Meaning of CRAFT in English


I. noun


craft knife

landing craft




Around them, other craft were also taking advantage of the flood tide to enter harbour.

They submitted their evidence to the Short committee separately despite the protests of the other craft committees and council.

Only the odd light burned, a warning to any other craft travelling the canals on the coal-black night.


Last year small river craft were brought in by air or overland to Kalewa and driven down the Chindwin to the Irrawaddy.

When built, the arsenal ships will have the smallest crews of any Navy ship except small coastal patrol craft .

Some smaller craft may be written on this policy if the use is other than private pleasure.

Muelhaupt said he first thought the plane was a smaller craft practicing maneuvers.

She began to see small craft darting like dragonflies between the soaring galleries.

Where our Investigation Department operations involved shipping and small craft we were the specialists to whom they could turn for practical assistance.

They began to see small craft but, like the Amenca, apparently going in the wrong direction.


The film featured traditional craft skills and a selection of products.

All traditional craft materials are represented: clay, glass, wood, fiber and metal with examples from contemporary artists.

Seven thousand necklaces have come from Guatamala where they're a traditional craft item.

I have consistently maintained that the canoe is the traditional craft for exploring wilderness areas without disturbing wildlife.

The shortage of jobs is especially bad in traditional craft apprenticeships, in which many young people wish to work.

Tapestry Tapestry is a traditional craft but its commercialization in Madeira is fairly recent.



Her ceramics are sought after at craft fairs in Northallerton, Harrogate and York.


Soon villages by railway lines became centres of new craft industries , in wood-carving and other allegedly traditional bric-a-brac.

Aid was now able to be granted to measures which promoted diversification into other activities such as tourism and craft industries .

Within sixteen years tapestry-making had become an important and interesting local craft industry .

The town subsists on farming, the craft industry and a small retail trade.


Trim the paper to the shape of the faces with a sharp craft knife .

Use a craft knife for really sharp edges.

He said the two men attacked him with a tyre lever, hammer and a craft knife .

The vinyl is cut to size the a craft knife , the backing peeled off and the laminate simply stuck in place.

Remove the boxes and Plasticine, and tidy up the rough edges, using a craft knife .

Cut the tiles to the required width with a sharp craft knife , and just slip into place.

Cut them off at the base with a razor blade or craft knife .

Cut lengths off at ceiling and skirting with a sharp craft knife , angled into corners, for an exact fit.


Group 4 was a floating reserve lying offshore in their landing craft until required to reinforce one of the other Groups.

These constraints put out of the question any prospect of training fully fledged navigators for the thousands of landing craft crews.

Jitters had been wounded early, and washed back to the landing craft .


Nowadays pleasure craft use the lift, going up and down within an impressive structure of tubular iron.

Today, it is mainly used by pleasure craft .

A half mile section reclaimed by volunteers will then be flooded and opened to pleasure craft .

The total number of launches to pleasure craft was 2,715 according to the latest figures.


Carla went to find craft shops and Sara went to buy Rodney's provisions on her own.

The Oriental Collection and the new crochet cotton are now available from Madeira stockists and good craft shops throughout the country.

A large selection of miniature frames, and other small items suitable for pressed flower work, are available from craft shops .

A local craft shop took them and after that she had regular orders for them from outlets further afield.

So, how can a potential buyer distinguish good wood carvings from hardwood carvings in a craft shop ?

In nearby Holmfirth you can visit the popular post-card museum, antiques and craft shops .

Polished stone alleyways lead to an array of craft shops and tiny cafés - and the prices are astonishingly low.

You can also buy special packs of edible egg colourings from some supermarkets and craft shops .


It replaces traditional drawing abilities yet it can preserve the centuries of craft skills built up by shoemakers.

The great scholars also are largely ignored for their craft skills and precise goals in scholarship.

In these ways, argues Marx, capitalist manufacturing exploits workers' labour-power and craft skills .

Teaching itself should be more concerned with the craft level and the development of all of the craft skills in the occupation.

The film featured traditional craft skills and a selection of products.


The gathering and concentration of craft workers into the temples seems to have stimulated technical advances of many kinds.

Construction or building inspectors need several years of experience as a manager, supervisor, or craft worker before becoming inspectors.

Traditional craft workers , and professional groups such as doctors, operate in this manner.

Most construction estimators have considerable previous experience as a construction craft worker or manager.

This market town and centre of its district has been a notable village of craft workers since the eighteenth century.


In the craft workshop there's the opportunity to enjoy painting and drawing, basketwork and tapestry.

At Balnakeil, reached along a side road, is an establishment of craft workshops .

Attractions include jazz bands, a punch and judy show, craft workshops and an outdoor display of visual arts.

There were craft workshops , shops and counting houses for the commercial and artisan community.

There is a big demand for craft workshops .

Also coarse fishing and craft workshops .



There is no current technology that could build a craft to sustain life for that period of time.

Only Satellite Television, a subsidiary of Comsit, has announced it will build a craft - for a service in 1986.


But a craft that size would carry alternative life-saving equipment.

Up for sale are both its meteorological satellites and the Landsat craft that carry out land surveys of the globe.


The Federation have developed an advanced fighter craft called the Epical.

New Deal programs also gave many black artists a chance to develop their craft .

Like their comrades from earlier wars, many GIs developed and refined the craft of scrounging into a high art.


Born in a small mining village near Glenrothes, he has climbed the ladder by learning his craft .

Here, new managers speak for themselves as they learn a new craft .

It was a house made as they once made their ships and I wondered how many would now learn either craft .

They hold out hope, however, that younger Navajos will be encouraged to learn the craft .

As he learned the craft , the penny finally dropped - or rather the ball.

He had learned his craft and had lingered too long.

There he learned his second craft , that of magician.


Thus a practicing and craft sociologist is either empirically grounding sociological ideas or constructing them in some speculative process.

Atwater differed from others practicing the same craft , for either party.

Now her travels come full-circle as she returns to Tucson to practice her craft in the surrounding desert.


He works in the craft business there, making rugs from alpaca.

Outside houses old men sat silently, holding a great-grandchild or working at some craft by the shine of a lamp.

I have worked in this craft a long time, so I am very appreciative of my success.

People who work in craft occupations are likely to be reasonably safe from unemployment.

A full week Night be spent playing games and working on craft projects and drills on a single alphabet letter.


book/antiques/craft/trade etc fair

Antiques Fair , Social Centre, Yarm.

Attractions include over 100 trade stands, refreshment tents and licensed bars, caravan site and craft fair .

Champagne was also prospering during this time from the great trade fairs .

Chartwell Travel is offering discounted air fares to the Frankfurt Book Fair from £108 return.

Eighty countries plan to attend the Baghdad trade fair in November.

Running alongside was a trade fair .

Then, on the third day, he would be a guest at a trade fair held in New Jersey.


Craft and cunning are necessary for the scheme to work.

Search and rescue craft were at the scene of the crash this morning.


A love of gardening easily combines with the craft of flower pressing, as one leads naturally into the other.

But a rotating craft exerts Coriolis forces, which work in a different direction from a centripetal force.

He then deals with the craft itself, offering valuable advice on film types and exposure.

I have worked in this craft a long time, so I am very appreciative of my success.

I intend to detonate it as the first craft land.

Look instead at any self-organising galleries in your area, art and craft co-operatives, societies, guilds, and so on.

There were craft workshops, shops and counting houses for the commercial and artisan community.

There were no survivors from either craft .

II. verb




Frasier is a work of art, a beautifully crafted mix of class and farce.

The arms were kept apart, in precious and beautifully crafted silver cases.


A carefully crafted list of billboards that will come down.

I had carefully crafted what I would be willing to say publicly about my life.

But here comes the Internet to upset these carefully crafted rules.



Evolving Software A key feature of the Industrial Revolution was the replacement of hand-crafted manufacture with mass-production techniques.

Everything goes perfectly with a glass of strawberry-blonde ale or any of the other hand-crafted brews.

This is a quality that will last for ever. 50 classical and contemporary patterns all exquisitely hand crafted .

Few McKinsey consultants had either experienced the changes at hand or had crafted plans for doing so.

The Asylum taught hand crafts to blind people so they could learn to support themselves.


a finely crafted Chinese serving platter


A team of White House aides has crafted a series of proposals, including convening a commission or a White House conference.

Even if it was a bad ballet, it was always well crafted.

It wasn't that good, but impromptu insults are seldom well crafted.

Otto Galler further improved the breed, crafting today's streamlined beast.

Still, Hailey has crafted a tale that should make South Florida proud.

The government crafted the bailout scheme with little public discussion and without determining who was responsible for the losses.

The rule was crafted over the past few years with the help of major railroads.

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