Meaning of CHAMBER in English

/ ˈtʃeɪmbə(r); NAmE / noun


[ C ] a hall in a public building that is used for formal meetings :

The members left the council chamber.

the Senate / House chamber

—see also Chamber of Commerce


[ C +sing./pl. v . ] one of the parts of a parliament :

the Lower / Upper Chamber (= in Britain, the House of Commons / House of Lords)

the Chamber of Deputies in the Italian parliament

Under Senate rules, the chamber must vote on the bill by this Friday.


[ C ] (in compounds) a room used for the particular purpose that is mentioned :

a burial chamber

Divers transfer from the water to a decompression chamber.

—see also gas chamber


[ C ] an space in the body, in a plant or in a machine, which is separated from the rest :

the chambers of the heart

the rocket's combustion chamber

the chamber of a gun (= the part that holds the bullets)


[ C ] a space under the ground which is almost completely closed on all sides :

They found themselves in a vast underground chamber.


[ C ] ( old use ) a bedroom or private room



Middle English (in the sense private room ): from Old French chambre , from Latin camera vault, arched chamber, from Greek kamara object with an arched cover.

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