Meaning of CHARACTER in English



a character actor (= an actor who is good at unusual or interesting roles )

As a character actor you get interesting parts.

a character defect (= a fault in your character )

Laziness was just one of his character defects.

a character witness (= a witness who says that the person being tried is a good person )

He said he would gladly be a character witness for her.

a forceful personality/character/opponent etc

He gained a reputation as a forceful member of the party.

character actor

checksum character

colourful character/figure (= someone who is interesting and unusual )

defamation of character

He sued the newspaper for defamation of character .

destroy the character of sth

New buildings have destroyed much of the character of the area.

flamboyant style/character/personality

his flamboyant style of play

optical character recognition

personality/character traits

a mental illness associated with particular personality traits

play a role/part/character etc

Playing a character so different from herself was a challenge.

reformed character

Greeley says he’s a genuinely reformed character .

shady character

a shady character

strength of character (= strong ability to deal with difficult situations )

The victims' families have shown amazing strength of character.

unsavoury characters (= unpleasant people )

There were a lot of unsavoury characters around the station.

unsympathetic character

an unsympathetic character




I believe that certain central characters of novels, however famous they may be, remain imprisoned by the work they inhabit.

Donna Barbara had a woman as central character .

The problem is the presence of Depardieu as the central character , Valjean.

You are the storyteller, which makes you a central character in each story.

The central character presents the case for Mackay's individualist anarchism.

Players see the games through the point of view of a central character , giving them a three-dimensional look.

A little noticed but central character of such vivisystems is that this paradoxical essence is contagious.


However, different grape varieties produce wines of widely different character .

Water waves are of course different in character from their more abstract mathematical cousins, yet there are striking parallels.

This meant that the cities which ultimately grew up within this rural society were of a different character from the surrounding countryside.

It has a lot of different character , depending on where you are.

Sometimes, perhaps not very often during their lifetimes, volcanoes erupt and present a wholly different character .

At thirty-five he was becoming a skilled and versatile developer in his own right but very different in character from his father.

Over the last ten years I've gone through different phases and characters .

But the teaching which is condemned here is of a different character ....


The main character in the drama was full of contradictions.

Likewise, aesthetically lacquered trappings dramatically impede the movements of the drama's main characters .

The main characters are virtuous people, contending with afflictions throughout the play, but finally rewarded with happiness.

But the main character Marlow ... played by Tim Roth ... looks back on his life when he returns to port.

Of course, all of this is arranged by the main character .

Most of these exercises are double cast so that there are good opportunities for several readings of the main characters .

In the story, the main character had turned on his television to one of its two channels.


The points cost of these special characters comes out of your Character points allowance in the normal way.

It is the creative process that gives each its special character .

She was a very special character in so many ways.

It takes a special strength of character to spend decades doggedly pursuing a theory that attracts harsh opposition.

The first step in processing the typesetting tape was to find the mapping between the typesetting codes and the special characters .

From Payson to Yuma to Sierra Vista, the pace of growth is straining the resources and special character of small towns.

This involved a painstaking search of the paper dictionary to find examples of each of the special characters .

What may be especially worth noting are those affirmations that give special character to his everyday life inquiries.



In other words, he was still developing the characteristics that would eventually make him a character actor .

The character actor has appeared in at least 50 motion pictures in a film career that dates to the 1950s.

I never expected to be much more than a character actor .

Cyril Shaps, that splendid and irrepressible character actor , David Horovitch and me.


Later we became our favourite cartoon characters .

Studio stores where you can find classy designs with cartoon characters .

Daniel Oates has invented a repertoire of three-dimensional cartoon characters to populate his work.

Fletcher Reede is a cartoon character with real heart.

These include the development of Harry the Bear, a cartoon character , in stories on the back of the pack.

The cartoon character he was named after was cuter.

Mischiefmakers, mayhem creators, fraudulent shady cartoon characters .

Who knew, until this week, that you were a cartoon character of ridicule?


This can be on-line or off-line recognition of hand-printed characters , or of machine-printed characters using optical character recognition.

Clustering applications would include things like character recognition , sonar / radar signal classification, and robotic control.

Parsytec plans to release an entire family of character recognition systems with prices starting at £15,000.

This could include word processing, a database, case management and optical character recognition .

And character recognition is relatively slow and prone to errors even on powerful computers.

Further details of printed character recognition systems are not included here in order to concentrate on cursive handwriting systems.

Typically context is used only in the form of spelling correction information to compensate for errors in character recognition .


The inviolable Gedge formed character traits as a child that give a fascinating insight into his later life.

The character trait here is over-dependence, lack of autonomy. 2.

But your greatest character trait is your honesty.

It was an innate character trait .



They completely changed the character of the pine-forest.

Press Shift-F8 6 $ to change the alignment character to the dollar sign. 16.

They changed in character: grew as we grew older.

At the front of the church, Nobleman had changed costume and character .

What I really should do is change my character , and I still could but - it's difficult.

The changing and temporal character of all existing things is prominent in the commentary although it stands in opposition to Zeus.

Choose one that contrasts with the current wall colour or wallpaper and see how it totally changes its character .

The status line then changes to Type the characters that you want to replace, then press Esc.


Nineteenth-century choreographers creating either a character or a national ballet used both occupational and natural emotional gesture in their dance designs.

It was obvious that for each of his speeches, he created a character and rehearsed it in front of a mirror.

Scriptwriters will create worlds and characters with particular behaviour patterns and then let them build their own story.

Besides, he always began creating a character from the voice.

More than one word may be created from the character lattice.

Mr Driscoll created the cartoon characters as bedtime stories for his children, Adam and Holly.


Because she played a character we liked.

Redford played a character where everything came easy.

Rex may be the ideal idol to many men but you will have to settle with playing his character in the game.

What Ullman wants is to play every character in her imagination, at great personal sacrifice.

The actor Walter Matthau, best known for playing crumpled, curmudgeonly characters on screen, has died aged 79.

Woodard plays this conflicted character at an Emmy / CableACE level.

You play a character called Rohan who must set free the monks he finds on his journey.

Sister Aimee herself-in fetching costume-always played the lead character .


blacken sb's name/character/reputation

stain on sb's character/name/reputation etc

Buy him eine kleine Knackwurst and toddle home without a stain on your character.

Duran dominated Leonard physically that night, but five months later the New Orleans farce put a huge stain on his reputation.

Robert Lopez is released without a stain on his character.

The massacre has left an indelible stain on the name of Clan Campbell.

Whatever the outcome, he not unnaturally regarded his time in gaol as a stigma, as a stain on his character.

sympathetic figure/character

But now he, or she, needs to be an even broader, more sympathetic figure than before.

Charles didn't find many sympathetic characters among the cast.

The reader zooms through the story hoping for a resolution that will satisfy the mystery without sacrificing any of the sympathetic characters.


A candidate's character and qualifications are more important than past experience.

A couple of suspicious-looking characters were standing outside the house.

A person's character is very important to me when I decide who I want to work with.

Ancient literature uses fictional characters to illustrate moral dilemmas.

Beneath his brash, noisy exterior was a much shrewder and lonelier character than he admitted.

Carmen Maura plays the passionate, beautiful Pepa, the central character of director Pedro Almodovar's movie.

Each group is named after a fictional character like Mickey Mouse.

Each neighborhood has its own unique character .

Ellis is a man of exceptional character .

He was a repulsive character .

He writes Westerns in which the main characters are gay.

Her behavior last night revealed a lot about her character .

Her female characters often have strong, important relationships with other women.

Her husband was a man of good character , well-liked and respected by his colleagues.

His actions during the war showed his character .

It's a red wine with an almost meaty character .

It was a wonderful story -- the characters were so convincing.

Jed is one of most likeable characters in the play.

King Henry is the name given to a donkey, the title character in the children's book, 'King Henry Saves Christmas'.

Liquids are different in character from both solids and gases.


Now they're arguably the easiest of all classics to look after, and come brimming with character as standard.

Rex may be the ideal idol to many men but you will have to settle with playing his character in the game.

She did forget the name of the other most memorable character , bearded and effusive.

She gave up trying to analyse Guy Sterne's character on the basis of his bookshelves.

She is the only character with a named chapter in each of the four sections.

The pronunciations given for these components, and for the characters of which they form part, are those of present-day Mandarin.

Thus, when you insert it into text, existing characters move to the right and down to make room.

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