Meaning of ARRIVAL in English






In use To start with, the Dimension was dead on arrival .

An ambulance took her to hospital in Abertillery, Gwent, but she was dead on arrival .

Like Gelsomina, Zampano is largely dead on arrival .

Kelly, who was in her early 20s, was airlifted to hospital with multiple stab wounds but was dead on arrival .

But she was dead on arrival at hospital.

He was pronounced dead on arrival at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

He had bruising around the eyes, and they arrested the parents because he was dead on arrival at the hospital.


The Langney bird may possibly have been a very early spring arrival .

And almost alone among the early Hmong arrivals , he could see that storm signals lay ahead.

I've just been to see one of our early arrivals in his cabin.

A positive deviation indicates an early arrival and a negative deviation indicates a late arrival.


It was simply the imminent arrival of Charlotte.

Victorian damsels madly anticipate his imminent arrival .

Sara went about her business, more troubled than ever about Jenny's imminent arrival .

That night I couldn't close my eyes, the slightest creaking of the furniture announcing the imminent arrival of the undead.


Pine stumps on Lewis date from 4800 - 3900 B.P., suggesting that pine was a late arrival there.

Continue your journey south for a late arrival at your hotel accommodation.

Now Raymond Campbell is set to become the latest arrival .

Severiano Ballesteros was disqualified for late arrival on the 1st tee.

The latest arrival , Pixie the 8 week old puppy.

The sun, as if ashamed of its late arrival , shone its hardest and hottest.

I am sorry about the late arrival of our response which is partly due the time involved in consulting member organisations.

You may wish to time the cake cutting and speeches so that later arrivals can enjoy them.


However, the new minister on arrival soon found that he was faced with a seemingly impossible task.

Conversion to this perspective represented a transition point in the socialization of new arrivals .

The baby Eagles are sharing the incubation room with some other new arrivals .

John made a speech welcoming the new arrivals .

The Blairs insist the new arrival will not be exploited for political ends.

To ensure a comfortable, homey environment, always greet new arrivals by name and ask how they are feeling.

The high motivation, skills and adaptability of the new arrivals create social tensions that will be expressed in economic jealousy.


They are recent arrivals , for the whole country was covered by ice until a few thousand years ago.

The recent arrivals were not in uniform, but were all armed and presented a fierce aspect.

The Deputy Under Secretary was a recent arrival at Century.

Aluminium Unlike lead, aluminium is a relatively recent arrival in the pollution debate.



And now, due to popular demand, we can announce the arrival of the Megadisk!

That night I couldn't close my eyes, the slightest creaking of the furniture announcing the imminent arrival of the undead.

On passing under the building a cacophony of kettle drums and trumpets would once have announced the arrival of any important visitor.

Then I would announce my arrival to the university authorities.

Worn-out truck tyres stacked in heaps announce the arrival in the village of the industrial era.

Clearly his first task was to call on him and announce his arrival .


In the play s celebrated central act they get riotously tipsy as they await the nocturnal arrival of the Gallic Romeo.

Senior courtiers went to await the arrival of the train at the capital.

Alan Watkins, who was awaiting the arrival of the Chancellor himself, gave Amaranth his approving eye.

So when he prophesies a shiner, I await its certain arrival ....

I saw the Manor at Welshpool where a Class 37 and its passengers awaited its arrival .

I am like a shipwrecked survivor holding fast to the debris, awaiting the arrival of the scheduled liner.

Two very new and raw advisers were awaiting the arrival of Mr Rocke.

Therese of Lisieux arrived right on schedule at the city's main Catholic seminary yesterday morning, where hundreds awaited the arrival .


But that would be perfectly possible without delaying Mrs. Bidwell's arrival .

Due to his delayed arrival , Chun himself escaped injury.


This usually happened after lunch on the day following their arrival .

Military flights follow a banked arrival path that avoids residential areas.

Elizabeth Mowbray was delighted by the marked change in her daughter that followed Joan's arrival .

She says her dismissal followed the arrival of Peter Hughes, who became high commissioner in January 1998.

Detained Numbers of refugees seeking asylum in the United Kingdom are held in detention for long periods following their arrival .

William of Orange, following his arrival in London, called a Parliament for 1st.


Scant public attention has greeted the arrival of the children.

After picking up their baggage, they were greeted in the arrivals hall by excited parents.

To ensure a comfortable, homey environment, always greet new arrivals by name and ask how they are feeling.

Roker, Tom, turnkey who greets Pickwick on his arrival at the Fleet, and finds him accommodation.

In such a case, I would greet the group upon arrival at the hotel or the airport.

The staff who had greeted her arrival with such scepticism were sad to see her go.

Bradshaw rather unwisely greeted McLean's arrival in the ring by nutting him.


But a great noise outside heralds the arrival of the Liberation Army.

A hacking cough from the porch heralded the arrival of Nancy Little and the Doctor.

A blast of superheated rock fragments heralded the Doctor's arrival into a huge circular chamber.

Jennifer already knew that such a meeting nearly always heralded the arrival of a secret visitor - usually a priest.


Ateneo Honeymoon and silver anniversary couples staying 5 nights or more receive dinner on arrival and a complimentary gondola ride.

In Sao Paulo three other zoos have created penguin aquariums to receive the new arrivals .


Success hinged on timing their arrival just as the last fat slice of sun slid below the horizon.

During the 1987 election we set a carefully timed an organised arrival at a particular airport.

He had timed their arrival for early evening with few people around.

He had timed his arrival for shortly after midday in the hope that lunchtime would find the staff free of commitments.

We had timed our arrival well as the local Highland Games took place the next day.

In fact, I saw from the station clock that I had timed my arrival just about perfectly.


Reg apparently came most Sunday afternoons to help welcome the anxious new arrivals .

John made a speech welcoming the new arrivals .

The boy had the distinct impression he was about to meet some one who would welcome his arrival .


new arrival

And there is the intriguing possibility of a new arrival next season - Joe Montana.

For the media, interferon was a glamorous new arrival on the pharmaceutical scene.

Hall gives a funny and moving account of the misfit schoolchild latching on to the new arrival.

He'd noted that Howard had clammed up as the new arrival appeared.

Mulholland had been saying that the city had surplus water sufficient for only ten thousand new arrivals.

The baby Eagles are sharing the incubation room with some other new arrivals.

The sound of hysterical laughter swept through the new arrivals as they looked at each other.

With the birth less than six weeks away, Jacqui is juggling a hectic schedule between work and planning for the new arrival.

safe journey/arrival/return etc

And he adds his personal guarantee of company and protection, with the assurance of eventual safe return.

Birdland is now offering a reward for the safe return of the birds and the conviction of the thieves.

He wishes you to have not merely a safe journey, but an aesthetically pleasing one.

Meanwhile, the Spartan observers were politely detained, pending the ambassadors' safe return.

The Everqueen herself gifted him with a heart-shaped broach which she had woven with enchantments for his safe return.

Travellers would offer them bread and milk to be sure of a safe journey.

Worse, really, because with ageing there's not the least possibility of a safe return.


Congratulations on your new arrival !

Joe's sudden arrival spoiled all our plans.

Let me know the date and time of your arrival .

On arrival in Addis Ababa please report to the Ministry of Education.

Porter spoke to reporters shortly after his arrival .

She was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival .

The arrival of Flight 227 was delayed by two hours.

The show begins with the arrival of the Europeans in the New World.

TV crews from around the world filmed President Mandela's arrival at the airport.


From his arrival , Greenhill caused dissension at Smith Barney.

On Reeve's arrival he did take charge.

Sara went about her business, more troubled than ever about Jenny's imminent arrival .

The arrival of the census form routinely sparks a bad-tempered debate about intrusiveness and unreasonable authority.

The bustle of passport control and customs clearance over, father and daughter emerged into the pristine arrivals lounge.

The first dropout occurred within a month after arrival .

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