Meaning of CONE in English



fir cone

ice cream cone

snow cone

traffic cone




Outside the light cone are events at space-like separations from P 1, and these can not ever communicate with P 1.

These geodesics will lie inside the forward light cone through the starting event; they are time-like with.


The long string of orange cones ended, and the traffic speeded up.

Motorists wend their way through orange traffic cones and detour signs.

They run over the orange cones .

The home-run fence at Southcrest Park has been taken down and replaced by orange cones , ostensibly as a safety precaution.



There were sudden sharp sounds, a fir cone dropping to the ground, a seagull.


The nose cone of the plane was shrouded in shadow.

Oxygen was being administered through a nose cone .

Carrington looked at Talbot and shook his head, then dropped down to the sea-bed in front of the nose cone .

Because McWilliams often takes the bike out on the road, he has to swop the nose cone for the original.

A spinner nose cone assembly to be built to drawing.

Except that the fire is definitely located in the nose cone , which would rule out any engine explosion.


Or the pine cone hanging by his door.

They look like crude, longish pine cones , with bracts clearly recognizable as modified leaves.

The pine cone appeared on many ancient amulets and was regarded as a symbol of fertility.

Hanging from the ceiling is a cello-size pine cone .

She was picking up huge pine cones .


Also it should be lit at night and have traffic cones placed in an oblique line on the approach to it.

Motorists wend their way through orange traffic cones and detour signs.

It displayed no owner identification marks and was without benefit of either warning traffic cones or night lights.


a volcanic cone

Remember how they used to give you roasted chestnuts in a little cone of newspaper?


Botany yarns and cotton yarns are dry spun and waxed on cone .

He pulled up, climbed out, and removed the plastic cone that had kept the space free.

He walked further into the hall, shifting the cone of yellow light.

Its massive cone rose five thousand feet above the Bahdu plain and a chain of foothills stretched south-west parallel with the Awash.

Lower down and a little to the left rose the slimmer, more pointed cone of a second, subsidiary volcano.

Spray wax is easy to use, just spray the ball or cone lightly.

The family of light cones at all the points may be regarded as part of the Minkowskian geometry of space-time.

These spatter cones contain little, if any, fine-grained ashy material and are amongst the most characteristic products of Hawaiian eruptions.

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