Thousands have been left without power while airports in New York and many roads have been closed and railways have been disrupted.

Then they cry when you leave for the airport .

With a police escort, the family left for the airport on their way to California.

Gen Musharraf left for Agra airport shortly before midnight after spending an hour with Mr Vajpayee before departing.

Would you like something before you leave for the airport ?

She hadn't seen Travis since leaving the airport .

Just as he was about to leave for the airport , his phone rang.


He was met at the airport .

I shared a taxicab with the Stephens College student and her roommate, who had come to meet her at the airport .

I play a film over and over again in my mind of me meeting you at the airport .

Three professors from the University of the Ryukyus meet me at the airport and drive me around the island.

Mann, however, did meet Singh at Ludhiana airport .

And dragged me out to meet you at the airport .

Next day, Rachel met Jenny at the airport .

Jimmy Frew was there to meet me at the airport .


Newark International Airport


Air fare is not included to the airport in Burlington.

And the bird's standard evasive tactic is ill-suited to the airport .

Because businesses were shut and airports were closed, the volume of mail was below normal, Groff said.

He begged permission to look inside it, which the airport authorities granted, knowing that he could neither fly nor navigate.

I will drive you to the airport .

The month's first action on arriving in Britain was to rush her child to the airport doctor.

Tours, very much recommended, can be arranged at either airport .

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