Meaning of CONFIRM in English



a study confirms sth (= shows that something is true )

The study confirms what we all know – smoking is also bad for the people around you.

confirm a booking

Please confirm your booking 48 hours before your flight.

confirm a diagnosis

The clinic confirmed the diagnosis.

confirm a prediction (= show that it was right )

They are now planning further tests to confirm their predictions.

confirm a report

A spokesman refused to confirm reports that the aircraft had previously suffered an engine fire.

confirm a reservation

We will send you an email to confirm your reservation.

confirm a rumour (= say that it is true )

The actor’s agent would not confirm the rumour.

confirm sb's suspicions (= show that someone's suspicions were right )

The letter confirmed my suspicions.

confirm sb’s fears (= show that what you were afraid of has actually happened )

The look on Colin’s face confirmed all my worst fears.

confirm the details (= make sure that they are correct )

Could you confirm the details of your reservation in writing?

confirm the presence of sth/sb

Tests confirmed the presence of an infection.

confirmed bachelor (= a man who has decided that he will never marry )

Gerald was 38, and a confirmed bachelor .

prove/confirm/establish the existence of sth (= prove that something exists )

The images confirm the existence of water on the planet's surface.




This table also confirms the seeming decline in overall profitability during the 1980s and particularly in 1986.

Mr Roberts also confirmed that Ford is launching a full-size sport-utility vehicle this fall called the Expedition.

Compliance was also confirmed by a tablet count.

Would you also confirm that the plan is not to be accompanied by a letter.

It was also confirmed that Phil Field, as Membership Secretary, is a committee member.

Other research has also confirmed that women risk serious health hazards by repeated childbearing.


Police in Ballymoney, Co Antrim, yesterday confirmed the donkey was stolen.

It was confirmed yesterday that the meeting scheduled for Doncaster on 27 October is to be transferred to Carlisle.

It was confirmed yesterday that she has been nominated as best actress for her part in the film Howards End.

Police confirmed yesterday that at 11.10am on Sunday information had been received that Pant y Carneddi, Pennal, was on fire.

H M Customs and Excise confirmed yesterday that they had to be implemented by 1 January 1990.

He announced he was considering the move in September and yesterday confirmed the details.



The club has officially confirmed the appointment nineteen days after Liam Brady resigned the position.

Sundram then must be confirmed to the lifetime appointment by the full Senate.

Other parishioners successfully petitioned the House of Lords in 1643 to confirm his appointment .

Please send us a copy of your letter confirming the appointment .

A two-chamber federal parliament would confirm these appointments .

On the last day of the month the Company confirmed his appointment , subject only to his presenting himself in London.


This tremendous progress of conventional medicine in the present century has confirmed belief in the treatment by opposites.

When tomographic maps later showed a patch of warm rock beneath that spot, it further confirmed his belief .

The effect of our experience was, as I shall show, to confirm and extend that belief .

And many studies are flawed by the tendency of researchers to look for information that confirms their own beliefs .

The watchers were quiet and soulful, as if the flames confirmed their deep beliefs about life here.

Writers reached for a means suasion and began to use emotion to confirm beliefs .

That pleased and flattered her, confirmed her in her belief in herself.

I watch the news, and it only confirms my belief , you know?


To confirm the booking , you will be required to sign the completed Booking Form and pay the appropriate deposit.

Cancellation cover applies as soon as you have confirmed your booking with us.

If you wish to telephone us, we will endeavour to confirm your booking immediately.

Arthur went to confirm the booking , and gather furniture for us.

They will confirm the booking by sending you an invoice and detailed joining instructions.

The hotel's response in writing confirming the booking is an acceptance of the guest's offer to contract.

Accommodation will be confirmed on your Booking allocation.


Endoscopy was performed at entry to confirm the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease.

It is helpful in confirming the diagnosis of epilepsy.

All patients underwent colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy before study entry to confirm the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis.

Cocainization of the pharynx relieves the pain in some; when positive, this test confirms the diagnosis .

Conventional allergists use skin tests to confirm the diagnosis , not to make it.

The sedimentation rate is elevated in 90-95 % of these patients and when above 50 Westergren helps confirm the diagnosis .

The disappearance of symptoms during elimination and reappearance on challenge confirm the diagnosis .

Doctors can usually hear pneumonia, he says, and an X-ray can confirm the diagnosis .


The chief means of proactive enforcement is routine sampling, which will bring to light or confirm the existence of persistent pollutions.

It was the medium through which he perceived his own soul, the formula through which he could confirm his own existence .

In fieldwork, you are really looking for anything that might confirm the existence of a ley.

Because Burns refused to discuss intelligence issues, he did not confirm or deny the existence of the intelligence report.

Dozens of eyewitness accounts confirmed the existence of these discreet departures to destinations far from Kosovo.

The developments remain top secret and no-one from the factory or the team would confirm or deny the existence of the kit.

It is equally important that the practice of not confirming or denying the existence of a warrant is maintained consistently.


When my relationship actually broke down, it confirmed my fears-I fell into depression and stopped going to work.

Sure enough, to confirm our worst fears , the wind grew stronger in the evening.

But the new picture confirms environmentalists' worst fears .

Bob learned to demand a bit less without confirming his worst fears .

The appointment made conservatives nervous, seemingly confirming their fears that a liberal onslaught was imminent.

Hearing you on the telephone just seemed to confirm my worst fears , and I didn't stop to reason things through.

A volley of bullets immediately peppered the ground directly in front of the doorway, confirming her worst fears .


Once again, this confirms the probit findings .

In our second study we sought to confirm our findings that group and individual cognitive therapy were equally effective.

Further studies are needed to confirm these findings .

The data of Jean Ginsburg and Paul Hardiman confirm our findings of declining semen quality.

Generally, our results confirm some of the findings from invitro studies.

More disturbingly, military statistics seemed to confirm the findings on poverty by Charles Booth and Llewellyn-Smith.

Our study confirms that finding but questions its relevance and its implications.

Invariably, the discussions that follow the analysis confirm the preliminary findings .


Will my right hon. Friend confirm that he will look equally thoroughly and carefully at any proposals from hospitals in Tayside?

Mr. Townsend Will my right hon. Friend confirm that that excellent facility is not supported from the aid budget?

Can my right hon. Friend confirm that what he has said this afternoon is in line with that?

Will my hon. Friend also confirm that 1991 has been a vibrant and exciting year in the North sea?

Mrs. Peacock Will my right hon. and learned Friend confirm that in the 1980s manufacturing output rose by31 percent?

Will my hon. Friend confirm that, unlike the Labour group on Norfolk county council, he believes in small primary schools?

Which I most certainly am not, as nearest and dearest, and gangs of so-called friends will confirm .


The victimization which occurred, the loss of trade union membership, and the wage reductions all seemed to confirm this impression .

Director Robert Rodriguez confirms the impression he has made for resourceful camerawork.

They confirm our impression that, following his traumatic encounter with the Czech police, he becomes considerably less talkative.

But unfortunately some of the other news I picked up during that trip confirmed his negative impression .

William Houston s watchful, meditative Hal confirms the impression that he is simply biding his time in the Eastcheap taverns.

However, further research is needed to confirm these impressions .

A tour of the house confirmed the impressions formed from outside.

Extensive community work and interviews with young Arsenal supporters in a run-down housing estate by Robbins and Cohen confirmed this impression .


The Prime Minister I can confirm that it was an excellent Commonwealth conference.

In the March 18 reshuffle nine ministers were confirmed in their positions.

The other ministers were confirmed in their posts.

The Prime Minister I can confirm the hon. Gentleman's remarks about the protocol.


She confirmed Tuesday night that plans had changed and arrangements were being made for the trip.

Cleveland Police could not confirm last night whether or not they were treating the matter as a murder inquiry.

Jed-Forest confirmed last night that they had suspended a player until next season because of misbehaviour on a recent trip to Twickenham.

Officer O'Keefe confirmed that last night .

It was confirmed last night that the idea of privately-run detention centres was being pursued within the Home Office.

A Home Office spokeswoman confirmed last night that Stansted would be used for all future mercy flights.


A professional office environment confirms that you have a serious commitment to your business.

DeVillars office confirmed he had been invited but said he was unable to go and did not comment further.

On Dec. 10 the Serious Fraud Office confirmed that it would not be taking further action.

A Home Office spokeswoman confirmed last night that Stansted would be used for all future mercy flights.


All six in-patient beds will be available in Darlington's new leukaemia unit as soon as it opens, hospital officials confirmed this week.

Senior Army officials confirmed that Hoster contacted her superior, Col.

Last week public health officials confirmed that there had been 18 new cases.

A quick visit by Ministry officials soon confirmed his fears.

If county officials confirm that 28, 084 are those of registered voters, a referendum will be held around May 1.


Garvey's condition has confirmed his opinion .

Thornton knew of various incidents which confirmed his opinion that Walsh made a distinctly negative impression in the hunt for backers.

Her life and career after she and Burton split up confirms the opinion of her energy and flair - and her directness.

I confirmed their own opinion that the picture was a very competent version of a missing Saraceni composition executed by a follower.

A senior international referee of my acquaintance was standing nearby and confirmed my opinion .


The all-clear was given three hours later after police confirmed that the fumes were not poisonous.

Neither Sheffield, his attorney nor Phoenix police could confirm if a restraining order had been obtained.

Later, however, the police confirmed they had summoned Tommy Suharto, 38, for questioning.

Cleveland Police could not confirm last night whether or not they were treating the matter as a murder inquiry.

Cleveland Police confirm they are treating both incidents as arson.

Harpenden police confirmed that a unit had been called out to resolve a dispute between Andy Linighan and a taxi driver.

A police spokesman confirmed a number of calls had been received from people worried about what was happening on Thursday afternoon.


None of the reports could be independently confirmed .

The government news agency Notimex said 15 were dead while a Civil Defense spokesman said he had reports of 25 confirmed killed.

The new report confirmed these concerns, questioning whether existing toxicity tests were sufficient to take account of these issues.

Other reports confirmed that flooding had left an estimated 3,000 people homeless.

A radio news report confirmed our suspicions.

Many recent government reports confirm its continuing presence.


Our results confirm that alcoholic ascites contains plasminogen activating activity.

These results are confirmed by earlier studies.

If these results can be confirmed , chemotherapy without gastrectomy should be the treatment of choice for agressive gastric lymphomas.

But the result confirmed that building society provisions will rocket this year to cover bad and doubtful home loans.

Our results confirm the relation between birth weight and lung function measurements reported in other studies.

These results confirm that transcripts of genes not implicated in deletion attained identical steady-state levels in the two strains.

Shemaka had to survive a stewards' inquiry before the result was confirmed .

Generally, our results confirm some of the findings from invitro studies.


Mike McCurry, the White House spokesman , confirmed the campaign will air its first commercial beginning Friday.

A spokesman for the Clydesdale confirmed that the bank had made an error somewhere and had not processed the tape.

In fact, a Harvard spokesman confirmed her admittance only when asked directly.

A police spokesman confirmed an investigation is under way.

A Konica spokesman confirmed the company was in talks with Eckerd.

A police spokesman confirmed a number of calls had been received from people worried about what was happening on Thursday afternoon.

A total of 143 tickets were sold at the near-giveaway prices, United spokesman Chris Brathwaite confirmed Thursday.


In conclusion, this study confirms that four weeks treatment with elemental diet, when tolerated, is as effective as prednisolone.

A very recent study confirms this once again.

In our second study we sought to confirm our findings that group and individual cognitive therapy were equally effective.

Modern studies of Mars confirm the seasonal variations of the surface brightness, but without biological intervention.

Our continuing studies confirm a previous report that spread of individual strains occurs within regional centres.

Subsequent studies confirmed that a high-fibre diet increases stool bulk and shortens gut transit.

A number of studies confirm the differences between middle- and working-class people in their friendships.

Further studies are needed to confirm these findings.


If we guess right, then we confirm his suspicions .

I'd like a chance to confirm my suspicions .

Meanwhile, a company audit confirmed his original suspicions .

A telephone call confirmed my suspicions .

Their placement in a remedial course confirmed their suspicions .

Just then, a tanker drove up from the south and the driver confirmed my suspicions .

Statements like this confirmed our suspicions about self-defeating organizational behavior patterns.


These matters confirm me in the view already expressed that the disturbance complained of in this case is not actionable.

The experience of companies using case management for major illnesses confirms his view .

None the less other work has confirmed Pahl's view that inmigration would lead to social segregation.

In a reactionary decade there are many who will not be hesitant to use such state-ments to confirm their former views .

The international events of 1935 and 1936 tended to confirm the views of both extremes of the Labour Party.

Hoare confirmed this view of Baldwin's state of mind.

The figures in the table above seem to confirm this point of view .

Somehow Steen's voice seemed to confirm Jacqui's view .



Clark then wrote up the experiment, which appeared to confirm his initial brainwave, and submitted it to Nature.

Eventually Hayling agreed to appear in the prospectus confirmed as chief executive until the launch.

The evidence does not appear to confirm this, especially in the case of full-time male workers.


They refused to confirm reports that he used a syringe hidden in an orange.

However, Dole refused to confirm the choice during a lunch stop en route to Russell.

Borrowers were refusing to confirm their indebtedness, unauthorised drawings had taken place and other loans were looking suspicious.

Amtrak refused to confirm that date Wednesday, saying an official statement will be made today.

BAe refused to confirm or deny any interest.

A hospital spokeswoman, Aggie Hayner, refused to confirm the births, as did a nursing supervisor.

He refused to confirm that harsh words had been spoken in the dressing room afterwards but his post-match interview suggested as much.


The requirement of dishonesty seems to confirm the need for subjective recklessness.

The sun setting over the maple tree in the backyard seems to confirm it.

The outstanding results they continue to produce would seem to confirm the validity of the first assumption that they are naturally gifted.

And the trends of the past few decades seem to confirm that prediction.

More disturbingly, military statistics seemed to confirm the findings on poverty by Charles Booth and Llewellyn-Smith.

Somehow Steen's voice seemed to confirm Jacqui's view.

Surveys within different countries seem to confirm this; the wealthier people in those countries are actually happier than the poorer.

The Hawthorne effect would seem to confirm this but for two other findings.


Later work, including a recent ESRC- supported investigation by Sugden and Starmer, has tended to confirm these predictions.

Demographic distortions created by migration have tended to confirm this image.

Surveys of attitudes tend to confirm this.

Reports tend to confirm that most of the fish have completed spawning activities and seem ready to feed.

Sadly the whole evening tends to confirm just how single-handed Callas' achievement was back in the Fifties.

Evidence from other studies tends to confirm this argument.

The figure does tend to confirm my contention that the general order of magnitude is about right.

This tends to confirm the findings of psychologists who report an optimum memory faculty for five items in any one dimension.


Mr. Evennett Will my hon. Friend confirm that safety regulations for buses remain the same whether the services are deregulated or regulated?


a confirmed bachelor/atheist/vegetarian etc

There a hybrid service takes place, to which even a confirmed atheist could hardly object.


Have you called to confirm your flight yet?

I'll call the hotel and confirm our reservations.

In July his worst fears were confirmed: he had cancer.

Let me just confirm that the money has arrived in your account.

Mr Eastwood refused to confirm or deny the rumour.

Police have confirmed that they are questioning a woman about the disappearance of baby Kelly Truman.

Police have found new evidence that confirms his story.

The campaign has confirmed my worst instincts about politics.

The discovery seems to confirm that people lived here over 10,000 years ago.

U.S. officials said they could not confirm the report.


A meeting of the club's shareholders is expected to confirm the club will go into liquidation with debts of around £550,000.

A prison department spokeswoman was unable to confirm whether anyone had been hurt.

Subsequent studies confirmed that a high-fibre diet increases stool bulk and shortens gut transit.

Tulliver is confirmed in his decision by the fact that lawyer John Wakem plans to educate his boy likewise.

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