Meaning of CHARACTER in English

n. 1 brand, stamp, mark, symbol, monogram, insigne, badge, emblem, sign, seal, label; letter, number, figure, type, sort, arbitrary, peculiar, rune, hieroglyphic or hieroglyph They used to brand the character of a horse on the forehead of their slaves We shall need to obtain a set of Cyrillic characters if we are going to print Russian texts. 2 characteristic, quality, distinction, trait, feature, mark; sort, kind, type, nature, description, attribute; idiosyncrasy, peculiarity He now tried to give the war the character of a crusade It is the character of some people to be curious. 3 morality, honesty, integrity, respectability, rectitude, honour, courage, goodness Everyone agrees that she is a person of outstanding character 4 person, personage, personality, individual Cobbett had more sagacity and foresight than any other public character of his time 5 role, part, personality, characterization, dramatis persona He played the character of Caesar 6 eccentric, card, Colloq oddball, nut, nutter, loony, bat, weirdo, nutcase, screwball, crackpot, fruit cake, Australian and old-fashioned Brit cove She was regarded as quite a character because of her many strange habits 7 role, position, status, capacity He assumes the character of a Dutch uncle when he speaks to me 8 in character. fitting, proper, suitable, in keeping, typical, normal, expected, characteristic It is completely in character for Len to criticize everything he encounters 9 out of character. untypical, atypical, uncharacteristic, abnormal, unexpected, unfitting It would be out of character for Janet to refuse help to someone in need

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