Meaning of ARRIVAL in English


ar ‧ riv ‧ al W3 /əˈraɪv ə l/ BrE AmE noun

1 . [uncountable and countable] when someone or something arrives somewhere OPP departure :

Only the timely arrival of the police prevented the situation from becoming worse.

Traffic problems account for one third of late arrivals.

arrival at/in

Shortly after our arrival in London, Lisa was attacked.

on arrival

A deposit is payable on arrival (=when you arrive) .

2 . the arrival of something

a) the time when a new idea, product etc is first used or discovered:

The demand for phone numbers has increased since the arrival of mobile phones.

b) the time when an event or period of time starts to happen:

The arrival of winter can make many people feel depressed.

3 . [countable] someone who has just arrived in a place:

New arrivals were greeted with suspicion.

Late arrivals will not be admitted to the theatre.

4 . arrivals the place at an airport where people arrive when they get off a plane:

the arrivals lounge

5 . new arrival a baby who has just been born

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