Meaning of ALERT in English


I. adjective


be (put/placed) on red alert

All the hospitals are on red alert.

put/place sb on high alert

Troops were put on high alert.

red alert

All the hospitals are on red alert.




When I come away from working with Slatkin I always feel more mentally alert than when I started.

Bernhardt stated that she continued to sculpt into old age to remain mentally alert .

This applies both to the mentally alert and the mentally confused.

I felt stimulated - mentally alert , talkative and sociable.


an alert driver

Passengers should try to stay alert at all times, and report any suspicious packages to the police immediately.

She owes her life to an alert farmer, who spotted her car in a ditch and called the emergency services.

The medicine can make it difficult to remain alert .


Being aware of this, you will be alert and attentive to meaning.

But working in this sort of hospital you are always aware of the potential and you have to be alert .

Even many of the civilians in Charleston, which lay three miles across the bay from Sumter, were alert and anxious.

For a compulsively pensive person, to be fully alert but free of thought is a form of ecstasy....

He listens with an alert , humorless expression.

The men sit up, alert .

The second effort was another wonderfully alert piece of rugby.

II. verb




Such arguments naturally alerted the authorities to the possible threat posed by such an organization.

If nothing was heard from us, then the shore station would alert the rescue authorities .

Be sure to alert the local planning authority , which may not be aware of the subtleties of the legislation.

Vesey hoped to seize Charleston in 1822, but a conspirator alerted the authorities , who disrupted the plot.


Could she alert him to her danger ?

Chital are extremely wary animals that alert each other to danger with a whistling call.

It has a range of sounds and frequencies to alert other monkeys to danger .

So my conclusion is that we blanked due to a combination of the bream being well fed and very alert to danger .


Continual clashes of this type should alert parents to the fact that this approach is not useful with their child.

This unusual property is what first alerted researchers to the fact that a core exists at the center of our earth.

Moreover, it alerts us to the fact that short-sighted tactics may thwart the overall strategy.

Worse, nothing in the data itself would alert us to this fact .


Simmons has so many irons in the fire some one should alert 911.


Then he ran to his car and drove five miles to alert police and park rangers.

The sensors alerted police within seconds and, in some instances, placed the gunshots within 20 feet of their origin.

Last summer she alerted police after Stephen Davison went missing.

The wireless remote receiver also can be connected to your home security system to alert the police .

Police and airport alerted . 18.45 First police and firemen arrive.

A passer-by spotted an abandoned plastic bag and alerted police .

Workmen alerted police after noticing a red car apparently abandoned in the quarry on the Horseshoe Pass between Llangollen and Ruthin.

One or two commuters alerted police on their cellular phones.


Music publishing companies are always alert to the possibility of signing new songwriting talent.

Children who are very passive and uncommunicative should alert us to the possibility that problems exist in the life of the family.

However, the teacher was still alert to the possibility that some children might use collaboration as a cover.


The jury's note should have alerted the judge to problems that might occur.

Again, the viewfinder image will alert you to the problem by showing you how the camcorder is seeing the scene.

Schools need to be constantly alert to this problem .


high alert

Early in the war Soviet southern troops were put on high alert.


a poster campaign to alert people to the disease

Drivers are being alerted that an escaped prisoner has been seen hitch-hiking on the road to Frankfurt.

One fireman alerted the residents and helped them to safety.

When he realized that one engine was not working, the pilot alerted air traffic control.


But it was really quite useful, since it alerted his audience to stand by for something unexpected.

Echoes of the signal alert them to possible prey, at ranges up to 80-90 metres in shallow waters.

Some authors have suggested that the clicks are made to alert other cats to the presence of the prey.

The perimeter was alerted, and most were awake.

The sensors alerted police within seconds and, in some instances, placed the gunshots within 20 feet of their origin.

When we find kids circumventing them, we alert our members and try to get the information out as quickly as possible.

III. noun




Coastguards ordered a full emergency alert as the vessel drifted away from the Amoco rig 120 miles east of Aberdeen.

I remember it was a night drive, and everybody was on full alert .

Does it need 7,000 nuclear weapons on full alert , and three weapons laboratories?

Not all defences need be kept at full alert at every moment.


Time allowed 04:56 Read in studio A red flood alert has been issued tonight for one of the region's rivers.

It was the normal state of red alert , panic, and disarray in the Bronx County Building.

Frank had to leave-he'd burnt so many bridges Blue Watch were on red alert .

If we bypass the decision we simply move into autopilot and the red alert comes into play.

Several Devon roads were closed with the Otter and Dart rivers on red flood alert .

The National Health Service was put on red alert .



Several families were evacuated from their homes in Ulster last night after a bomb alert .


The overnight explosion not only destroyed the chapel but also sparked a security alert in Dartmouth, Devon.

Postal facilities and other government offices around the country were warned of the attempted bombings, and were put on security alert .

Voice over Elsewhere investigations are continuing into a separate security alert in Gloucester City Centre yesterday.

His arrest followed a major security alert before a visit by the Prime Minister.

His appearance follows a security alert in Oxford last night.

Read in studio A city centre is still sealed off following a security alert earlier this afternoon.

The security alert , involving five hundred people, cost ten thousand pounds.


a smog alert


Because of the potential seriousness of the incident, a site alert was announced.

But there is manipulation in these alerts.

He lists a handful of false virus alerts and urban myths.

If we bypass the decision we simply move into autopilot and the red alert comes into play.

Read in studio A city centre is still sealed off following a security alert earlier this afternoon.

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