Meaning of ARRIVAL in English


/ əˈraɪvl; NAmE / noun


[ U , C ] an act of coming or being brought to a place :

Guests receive dinner on / upon arrival at the hotel.

We apologize for the late arrival of the train.

the arrival of the mail in the morning

daily arrivals of refugees

There are 120 arrivals and departures every day.

OPP departure


[ C ] a person or thing that comes to a place :

The first arrivals at the concert got the best seats.

early / late / new arrivals

We're expecting a new arrival (= a baby) in the family soon.


[ U ] the time when a new technology or idea is introduced :

the arrival of pay TV



late Middle English : from Anglo-Norman French arrivaille , from Old French arriver , based on Latin ad- to + ripa shore.

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