Meaning of BUCKET in English


I. noun


bucket seat

bucket shop

ice bucket

sweat like a pig/sweat buckets informal (= sweat a lot )

basketball players sweating buckets

weep buckets informal (= produce a lot of tears )

I didn’t know if she would get well, and I wept buckets every night.




It pays to have friendly neighbours or a large bucket at this stage.

In general, consecutive spill should be considered for low packing densities and/or very large bucket sizes.

This was most marked for large bucket sizes.

In this case the cylinder can be treated as a very large bucket .



Gouts of blood, on the bar towels, the ice bucket .

Just forget about anyone wheeling a linen-covered table into your room with plates, silverware, wine glasses and ice buckets .

There was an ice bucket in the middle and a bottle of chilled champagne.

She was counting silver ice buckets for the do.

What did she need ice buckets for?

He reaches for the ice bucket and starts pouring the champagne.


I now use a small plastic bucket to keep the worms and feed them on bread and milk.

The plastic buckets were slowly filled.

If the Palaeolithic stone axe is immediately succeeded in a section by a plastic bucket , then we must suspect a gap.

No flowers, no marble vases, just empty plastic buckets and washing-up bowls.

I couldn't go without my red plastic bucket , or rather three of them.

Harriet stood there in breeches and waxed jacket, holding a rope halter and a plastic bucket .

Robinson and Porter both retrieved the small plastic buckets from one corner of the cell and wandered out on to the landing.

He had asked for, and eventually been given, a plastic bucket of cold water and a sponge.


These are the colours of lines on Beck's map and also sometimes of station trims and new station bucket seats .

Sherman and Maria are sitting in their tan leather bucket seats staring right at them.

Even multimillionaires don't like getting blood all over their soft, beige leather bucket seats .


There is an art in quitting a bucket shop .

After all, Merrill Lynch is not a bucket shop .

Harvard dealers know more than their counterparts at newer bucket shops , and so have more choice of career direction.

Most would find their next jobs in similar bucket shops .

Oxford felt like a transatlantic liner in the age of bucket shops and cut-price charters.

Successful salesmen in bucket shops scorn weak or moralising colleagues, just as they do all the clients.

In contrast, the streetwise dealers require quicker money, and may end up in a bucket shop on the Continent.


Men who had emptied their slop buckets were returning to their cells.

There was a table and two wooden chairs at the far end by the slop buckets .

Clinton sat down beside the slop bucket and smiled at the two men.

So the bread was deposited in the slop bucket .

But not as sick as Vicky, who every morning now staggered up to retch helplessly into the slop bucket .

Robinson smiled as he lifted the plastic cover from the slop bucket to reveal a lump of excrement.


How far do you have to carry hay, bedding and water buckets ?

He caught a bee, sang, and pecked at the water bucket .

He stared at it for a second, then picked up a water bucket and threw it.

Sullen girls walked barefoot from the public spigot with water buckets balanced on their heads.



He brought her a silver bucket of ice cubes with the glimmer of a flourish.

Or just me bringing my night bucket into his cabin.

Her owner rushed to bring her a bucket of oats before she should become entangled in the fence once again.


A flash of white feathers in the field, and the old woman was carrying a bucket .

After the sweet juice is extracted, they carry it in wooden buckets on their heads to the next stage.

I had to make several trips every day, carrying one bucket on my head and another resting on my hip.

Every flush meant carrying a bucket of water up three flights of stairs.

Then suddenly Irina appeared carrying a bucket .

Water was carried in leather buckets from the spring along by the castle, a quarter of a mile down the track.


He'd dropped the bucket from the top of the ladder.

While the gulls look on, I select a few of the larger, livelier fish and drop them into my bucket .

I drop it into the bucket .


It was absolutely pouring down as though some one up top was emptying buckets .

Have been very bad, and can hardly get downstairs to empty the bucket and fetch more tea.

A tall woman leaned from a balcony and emptied a bucket of water over them.

Men who had emptied their slop buckets were returning to their cells.

She was still praying as she emptied the bucket over the logs.


I was like a thirsty man watching raindrops fill a bucket .

Each fills her bucket and comes to stand in a circle around me.

If Jamie Mitchell filled his rust bucket up with petrol, it'd double the value.

Puny filled the scrub bucket and went to work with her brush.

Or they may take advantage of visits to dischargers for other purposes to fill a sample bucket at the same time.


He stood in the door of the milking house, holding out the buckets for her to take.

A third held a bucket of holy water towards the priest.

At first, when Perdita held out the bucket , she was too frozen with fear to drink.

Willie held an empty bucket and a small bag, while Zach carried a basket and satchel.

Each of them held a small bucket .


Jinny was so startled that she nearly kicked the bucket over.

Sometimes we were, some-times the drunk soldiers laughed as they kicked over our buckets .

If Primrose was in a black mood she would like as not kick the bucket over.


He had crept unnoticed into the yard, stripped off and poured a bucket of water over his head.

They take turns; one pours a full bucket over my head like a waterfall.

She poured a little into the bucket .

Well, one day I sat down to play and found somebody had poured a bucket of sand into the piano.


George put down the bucket and strode over to her to give her a pat.

Or a guard will put a bucket on your head and whack it with a truncheon.


She liked the sizzling sound of the water as it hit the stones when some one threw it from the bucket .

Conrad Burns by throwing a five-gallon bucket of bison entrails on them during a public meeting.

Some still threw buckets of snow into the small flames that lived.

And customers at the Hutchinsons' shop have contributed more than £200 in loose change thrown into a collecting bucket on the counter.

He threw in a bucket of groundbait, a pint of maggots, and fished all night without a bite.


I now use a small plastic bucket to keep the worms and feed them on bread and milk.

We were afraid to use the buckets behind one of the partitions as we did during the air raids.

Instead, home records are located using the bucket index and overflow records via the home bucket and a tag.

Soak in a solution of acid cleaner. Use the waste bucket after emptying and cleaning. 2.

To rinse out the sponge, I simply use a bucket of water.

I use old wooden buckets and half-barrels with noble histories.

He would solve the problem of the lack of a lavatory by using a bucket in the unused part of the attic.

In the past, pearl fishing was often carried out by travelling people who used a glass-bottomed bucket to locate them.


I wept buckets , but it wasn't until later that I realized what had happened.

During a comical lesson on how to catch her man, Little Cog is told she must weep not buckets but spoons.

When a girl was caught stealing sugar from the kitchen she wept buckets at the telling off she received.


kick the bucket

When I kick the bucket you'll be able to live on my life insurance.

If Primrose was in a black mood she would like as not kick the bucket over.

Jinny was so startled that she nearly kicked the bucket over.


It pays to have friendly neighbours or a large bucket at this stage.

Most will walk home later, ashamed that their buckets are empty.

On one wall you see a projected image of a man bathing himself from an enameled bucket .

The bucket has teeth the size of a man, and room to park three stretch limos.

The steamy yellow gruel in the bucket splashed out on to the kitchen floor.

II. verb


As she was undressing it began to rain again, and soon it was bucketing down.

At times Rubberneck wept, shed, and for no apparent reason, bucketing tears in dreadful fits of sadness.

He bucketed across the fields and mounted the road at five-fifteen.

The metal body jumped and bucketed beneath her on the ruts.

Trent rode in first gear, headlight tunnelling into the forest gloom through which the rain bucketed.

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