Meaning of ALERT in English


I. əˈlərt, -ə̄t, -əit, usu -d.+V adjective

( sometimes -er/-est )

Etymology: Italian all'erta on the watch, literally, on the ascent


a. : marked by careful zealous watchfulness and promptness to counter threats and dangers and to cope with emergencies

silent and alert , like a sentinel on duty — J.G.Frazer

the alert Washington who guided Braddock's army — Allan Nevins & H.S.Commager

b. : marked by ready perception and recognition and by promptness in perceiving, evaluating, or responding

alert to the script's theatrical possibilities — John Mason Brown

alert to urge favorable legislation by Congress — Louis Pelzer

2. : marked by ready activity, brisk liveliness, or quick reactions

an alert birdlike movement — Ellen Glasgow

light, alert step and a certain gamesome assurance of manner — G.B.Shaw

Synonyms: see intelligent , watchful

II. noun

( -s )


a. : an alarm or other signal to warn of danger (as from hostile aircraft or a violent storm)

b. : the period during which an alert is in effect

2. : the state of readiness of those warned by an alert

sirens brought the whole street to the alert

— see blue alert , red alert , white alert , yellow alert

- on the alert

III. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb

1. : to call to a state of readiness: as

a. : to make watchful : put on guard : warn

hurricane warning systems for alerting island residents

vigilantes who could alert each community to the threatened danger — Atlantic

especially : to call to a state of readiness for an air raid

sirens alerting the cities long before the bombers arrived

b. : to give warning or notice to (as troops or their commanders) to prepare for movement or action

alerted the division for shipment overseas

2. : to make clearly perceptive to or aware of : awaken , arouse

alerted a community to the need for better schools

a matter of alerting teachers to their responsibility — Educational Leadership

intransitive verb

: to give a warning signal especially in the presence of an enemy — used chiefly of dogs employed in scouting

after proceeding several hundred yards … the patrol's scout dog alerted

dogs alert on all human beings, not the enemy alone — Infantry Journal

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