Meaning of CHAMBER in English



chamber music (= classical music played by a small group of musicians )

a performance of Schumann’s chamber music

chamber music

chamber of commerce

chamber orchestra

chamber pot

combustion chamber

decompression chamber

gas chamber

star chamber




They provide chamber capacities from 50-125 litres with large stainless steel chambers in relation to their footprint.

Any large chamber had two, three, or even four entrances or exits.


In many areas such schemes are operated by the local chamber of commerce or residents' association.

Many local chambers of commerce are already taking a lead role in this process.

Open unemployment is now up to 20 %, according to the local chamber of commerce.

The small-business component of the local chambers of commerce affiliated with us is even more conspicuous.

Indeed there will be much rejoicing in schools, teaching union headquarters, and local education authority chambers .

The forums are organized by the Business Youth Exchange, an intermediary group associated with the local chamber of commerce.

These now hang, in grand gold frames, in the local council chamber .

Chamber of Commerce and Telcom Ventures, is rapidly assembling a federation of state and local chambers of commerce across the country.


Legislative power is vested in a bicameral Parliament, the lower chamber of which is popularly elected for up to five years.

But House leaders said the combined legislation includes language on abortion and other issues unacceptable to the lower chamber .

Between this furnace tunnel and the lower chamber was a perforated floor.

Of the 565 candidates running for 110 seats in the lower chamber , only 54 were not firm Lukashenko supporters.


In the sombre main chamber where most of his days were spent, there was no decoration, no contrasting texture.

Stone funerary beds are set on each side of the main chamber .

Due to its unusual structure, the bill will be considered in a committee of the whole House in the main chamber .

The main chamber was ten feet by fourteen.


He came from hearing vespers in his chapel, and shut himself early into his private chamber .


He walked round and round his small chamber , haranguing the walls.

What did some one look like squatting awkwardly on a small chamber pot.

Beuys controls the experience from the moment of entry to the large room through the passage to ever-\#smaller chambers .

Then they burrow deep into the still soft sand and excavate a small chamber .

Hollowed out mid-way was a small chamber which contained seven standing stones, now clamped to the walls with metal hoops.

The small chamber inside was brilliant with differing hues.

The huge fire roaring in the hall beyond the small entrance chamber warmed her not at all.

The pulse had gone from his small chambers .


Putin proposed stripping the regional leaders of their seats in the upper chamber of parliament.

Readers will recognize the Ktesibios floating valve as the predecessor to the floating ball in the upper chamber of the porcelain throne.

In the upper chamber were two individuals who, the excavator argues, certainly did not appear to have gone gently.

The proposal to establish an upper legislative chamber composed of the Matai was rejected in the referendum.

Her one concern was to reach the upper chamber without being seen.

Tabitha had died and her body laid out in an upper chamber .

Where else, she asked herself, than in the upper chamber which houses the princes!



The most ancient burial chambers consisted of huge stone slabs forming a chamber with entrances through which further corpses might be introduced.

What can we learn from twenty prehistoric burial chambers , which we call cists, and which have been uncovered up to now?

The earliest settlers left behind them a remarkable array of monuments: standing stones, burial chambers , villages and brochs.

There are numerous historic and archaeological sites to visit including the fascinating ancient burial chambers at Pentre Ifan, 20 miles away.

The strange standing stones, remnants of a burial chamber , are said to house an invisible living occupant - Wayland.

The remains of duns, brochs, stone circles, burial chambers and standing stones lie scattered throughout the island.


Another area of expertise is the repair of combustion chambers , used in both aviation and industrial gas turbines.

Those huge combustion chambers mean it's a challenge making the fuel burn efficiently.


In California all three candidates for governor have promised to keep the gas chamber busy.

The last to die was David Mason, who was sent to the gas chamber in August 1993.

The gas chamber , Maryland Penitentiary.

If some one had a wound, or looked too weak or too sick, they were selected for the gas chamber .

They knew Amelia was too skinny to avoid the gas chamber .

Whole families crowded into gas chambers , their clothing, gold fillings, and eyeglasses more valued than their lives.

Ronald Reagan appointee, was on the panel that unanimously upheld the gas chamber ban Wednesday.

It took him 11 years to get to the gas chamber , from the day he was convicted of five murders.


These can be related to rates of magma production versus differentiation by crystal fractionation within crustal magma chambers .

Its purpose is to gather sufficient information to answer questions about magma chambers in oceanic crust.

We envisage a convecting magma chamber of height H, cooled from above.

The temperature range covers typical values expected in magma chambers .

Instead it slowly froze in a magma chamber into a mush of coarse crystals.

The concepts of crystal settling and convection in magma chambers have a long history r2-6.

The mechanism allows for great variation and complexity in magma chamber sedimentation.


They have done so as part of a widely comprehensive output, ranging from chamber music to symphonies and opera.

With a sound financial base, the Friends have been able to go for stars in the chamber music circuit.

It's chamber music , to all intents and purposes, and they're receiving it like a home run.

If approximately $ 15, 000 can be raised, SummerFest will even unite modern dance and chamber music .

They are familiar with every branch of the music business, whether it is chamber music or anarchic rock.

I have an aunt who plays chamber music .

His is the only post-war body of symphonic and chamber music to achieve genuine popularity.

They played chamber music on the side.


He has played with all the major London symphony and chamber orchestras .

It is true that there are two solo players and equally true that Mackey matches them to a 15-member chamber orchestra .

The ensemble who are based in Caen, are the regional chamber orchestra of Lower Normandy.

Sonata for violin and chamber orchestra .


Maori artefacts, washing machines, gramophones, even chamber pots of every size shape and colour.

That chamber pot , you see, somehow reminds me of the brains on the floor.

There would be all sorts of things rattling down on you - railings and chamber pots and lavatory pots.

What did some one look like squatting awkwardly on a small chamber pot .

There was no running water in the Gandhi home; each room had a chamber pot .

The fancy bowls, water jugs and chamber pots , now so beloved of antique dealers, were in every bedroom.

Younger Brother... where is the chamber pot ?


For the sake of reliability, pumps were not used to transfer fuel and oxidizer to the thrust chamber .

The hot water vapor is vented through a rocket thrust chamber and imparts an impulse to the rocket.

Figure 3.5 only shows the pressures acting within the system of the thrust chamber and nozzle.


It was as if we were locked in a torture chamber .

She's just discovered you have a torture chamber here.



This surface interval between leaving the bell and entering the decompression chamber , became a point of contention within the medical profession.

The four volunteers entered the test chamber on June 12 with a limited supply of air and water.

Lords need only enter the chamber to claim costs My girls couldn't lie to me.

He entered her chamber and stood by her bed.

A moment behind her, Bishop entered the chamber , robes a-flap.

They then entered Isabella's chamber , where they found her together with Mortimer and the Bishop of Lincoln.

Pushing the door open, she entered a dim chamber similar to the one in which they had first met Dubois.

If any character enters the chamber , he is sucked into the Chaos-stuff instantly and lost for ever in the Warp.


Cley was left once more in his chambers , in the shadowy silence which was now his greatest pleasure.

She loaded the revolvers, too, leaving the chamber beneath the hammer empty.

Rincewind saw the guards leave the chamber .

Samples can be left in the impregnation chamber overnight before curing under gentle heat.

Before leaving the chamber , Mungo turned back to take in the scene; to fix it in his mind.

He left the chamber minutes before the start of the debate.

He left the chamber without answer, knowing the fate of those who failed on an imperial mission.


flotation chamber/compartment etc


Always check to see if there is a bullet in the chamber .

In Poland, the Sejm is the lower chamber of parliament.

The council chamber is on the third floor.

The patient has an abnormal rhythm in the upper chamber of his heart.


Ace dropped back into the empty chamber .

Already, a number of local chambers have developed business-led initiatives similar to those in Tulsa and Austin.

As with the basket, divers are recovered from the water to the surface, where they transfer to the decompression chamber .

Cley was left once more in his chambers, in the shadowy silence which was now his greatest pleasure.

Plants were grown from seed in a 38-m long chamber in a ventilated glasshouse.

The hot gases shoot out of the chambers and along the naked, exposed surface.

With the other chamber resisting radical change, Miller finalized the new proposal at a meeting with Kingston Tuesday morning.

Your sentiments have been echoed in the faculty chambers along with many others.

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