Meaning of CHAMBER in English

n.1 a a hall used by a legislative or judicial body. b the body that meets in it. c any of the houses of a parliament (Chamber of Deputies; second chamber).

2 (in pl.) Brit. Law a rooms used by a barrister or group of barristers, esp. in the Inns of Court. b a judge's room used for hearing cases not needing to be taken in court.

3 poet. or archaic a room, esp. a bedroom.

4 Mus. (attrib.) of or for a small group of instruments (chamber orchestra; chamber music).

5 an enclosed space in machinery etc. (esp. the part of a gun-bore that contains the charge).

6 a a cavity in a plant or in the body of an animal. b a compartment in a structure.

7 chamber-pot.

Phrases and idioms:

Chamber of Commerce an association to promote local commercial interests. chamber-pot a receptacle for urine etc., used in a bedroom.

Etymology: ME f. OF chambre f. L CAMERA

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